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Dec 6, 2010

Loves to Read Blogoversary!

Adriana over at Loves to Read has reached her 1 year blogoversary (December 17th, 2010)! Whoop whoop! Congrats Adriana! So to celebrate and thank her lovely followers, she is going to give away 5 books each to 3 lucky U.S. winners and 1 international follower will receive a book of their choice from thebookdepository. She has a total of 54 books that you could choose from and she'll be adding more books throughout the month.




And today, Adriana has added
these five incredible books to the stack of books to choose from! (squee!)

She is also going to be adding in one more winner and she'll make it international for a chance to win one book from the top 5 2011books that you guys are most excited for. Which are:

INCREDIBLE huh? WAAY! So head on over to this POST and this POST to enter!

This super awesome giveaway is over on December 17th! (Adriana's 1 year blogoversary date!)

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