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Mar 15, 2012

Book Review: Pandemonium

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)Title: Pandemonium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: February 28th, 2012

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I’m pushing aside the memory of my nightmare,
pushing aside thoughts of Alex,
pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school,
like Raven taught me to do.
The old life is dead.
But the old Lena is dead too.
I buried her.
I left her beyond a fence,
behind a wall of smoke and flame.
My $0.02

I didn’t think I was going to be this affected by this book.  Everyone has a number one most favorite book.  Well, that book became your number one most favorite because there was something about it that touched you personally or something about it that tugged and hooked onto you—hard.  After you find a book like that and the feelings you felt when you read it, you’re constantly on the search for the next book that will deliver that same high to you—a higher high than that favorite book, even.  My point is, those kinds of books are rare.  You can read a thousand books and all of them could become your favorite but only a small percentage of those would be your most favorite; you’ll like all of them but you’ll only love a few of them.  Okay, I shouldn’t make this such a general statement because I’m not sure about anyone else but for me, this is true.

It’s no secret that Delirium, very quickly, became one of these books for me.  Something about everything in those 441 pages that made it unforgettable.  The words tumbled out of the pages and whispered sweet nothings into my soul (no joke!) and before I knew it, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t not love this amazing series.  So, of course I was very eager to dive head first into Pandemonium.  When I start the next book in a series, I get bored—sometimes.  For example, with the way how Delirium ended, I wanted to open up Pandemonium and get taken right back to the very second where Lena was before my eyes swam across that last word in Delirium.  But naturally, that didn’t happen.  Various times during my reading of Pandemonium, I kept searching for that little thing that would stand out to me and make it better than Delirium and overall, Pandemonium was highly enjoyable but for some reason, it was…slow to me.  I was looking for that spark that would pull me back in whenever I lost a little bit of interest.

Oliver distributed those “sparks” perfectly—right when I was going to close the book and stop my reading for the night, I was pulled in for another few pages that turned into one more chapter, three more chapters, five more chapters—un. put. down. able!  The slowness for me came when Lena took us back to the then parts of the book, which is ironic because at the beginning, I wanted so badly to know what happened to her after…the ending in Delirium.  All of this was overlooked as I got to the ending.  I knew from many people that the ending in Pandemonium was going to be a killer; I prepared myself, or at least, I tried to.  But no matter how much I tried to prepare myself, when I got to that very last page, the tears came and came and came and came.  I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I became hysterical; my hands were shaking, I ran out of breath, I was making weird shrieking noises—I was a mess. I couldn’t and I still can’t even comprehend…deep sigh.

Pandemonium definitely had a different feel to it than Delirium.  I’m not the biggest fan of dystopians and I guess one reason why I love Delirium so much is because it didn’t really feel like a dystopian to me, not completely.  But when I got to Pandemonium, those dystopian factors were very present and it kind of drew me away from the story.  A lot of bombs were dropped into the plot; Oliver has a way of hinting at them as you read but they’re so vague you hardly pay any attention to them so when they’re brought to light, you’re dumbfounded, left speechless.  I didn’t see a bunch of them coming but after they were explained the oooh effect set in.  Also, Oliver has a way of creating the biggest impact of the entire book on the very last two pages of both books.  So, I highly recommend you staying away from those two pages because without a doubt, you will be spoiled rotten if you flip to them, even accidentally, so don’t even think about looking back there.

Everything that happens in Pandemonium builds you up for the earth-shattering ending.  When people say that the ending will kill you, trust them because they know what they’re talking about!  Pandemonium is a swirl of crazy emotions: angst and confusion and happiness and pain and sadness and cold-heartedness, and so many other emotions that I can’t even identify right now.  Needless to say, Oliver has made a crazy, obsessive fan out of me and I absolutely cannot wait for Requiem—I’ll seriously do anything to get my hands on a copy. Anything, I tell you!  I can’t even believe that we have to wait basically a whole year until we get to see that pretty on shelves! WAAAH!  Anywho, read Pandemonium, stat!  If you’ve read Delirium and you still haven’t gotten to Pandemonium…well, then you’re crazy and I can’t be friends with a crazy! ;) Trust me, read it…because you’ll fall insanely in love with it!  You will, I dare you not too!

