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Apr 24, 2011

Book Review: Angel Star

Angel Star (Angel Star, #1)Title: Angel Star
Author: Jennifer Murgia
Publisher: Lands Atlantic Publishing LLC (May 18th 2010)
Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance
Series: Angel Star #1
Pages: 251
Source: Received from author

Seventeen-year-old Teagan McNeel falls for captivating Garreth Adams and soon discovers that her crush has an eight-point star etched into the palm of his right hand-the mark of an angel.
But where there is light, dark follows, and she and Garreth suddenly find themselves vulnerable to a dark angel's malicious plan that could threaten not only her life, but the lives of everyone she knows.
Divinely woven together, Angel Star takes readers on a reflective journey when one angel's sacrifice collides with another angel's vicious ambition in a way that is sure to have readers searching for their own willpower.
My $0.02

To be honest, Angel Star was just one of those books that did not stick with me. Right after I flipped the last page of the book, I found myself thinking, "Wait, what?" I almost..I came this close to re-reading it again to try and get a better grasp of the book.

Angel Star is all about light versus darkness! Good and evil. Although the evil was you know, kind of hot and stuff.

Teagan meets Garreth (I love that name!) and soon they embark on this journey to rid the world of the darkness coming. I really didn't understand or grasp the chemistry or the connection between Teagan and Garreth. I felt like it happened to fast and then bam, bam, bam - everything was flying at me!

I did very much enjoy Hadrian. LOL, although you know he's evil and dark! He makes his appearance into the novel and then everything turns into a tornado! He is such an interesting character! I couldn't wait to read the scenes with him in them. I was always wondering what his next move or his next words were going to be!

Towards the end of the book Murgia writes this one scene between Teagan and Garreth that I was just so mesmerized by! I read it multiple times over and found myself sighing over it! Beautifully written!

Angel Star is all about self-identity and finding out who you are and what your purpose in life really is! I had to really push myself through Angel Star and overall, it was an okay read! I mean, I'll still pick up the second book in the series to find out what's going to happen next to Teagan and Garreth!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Angel Star books! And Jennifer is great, as well. :-) I think you'll really enjoy Lemniscate.

  2. I really loved the book and I thought it was amazing. I do agree with you that the book is about good and evil, and self-identity. But what I liked most about the book was the bond between Teagan and Garreth, and that he would do anything to protect her.


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