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Apr 26, 2012

[SPOILER ALERT]: Fangirls on Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

That banner you see right there is my lame attempt at making a banner. Don't laugh. It's embarassing as is. I didn't want to start this post off with just words because well...I wouldn't read it. Would you? Sometimes when I see a post without any pictures I'm just like, "Blergh, too many words for me!" LOL, no joke! Anyway, if you couldn't tell by the all caps in my title, this is a spoilery post about some of my favorite scenes from Catching Jordan. If you couldn't tell from my two past posts and all my twitter tweets, I'm currently very obsessed with this book! So obsessed and in love with it that it's almost not healthy. ALMOST.

So, if you haven't read Catching Jordan, I suggest you stop reading now. Like, for seriously. Or else you'll be so spoiled that sour milk wouldn't even befriend you. ;) Also, if you haven't read Catching Jordan, for the duration of this blog post, you are no longer my friend.

BUT if you have read Catching Jordan and would like to weigh in on some of my favorite parts/scenes from the book, feel free to stick around to the very end! Actually, please stick around! I would love to hear what some or all of your favorite scenes were and why!

• • • • • • • • • • •

Like I've said a few times before, I don't know why I love this book so much. Well, maybe I do but I just suck at putting it into words so instead...I'm settling for scenes and what not. BIGGEST SPOILER FROM THE BOOK:  Henry. Being truly, madly, and deeply in love with Jordan. [Aaannnd...now's the time to grab your copy of the book.] I didn't see that train coming at me at full speed until page 142 and shortly after that, the chapter titled Revelations came into play and then...BOOM! At least, I was a bit prepared, right!? Well, as prepared as I can get within a time frame of three pages.

When Jordan found out, I felt relieved...in a way. I get that Ty's super macho and hot and sexy and you just wanna undress him with your eyes and uuuunnnffff, that guy! BUT as I read more and more, some of the things he said or did just kind of like...turned me off. In a way. From the get-go, you're introduced to him and Jordan's mad infatuation with him that you just can't help but fall for him but even then I was still a bit hesitant and iffy. Anyway, back to Henry. After that revelation came to light, I was so overly tuned into him and Jordan's relationship that...man, it just did something to me. Like I sorta hinted at in my review, there were little things that they did together that didn't really mean much until you realize that Henry's in love with Jordan. Before I start bulleting off some of the scenes that stood out to me, in my review, I mentioned three songs by One Direction that I felt were more than perfect for the book so I wanna go back and explain why I picked the three that I did.

First up, One Thing:
- When I first started reading the book, I thought for sure that Ty Green was going to be the leading male so One Thing started out as a song coming from Ty's point of view. For example, some of the lyrics go something like:

I've tried playing it cool
But when I'm looking at you
I can't ever be brave
'Cause you make my heart race

Shot me out of the sky
You're my kryptonite
You keep making me weak
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe

Something's gotta give now
'Cause I'm dying just to make you see
That I need you here with me now
'Cause you've got that one thing

But soon enough, you realize that Henry was the guy your eyes should have been on and then the song quickly changed and started coming from his point of view. The only lined that mattered to me after I realized that was: But I need that one thing and you've got that one thing <333

Also, not only is the song kinda, sorta, really perfect for the book, it has an upbeat feeling to it that just encompasses all of Catching Jordan. Onto song number two!

I Wish:
- Just from the title, you can already tell whose song this belongs too! Yes, you totally guessed it right! Sam Henry <33 (Man, I love that dude!) To really get my point across, I'll just share the lyrics with you guys!

He takes your hand
I die a little
I watch your eyes
And I'm in riddles
Why can't you look at me like that?

When you walk by
I try to say it
But then I freeze
And never do it
My tongue gets tied
The words get trapped
I hear the beat of my heart getting louder
Whenever I'm near you

But I see you with him slow dancing
Tearing me apart
Cause you don't see
Whenever you kiss him
I'm breaking,
Oh how I wish that was me

He looks at you
The way that I would
Does all the things, I know that I could
If only time, could just turn back
Cause I got three little words
That I've always been dying to tell you

If you're looking something like this

I know,

RIGHT!? I told you. Totally Henry. Oooh, Henry! That reminds, what a coin-ka-dink - one of the singers from One Direction is named Henry <333 Henry Styles! Maybe that's another reason why I love Sam Henry so much!

[UPDATE (3/14/2013): I now realize what a stupid dork I am because his name is Harry Styles and not Henry. But hey, I was in a moment of squee, so, you know, my mind wasn't with me. ;p What a lol moment. Coming back to read this definitely made my day!]

