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Mar 29, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts (2): Meaningful Comments

What is in a meaningful comment?

Raise your hand if you have run across a giveaway where one of the requirements was to leave a meaningful comment. I definitely have. Sometimes, I find myself wondering what a meaningful comment even contains. I'm no expert on this but here are my $0.02 on comments and what I think a meaningful comment is.

My $0.02

First of all, I've always wondered why it's so hard to come by comments sometimes. I think overall, it's just because no one has the time to sit in front of the computer all day, leaving comments here and there. Lol, my second theory is that (and this is totally just my weird mind set) no one really reads the posts. But that is totally not true and even though I know that, my weird mind still thinks that way. So, I've come to the conclusion that even though there are no comments, it doesn't mean that no one didn't read your post.

Another theory of mine that kind of goes hand in hand with the "no one really reads the posts" theory is that maybe sometimes the posts become too long or sometimes the post was so well thought out that there isn't anything else that really needs to be said or added. I'm guilty of writing up extremely long posts, haha. Well thought out posts? Eh, not so much. Either way, when you run across posts like those, the most you can put in a comment is your own $0.02 or a little "I agree" statement.

When you get past that, the meaningful part of the comment comes into play.

When it comes to commenting in general, I always try to comment on every blog I visit when I log in to my blogger account. The only time I don't comment is when I run across a blog that is more adult related or the subjects/topics they post aren't in the same genre as myself. I do read every post I run across, no matter how long because (1) a lot of hard work went into it (such as the formatting - oh goodness, I hate formatting. That part takes longer than the actually typing, lol), (2) it takes time to sit in front of your computer screen and gather all these thoughts, and (3) there are some really awesome posts where various times I'm just like, "Omg, that is so true!" or "I totally agree!" or "Amen! You tell 'em!" or you know...stuff along those lines!

As a blogger, there is absolutely nothing more rewarding than getting a blog comment. To put so much work into a blog post and then to see someone comment and just say the littlest thing like, "Awesome post!" will make me more ecstatic than anything! It's almost better than Christmas morning or even your birthday! For me, personally, I love comments no matter how long or short they are but I think when it comes to leaving meaningful comments, the key to it is (1) reading the post, of course, and (2) taking something of what you know about the speaker and incorporate it into your comments. When you do that, you get a comment that is not only meaningful but it's also sort of lengthy which just scores - big time.

For example, if you stop by a post that has to do with a cover reveal, instead of just saying, "Awesome cover!" You could probably say something like, "Ooo, I like that cover! Even though the girl in a dress with her face half shown has been a little over done, I like that it kind of shows something that might have to do with the storyline." Or you know...something like that! If you happen to stop by a review or an interview post, point out something that you really liked that was mentioned.

All in all, I think what it means when someone asks you to leave a meaningful comment is that you should leave a comment that is not a general statement - a statement that could be applied to any post. A lot of time, I see comments that say "Awesome [insert post topic here]!" For the person who wrote the blog post, they would like to see something more in depth so that they know what they wrote meant a little something to someone. For example, say you wrote something up and you put so much thought into it and...wah, waah, waaah - no comment love. It's a little disheartening, for sure.

But then again, getting comments doesn't just happen. It's not like you put the post out there and boom, boom, boom - comments come flying! It's a two-way street. You shouldn't just expect comments to come. You know that saying, "Give and you shall receive." Or...something like that? Well, comments are just like that. Network, go out and leave comments and then comments will come flocking to your blog posts in a quickness.

Well, there goes my $0.02 on what a meaningful comment is and...comments in general. Not to say that what I said or mentioned is correct because there is no right or wrong when it comes to blogging (not really). This question, once again, sprouted from my curiosity. Since I've started blogging, I've become curious about a lot of things and well this week's topic tended to be comments and now, it's your turn.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

What do you think a meaningful comment is? What makes a comment meaningful?


  1. +JMJ+

    For me, a "meaningful comment" is one that responds to the content of a post and invites the blogger to keep the discussion going.

    I find it easiest to leave such comments for blog friends whom I've already established some rapport with, because I know where they're coming from and because new conversations can pick up organically from old ones. But I'm sure everyone can say this! =)

    Leaving comments for bloggers I don't know that well yet, on the other hand, feels a little like speed dating. I hope I make enough of a good impression for him/her to visit my blog, too, and to leave a chatty comment there. The best case scenario is that we hit it off well enough to become new blog friends as well! So it's always a disappointment when I discover a new blogger who seems really interesting, leave a "meaningful comment," and don't get any sort of reply back.

    But I don't usually leave those sorts of comments for posts that are just about covers or just about hauls. Unless the blogger added something extra for discussion, there doesn't seem to be more to say beyond, "Yeah, I like it too!" or "Enjoy your books!" I think "meaningful posts" beget "meaningful comments."

  2. I really appreciate sharing this type of great post because you make some valid points with which I agree and that is a number of inspirational stuff. I want to thank you for this informative read.

  3. ALL of your reflections about ppl posting comments are thoughts I've ( and no doubt every other reader ) had. I'm sure they're all true. It really is about time and many, many options on blogs out there, priorities and WHY someone is perusing blogs at that particular moment. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Awesome post, Momo. You're so right.


    I kid. ;)
    I don't comment on every blog I stop by, but I have a certain pattern that I follow with my comments. I'll start with commenting on something specific the blogger posted, and mention a short, one line personal anecdote of some sort, and then close off by bringing it back around with a general "great post," or something.

    Anyway, nice post. I completely agree.

    (I actually did that instinctively, in this comment. FYI. It wasn't on purpose.)

    PS: Did you see THG yet? It's amazeballs. CATO. *dies* And on your way back from the theater, buy Songs from District 12 and Beyond. I'm obsessed with this soundtrack.

  5. Momo....you know part of me wants to be a smartass and say "nice post" or "great job" or "awesome"...

    But, my dearest you bring up a good point here. Guess it's easier to leave a meaningful comment if you know the person (like us for example, we know each other to know when the other is being a smartass or not). If you left a comment that was a joke to you may offend the person that wrote the post.

    And you've also now made me feel like the bad blogger for not posting more meaningful things *hangs head in shame* I will say that I don't have too much time so I don't comment on a lot of blogs (damn work for not letting me get online when I'm there I'd get SOOOOOO much more done) but I do read the reviews and posts like these =)

    Wow...this has now taken me like 14 hrs to post...why does my life get in the way of things like this?!?! WHY MOMO, WHY?! But all-in-all you bring up great points and this will stay with me and I'll try harder to post more meaningful things <3

  6. You're right about the formatting - it takes forever! Sometimes I sit there painstakingly sorting out my jumbled-together paragraphs hoping to God that somebody actually reads the post!

    I'm not really sure what makes a comment meaningful, but what I always do is imagine that my best friend was sat in front of me, telling me everything that was in the post. Then I think what I'd say to respond to her, cause you'd never respond with "Mmm, great." Works for me anyway.

    I know what DOESN'T make a comment meaningful though - "Hey, just visiting, visit my blog!" Grrr.

  7. I'm guilty of leaving one line comments but I usually only comment if I've read all or most of the post. The only time that I write more than a line or two is if I really have something to say. In my mind it's kind of like sitting and listening to someone speak, even if I totally loved everything they say it doesn't necessarily mean that I have really anything to say back. Great post BTW...I like. :D


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