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Dec 22, 2011

Alex vs Rose in the #HeroineTourney

I have a little fan-fiction to share with all of you about Alex and Rose written by the awesome Izzy. I had asked her if she wanted me to link back to her somehow and she had told me that she's on the twittah, but she's not on often, so she said to just leave her email (isobelmcvilly@yahoo.com). If you guys enjoy this little fan-fiction of hers, please let her know via an email. :)

Update: Izzy had just emailed me and told me to link her here: www.fanfictionmashups.blogspot.com; you guys should check it out. She also has a fan-fic of Katniss vs Sophie.

Izzy had sent this to me a few nights ago and I loved it and thought, "I should totally share this on the blog!" So, that's what I'm doing. This is just a little fun thing; makes you think, "What would really happen if Alex and Rose actually met in real life?!" LOL, enjoy!

Note: Please excuse all the grammar errors and whatnot. Thank you.

Rose stood in the shadows below the massive pine trees, one eye on the manor, the other on Eddie (who was taking a quick patrol around the garden). This was getting ridiculous. How was she supposed to "check out" the house if she wasn't allowed inside it. The guardian leading the raid had told her, "Sit tight and wait to see if anyone comes out. DO NOT come in, understand?" She thought this sort of attitude would have stopped when she finished up at the academy. She replied with a mock salute and stalked off to her position.

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)Alex slipped up to the girl waiting by the tree. 
"What's taking so long?" The girl continued to sweep the area with her eyes as she turned, "Don’t know, but none of these usually turn out the way they’re supposed to anyway.” 
Grinning the girl said, "Watch my position, will you?" and crept off to the house. Alex wasn't getting the boring task dumped on her that easily. She gripped the dagger in her belt to be sure that it was still there and silently sped down the path. She was fast so she moved between some trees and stood waiting. 

Rose crept around the garden after she signaled to Eddie that she was heading off. She rounded a corner and there was that girl, long brown hair, deep brown eyes and full lips. If this was anything other than a stakeout she may have been intimidated. Now she was just annoyed.

"What are you doing here?"
"Waiting for you; I want to see what's going on up there."
"Well thanks for the offer but I can handle this myself." The girl raised her eyebrows, with the height, Rose would have thought she was Moroi, but she wasn’t as light and willowy as them. Still there was something different. "What are you?"
"Half Blood." So a dhamphir. Why didn’t some people just keep it simple? Oh well, maybe she’s clumsy enough to catch the attention of another guardian and get sent back to her post. But with the way she just appeared there, Rose doubted it. "Don’t slow me down."

Alex followed the girl up to the house, she couldn't sense any daimons nearby, but no one had said it wasn't a possibility. She studied the girl ahead of her, she was agile. Alex could tell from the way she held herself and moved that they were both at similar skill levels. They stopped, the other girl - Rose - was still. Had she seen a daimon? 

Rose paused, she saw a flicker of movement, another guardian or a strigoi? She wouldn’t risk calling out, Rose headed forward, slowly, quietly. Then all of a sudden it was upon them a tall mass towering with those cold red eyes. The strigoi was fast and had the advantage of surprise. Before she had time to act, it had raised its arm preparing to send her flying - Alex was there, knocking him away. She had her blade in hand and practically sliced the strigoi’s arm off. Rose had to give it to her, it was a tough move and she executed it perfectly. 

Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)He lunged out at Alex teeth bared, Rose was on her feet delivering a roundhouse kick to the guy's stomach, sending him back a touch enough for Alex to slip out of arms length. The strigoi turned, his face ablaze with cold anger. Now focused on Rose but she was ready, dodging his blows, rolling under his arms and kicking away punches. Rose looked towards Alex and realized that she had no stake, but was advancing on the strigoi from behind. 

Alex grabbed him by the back of the shirt and sent him slamming to the ground. Rose saw her chance, launching onto the strigoi and driving the stake into its target with a perfect hit. He had one moment of life left as he looked up at Rose in shock and surprise. She stepped up off him and removed the stake. Alex watched Rose as she stood and cleaned her stake; it was silver and quite unlike the weapons she would normally use. Rose looked at her, a sort of unwilling-respectful look in her eyes, "We make a pretty good team."
"The hottest team to take down one of these guys." Alex grinned.
"Come on, someone would have heard that, we’d better get up to the house."

Who will triumph in the tournament of Heroines? Alex or Rose? Votes must be getting in and maybe they can tell us, who ends up being the real hero of this story.

Merry Christmas, hope the reading wasn't a bore!

SoOooOoooOooOoOoooOoooOOooOoo, what did you guys think of that fan-fic? Doesn't it make you think, "Rose and Alex - in combat?! I would totally read that!" I think Jennifer and Richelle should totally get together and write like....a short novella including Alex and Rose, eh? Who's with me?! ;) Also, a ginormous thank you to Izzy for writing this up; it was super awesome! You rock!

Well, if you didn't realize it, Alex vs Rose in the Heroine Tourney is coming up tomorrow, no actually tonight, at 11pm, central time. Pacific time will be at 9pm and eastern time will be at 12am. So according to where you live it will either be tonight or tomorrow. For me, it's tonight so, Alex would really love your vote!

Also, check back here at 9:05pm, my time (pacific), for another greeeeeeeat post in honor of Alex's second round in the tournament! You'll love it, I promise.


  1. That was pretty awesome. So I just realized I wasn't "actually" following your blog and smacked myself lol! I stalk it, but apparently never hit that nice follow button. Well I am now REALLY following. :) You rock Momo!

  2. That scene was pure awesomeness. I love both Alex and Rose so much! They would make one badass team that can kill both daimon and strigoi. That would be such an amazing story to read. <3


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