Third song is Moments:
- As Jordan and Henry's relationship becomes more conflicted and harder, this song immediately came to mind. The push and pull, the change and shift in their relationship, the emotional struggle - was wrapped into this song. I pictured this coming from the both of them throughout different scenes. And because this song was playing in the background, my feelings and emotions intensified like...that much more towards the book <333

Shut the door
Turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this
Even though I try

Heart beats harder

Time escapes me
Trembling hands
Touch skin
It makes this hard girl
And the tears stream down my face

If we could only have this life

For one more day
If we could only turn back time

You know I’ll be
Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today

Close the door

Throw the key
Don’t wanna be reminded
Don’t wanna be seen
Catching JordanDon’t wanna be without you
My judgments clouded
Like tonight's sky

Hums are silent

Voice is numb
Try to scream out my lungs
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face

If we could only have this life

For one more day
If we could only turn back time

You know I’ll be

Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today

Flashing lights in my mind
Going back to the time
Playing games in the street
Kicking balls with my feet

There’s a numb in my toes

Standing close to the edge

There’s a pile of my clothes

At the end of your bed

As I feel myself fall

Make a joke of it all

So, check out those three songs and let me know what you think of them below in the comments section! I would love to hear what you guys think! And if you guys don't think the songs fit...well, at least you've discovered three brand new songs to get addicted to! ;) NOW, here come some of my favorite scenes/quotes! Bear with me because there might be quite a few!

  • "Laughing, I speed up. Soon I'm sprinting as fast as I can go, but Henry catches up anyway. He's so damned fast. He might as well be Forrest Gump. Passing by me, Henry runs to the end of the block, where he turns around and does this stupid victory dance. It looks like he's roping a bull at a rodeo." -Page 55
    Why I like: Because Henry's dancing! DUUH.
  • "I'll never forget how we were sitting out in Henry's front yard playing rock, paper, scissors while eating a big box of Cracker Jacks. I pulled the prize out, and we both desperately wanted it. Since we were at Henry's house and they were his Cracker Jacks, he thought he deserved the plastic football. But since I'm the one who pulled the football out of the box, I thought it should be mine.

    So we rock, paper, scissors-ed for it. I made scissors with my hand. He made rock.

    He's worn the charm around his neck ever since." -Page 56
    Why I like: Because it explains the special meaning of their friendship and the necklace.
  • "I yank the covers back and crawl in, and Henry lies down next to me, reeking of shea butter. 'Ugh. You smell,' I say. 'Turn around. We have to sleep head-to-toe. Mom's orders.'
    'We can't tonight. I heard a rumor that you have athlete's foot, and I can't risk getting it in my nose.'" -Page 80
    Why I like: Because Henry always has an excuse to sleep head-to-head!
  • "His eyes focus on mine and we stare at each other for a while. With his tan skin and emerald eyes, Henry is an extremely cute guy, and it occurs to me how many girls at school would love to find themselves in a potting shed with him." -Page 133
    Why I like: Because Henry was so sweet in this scene and it's just one of my favorites!
  • "All those nights of sharing a bed
    All those times he put an arm around me
    All the things he's done to make me happy
    ...encouraging me to give Ty a chance..." -Page 145
    Why I like: Because Jordan finally realizes!
  • "Another tear falls from my eye, but I don't have the strength to wipe it away. All my energy is being used by my heart, because it's having to pump twice as hard just to keep working. Why wouldn't he kiss me?
    Henry keeps dealing. When all the cards have been separated, I pick up my stack and shuffle my cards again. Then I look up into Henry's eyes, and he's staring back at me, at my tears, and I see all these tiny wrinkles around his eyes - sadness wrinkles. He frowns, biting his lip." -Page 152
    Why I like: This scene was so sad - I can't explain it; I just love it. Crazy!
  • "Henry:
    I love the way his curls flop around and hang across his forehead.
    I love how he never just lets me win. I have to earn it.
    I love how he touches me just because.
    I love his loyalty.
    I love how when we sleep head-to-toe,
    he always finds a reason to sleep head-to-head instead." -Page 153
    Why I like: Jordan starts to realize all the things she loves about Henry and the one I italicized is my favorite.
  • "'Remember when I first started playing ball? And I was looking for crickets and then I threw the ball back to you?'


    What? We used to joke about this all the time. How I destroyed his future career as quarterback of the Titans." -Page 172
    Why I like: It's hard to explain why for this one; it's just the little moments, I guess.
  • "Tears trickle out of my eyes as I slowly buckle my chinstrap.