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  1. Momo, this is one of the best reviews from you that I've read. One of the best reviews I've read of this book period. You cover so many good points. And I felt the same way. I like died at the end of the book. I was happy yet so OMG at the same time. Fantastic review girl!

  2. OMG!! Your review has me terrified to keep reading. I just started Pandemonium and am only a few chapters in. I am a super overly sensitive person. Awesome review!! Now I feel like I need to read faster even though I am scared to get to the end of the book.

    1. Ahh, I was in the same boat as you three days ago, lol! Because of the ending in Delirium and everything everyone was telling me about the ending, I was equally as terrified as you because you just don't know what to expect...which increased my reading, haha!

      Just you wait...and I think you'll cry too. I was bawling...like the ugly-i-don't-care-if-anyone-is-looking kind of cry, lololol! I can't wait to see what you think!

  3. AHH I'm so excited to read this. Thanks for your $.02 :) New follower btw, love the blog, surprised I haven't been following you sooner!

  4. I totally agree that I wasn't sucked into the story as much with the "Then" chapters. But I actually clicked with Pandemonium more than Delirium...even though I'm totally Team Alex.

  5. But I really want to be friends! But yes, I'll admit to being crazy for not having read book one or two yet, but I will! I promise. :)

    Glad to know you enjoyed it so much.

  6. Awesome review!! I've had this series on my to-read list for a while but I need to bump it up on the list. Sounds to amazing to wait for. Thanks for the great review! :)

  7. Ohmygoodness. I had told myself I wouldn't read any reviews of this book, because I'm DYING to read it but just don't have the time right now. Yet... your review is fantastic. I obviously caved.
    And now I want to die because I want to read this book even more .___.
    I absolutely adored Delirium, so it really is a crime that I haven't gotten my grabby little hands on Pandemonium yet. Sigh... why does college exists, sucking away all of my free time?
    But anywayyyy.
    Thanks for this :D You've made me even more excited, which, as I said, is both good and bad. You make a lot of very good points without giving anything away, which I thank you immensely for. It just made me even more intrigued. A lot of mystery is surrounding this book, in my opinion, and I'd like to keep it that way until I can experience it in full for the first time.
    Can't wait to read it! :]


    1. Ahh, didn't I say that I couldn't be friends with a crazy?!?! What are you thinking?! Start Pandemonium asap! School? What, who cares! LOL, I didn't pay attention to *any* of my school stuff when I read it - three days straight, hahaha!

      And thank you so much for your lovely comment; totally made my day that much better! I can't wait to hear what you think once you finish it!

  8. I haven't gotten around to reading Pandemonium yet... but maybe for slightly different reasons from yours. Though I could clearly see that Delirium was different from other dystopian novels, I couldn't but feel disappointed by it, so Pandemonium has been on my "meh, maybe"-shelf. I did like your review, and since you let out that it's different from Delirium, maybe that'll make me change my mind about Delirium too?

    1. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of dystopian novels but everyone swore up and down that Delirium was amazing so I caved. And now...I totally agree, lol, only because it's totally different and it doesn't have that dystopian feel to it. If you're into dystopian novels, then I think you'll enjoy Pandemonium more so than Delirium. :)

  9. Nice review! I've been looking forward to reading Pandemonium for a long time, and I concur with much of what you said. The ending of Delerium alone, killed me. Mostly because I felt like it didn't have to "end" that way, and that it was too typical. Also,I, too, struggle with the second book in many book series- something about them just seems "off", seems to drag, isn't quite up to par with the original. Yet the third book always seems to redeem the author and the series, and outdo the first.

    Your review, at least, has me looking forward to Pandemonium as much as I was when I first finished Delirium. Thanks for letting me know to expect those slow moments!

  10. This review is great! I totally want to read this!

  11. *nods* I am still recovering.......oh that ending..................yup!! still recovering........hehe!!

    Wonderful review Momo.....man..that ending....I made a comment on my update status on Goodreads at page 350/375 I was resigned to the fact....then that ending....I really couldn't write my review. I kind of wrote words. That ending....



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