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Feb 8, 2012

Cover Reveal: Long Night Moon by SM Reine

Today, I have another awesome cover to share with all of you awesome people! This is the third book cover from SM Reine's the Seasons of the Moon series.

Title: Long Night Moon
Author: SM Reine
Publisher: Red Iris Books
Expected publication: March 2nd, 2012
Something is killing innocent people around Rylie Gresham's town. The police think it's a wild animal, but she has other suspicions. There are new kids at school, and they have a lot in common with her: gold eyes, super strength, and a habit of turning furry. It seems Rylie's not the only werewolf around anymore.

It's up to Rylie and her werewolf-hunting boyfriend, Seth, to stop the killings. But saving lives doesn't come naturally to a monster, and territory battles could risk the life of her sickly aunt--not to mention her own. Rylie has no choice but to stand her ground, protect her home, and stop the murderers before anyone else gets hurt.
I am so in love with it. I have this thing for werewolves and look what's right there! TWO werewolves - sold! And the snow and the moon in the background and the coloring, aah it's probably my favorite from all three book covers! And for some reason, when I look at LNM's cover, I feel like...I'm going to attend a ball or I feel like a scene like that is involved with this book. I don't know, weird. Maybe because of this movie and this scene:

LOL, do you see what I mean?! Do you feel like that...or is this totally just me?! Anyway, back to the awesome cover, what do you think of Long Night Moon?! Also, check out the covers for book one and two below!

Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon, #1)
Rylie's been bitten.

She's changing.

And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf... forever.

Rylie Gresham hates everything about summer camp: the food, the fresh air, the dumb activities, and the other girls in her cabin. But the worst part is probably being bitten by a werewolf. Being a teenager is hard enough, but now she's craving raw flesh and struggles with uncontrollable anger. If she doesn't figure out a way to stop the transformation, then at the end of summer, her life is worse than over. She'll be a monster.

All Hallows Moon (Seasons of the Moon, #2)
Rylie survived becoming a werewolf at great cost. She moves to her aunt’s ranch in the hopes she can enroll in a new high school and quietly continue her life... with a few distinct changes. She transforms into a beast every new and full moon and struggles to control her murderous urges.

Without many werewolves left, it’s hard to stay in hiding. A family of hunters -- Eleanor, Abel, and Seth -- recognize the signs and follow Rylie to her new home. They want to stop her before she murders someone, and the only way to do it is with a silver bullet. Seth soon realizes the werewolf is Rylie, the one monster he failed to kill. Worse yet, he’s still in love with her.

Torn between family and love, Rylie struggles to reconcile her feelings and control the wolf within while Seth fights to do what’s right. But what is right-- obeying desire or duty?
Pretty covers, huh?! Which one is your favorite?! I took a look at all three of them again and even though book three shows the girl's face...something about it works, well for me anyway. What do you think of the covers?!

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  1. I haven't read any of the series, but I love the cover!


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