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Feb 1, 2012

Squishy Bloody Crack for Reapers: Day 10

I launched myself at the reaper, pushing off the floor with my toes, my power detonating behind me, demolishing the wall and shattering the tile floor. The reaper was too slow for me. I swung my elbow across my chest and pounded the bone into his skull. He crumpled to his knees. I kicked the back of his head and his palms hit the floor. He tried to rise, but my power erupted into his face, sending him flying across the foyer and crashing into the staircase. Wood splintered and exploded, the cloud of dust almost blinding. The reaper staggered to his feet, stumbling down the steps. I stepped up to him, the torrent of rage swallowing me and releasing everything I'd been afraid of inside of me. I didn't care what sort of damage I caused. I wanted to damage. My hair whipped around my face in the tempest that the white light of my power and the darkness within me had created. He took a swing at me, but my senses were spinning so fast that I sidestepped his blow and smashed my fist into his face. His jaw made a sickening tearing sound and whirled loose, flinging free and out of sight. I threw my power into his body, knocking the wind from his chest and the feet out from under him. His back hit the floor and I leaped on top of him. I beat his face and shredded his skin with my nails. When his body turned to stone, I still tore at him, dragging my nails across rock until they were bloodied and broken. Dust soaked thickly into the blood splattered across my face and clothes, filling my lungs until I was choking on it.

Hands grabbed me and looped around my waist and tried to pull me back. I shrieked and thrashed, fighting off the hands and clawing the air wildly to get back to the reaper's remains. A horrible, snarling animal noise tore from my throat - a sound that couldn't possible have been my own voice.

All day yesterday, I was on a crazy high because Wings came out. I was so energized and happy and I felt untouchable because I was that high. Man, the things book do to you. ;)

Today's teaser is from Wings and it gives you a glimpse into Ellie and her Preliator self. Doesn't she sound scary tough?! Man, I do not want to be around her when she's like that. So, how many of you went and picked up Wings of the Wicked yesterday?! I am seriously crossing my fingers that I will get to meet Courtney one day. I hope that her publisher hooks it up and brings her to California!

Today we have with us, Erika from Moonlight Book Reviews, who will be sharing with us her movie cast if there were to ever be an Angelfire movie.

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Erika on Angelfire: I knew this book was going to be good, but not this freaking good! My mind has been blown and I don’t think it will recover until book two! Lets get on that Courtney, xoxo! I Loved this book so much that I don’t know if any books will be able to compare. A new spin on the angel phenomenon in paranormal young adult, that I wish would have been published sooner!

The plot was very fast paced and I loved that. There was never a dull moment! I was excited for every fight scene and man this book is not short on those. Those afraid of blood this is not the book for you, and you are missing out in life because of that! I don’t know how Courtney wrote these fight scenes, I thought I was there in some of them. I also really liked the attention to detail nothing was left untouched.

Thank you Momo for letting me stop by and gush about one of my favorite books, Angelfire. I am currently anxiously awaiting the release of book two, Wings of The Wicked. Courtney Allison Moulton draws me in with her witty dialogue and bloody fight scenes.

Well, you see the actors I picked to play these three characters are the general idea of who I have pictured in my mind. I don't know what acting experience all of them have, but hey this is just a fun post here. So lets get started!!

First, for Will, we have the very swoon worthy MAX IRONS! I mean how can you not like that?!? This is what Will would look like when it was snowing. Just imagine a deadly gleam in his eye and his coat swirling around him at the dead of night in a blizzard. Yup, I thought you would think along the same lines as me and start with the chant "I need more Max Irons!" The most memorable work he has done was in Red Riding Hood that came out last year. He didn't have the male lead role, and his hair was super short, so he didn't have the ability to be at full sexy level, like in this picture.

So well now you just have to imagine these words coming out of his mouth and you will be all set!!

“And I am your guardian, your bodyguard, sworn to protect and defend you. And you are making my job excruciatingly difficult." ~~Angelfire


“I hate... I hate when you die. It destroys me. I know I have no right to be so upset, because I'm not the one losing my life, but it breaks me apart inside. I'm not very good with words, and I don't know how to explain to you how I feel. I get lonely when you aren't with me. I miss you. And every time you die, a little piece of me dies with you.” ~~Angelfire

Now you are wondering who in sam heavens Erika, do you want to play Ellie? Let me be honest, that is a huge role to fill, and I am not exactly one hundred percent sure. The people I find that are close are either too young or too old. I do feel Elle Fanning has the potential, I mean for me, she has the look of Ellie. And it's not the name guys. The eyes and the intensity they convey to me and the depth they hold, is exactly what Ellie needs acting her character.

Now imagine her saying this:

“What about you? You stay by my side day and night and take the hardest hits of them all. Why,Will? Why have you stayed with me all these centuries? You watch me die again and again, yet you never leave. You keep trying to save me, even though you know I'm doomed. All because some angel told you to? Come on. No more secrets,you said. Tell me.” ~~Ellie

You didn't think I forgot for one second about Cadan did you? HELL NO!! Well, Drew Roy needs some contacts, a different haircut and color and he will be pretty darn perfect. You all probably remember him from Secretariat. The best part about him is that he looks hot in every picture *swoon*.... ... Alright, I think Drew has that mysterious, yet snarky look that will make him the perfect foil to Max.

So what do you guys think? Who is your dream cast?


Erika @ Moonlight Book Reviews

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Omg, I totally agree with your picks! When I saw the picture you picked of Max Irons, I nearly fell over! I could totally picture Will in something like that and just add snow falling all around him - win! Then, I for sure fell over when I saw Drew Roy! He's Jessie from Hannah Montana...okay, don't...just ignore that. Anyway, he's soooo gorgeous! Like you said, with the right changes, he would totally rock Cadan. :)

As for Ellie, I'm not too sure. That is a huge role to play and I have to sit on that character pick for awhile. Hmm, let me google some actresses right now. I googled Emma Roberts because I think Courtney mentioned somewhere that she could picture her playing Ellie and...here are some pictures:

Hmm, what do you think? What's your movie cast look like?! I wanna hear your suggestions so leave 'em for me in the comments, eh? :)

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Wings of the Wicked has been out for exactly twenty-four hours now soOoOooOOooOo, have you picked up a copy yet?! Oooh, if you happen to go to a bookstore...anytime this week and you see Wings sitting on the shelves, snap a picture and share 'em with me! I'd love to see Wings up and about all over the world. :) It makes my day that much more exciting!

More about the author:

Courtney Allison Moulton lives in Michigan, where she is a photographer and spends all her free time riding and showing horses. She has always loved reading about ancient mythologies, studying dead languages, and telling scary, romantic stories. ANGELFIRE is her debut novel.

Find Courtney Allison Moulton Online: Website | Twitter | Blog | Facebook

Purchase Angelfire: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository
Pre-order Wings of the Wicked: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

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