    All I know is, without him as my friend, I'm just a shell. Just a playbook without any plays." -Page 173
    Why I like: This one is self-explanatory. <3
  • "We clap and break, and JJ hikes the ball again. I dash back several feet, avoiding the linebacker trying to sack me, and throw the ball to Henry, but it's way short. I don't get enough on the throw and he runs the wrong route - he was supposed to come back on the ball, but didn't." -Page 176
    Why I like: Because of where their relationship stands, it's clear that they're both frustrated and they just can't play straight. :)
  • "When Henry comes up for air, he looks over Savannah's shoulder at me. He mouths, 'I'm sorry.'" -Page 179
    Why I like: You know, it was just another one of those scenes that stabbed my heart. To pieces.
  • "When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special." -Page 183
    Why I like: Because I just do and because it's deeeeeep, man! ;)
  • "But my ceiling is bare
    Like my heart
    Mom comes in
    Curls up next to me
    It comes out as a cry
    'I know'" -Page 210
    Why I like: Because sometimes a mom just knows without you having to say anything.
  • "As the slow song ends, Henry's green eyes find mine, and I pull away from Ty and begin walking toward my friend. Henry stares at me, then stares at my dress. And then he just turns around and leaves the gym, dropping the stupid crown." -Page 217
    Why I like: Because One Direction's I Wish is frickin' perfect for this scene!
  • "I skip stones and throw rocks until the sun starts to set. Just as I'm getting ready to leave, I see a large splash in the river, so I jerk around to find the thrower of the rock. And there he is. Henry. Standing there with a handful of rocks, launching them into the river. No one knew I was coming here, so he must've just shown up, just like me." -Page 233
    Why I like: Because that was like... their special spot.
  • "My tears are everywhere. I sop them up using my sweatshirt, and when I look at his face, he reaches around his neck and pulls off the silver chain that holds the plastic football charm, fingering it. He stares down at the charm, then finds my eyes and puts the chain around my neck." -Page 234
    Why I like: Because throughout the whole book, they're constantly fighting over it and now that he gives it to her, I felt like he sorta just gave up. </3
  • "'Henry?'


    I take a deep breath. 'Remember that time I was searching for crickets at your game, and the ball went out of bounds and I threw it back to you?'

    'Yup,' he says with a grin." -Page 244-245
    Why I like it: Because earlier when she asked, he said no but now he says that he remembers which signifies that their relationship is getting back on track!
  • "'For what it's worth,' Dad says, running his fingers over the picture, 'I've never seen anyone run faster than Henry after you hurt your knee last week.'" -Page 263
    Why I like: Because obviously, Henry's crazy about Jordan!
  • "'What's the occasion?' I ask.
    He glances up at me and takes a deep breath. 'You're the occasion, Woods. I've missed you so, so much.'
    Lowering my chin, I bite my lip. A tear drops down my cheek. I throw down an ace, he throws down an ace. I deal three cards facedown, and he mimics me. At the same time, we each drop a fourth card. He has a queen; I, a king." -Page 278-279
    Why I like: EEEEEEEEEE!
  • "He guesses right, because he takes me by the elbows and pulls my body up so our noses touch. His breath smells like chocolate-chip cookies. My favorite.
    We kiss.
    Finally." -Page 279
    Why I like: Because like Jordan said: FINALLY! ;)
  • "We kiss some more, and his soft lips are making it hot in here, so I pull off my sweatshirt, revealing a tank top underneath, and Henry focuses on the plastic football charm, taking it in his fingers. I hesitate, then pull the chain off and drop it around Henry's neck." -Page 280
    Why I like: Because that necklace means a whole lot to the both of them and that was such a sweet moment!

Okay guuuuuuuuuuuuuys, whew! Again, I told ya to bear with me, hahahah! Boy oh boy, I'm so in love with this book! Weeeelll, now it's your turn! What were/are some of your most favorite scenes/quotes!? Share 'em with me! Also, anything spoilery that you wanna discuss!? Leave 'em in the comments and lets get a discussion going, eh? :)

And if you're still hear reading this whole entire post of nothing but fangirling stuff, well then... you get my heart! I love you and you're the bestest!


  1. Momo, this post just made my day. I started this book at midnight and finished it at 3AM. It was amazing! I loved it so much! One of my favorite scenes is the hospital, and when Henry and Jordan go to Michigan together and get so much closer! :) And when she dumps Ty, that was nice too!

  2. Momo - love the songs! What is it about music matched to books that makes me so happy. Great picks.


  3. I loved this book! I loved how protective he was of her. You have being flipping through the book again lol. I cant pick just one! Lol
    "Then I roll back over onto my pillow, and he moves back in closer and drapes an arm across me again. He nuzzles up against my neck."
    "I run my hand through his curls for a few minutes until I absolutely have to get up."
    Thanks Woods. Have fun with Ty,' he says into the pillow. 'Show him that underwear you're wearing -- it'll make him wild.'"
    Page 82-83

  4. OMG, trust me, I LOVEEEEEEED this book too!!! Gosh, i can't contain it, fangirling completely! My heart has melted, huuuuhhh!!!!!!! <33333

  5. Omygod. Words CAN NOT describe how good this book is!!!!!!!

  6. I just cried my heart out, I don't know what to do know. I am lost in mind and words, paused for life, in tears.

  7. I guess you are not my friend? Hmmm I haven't read this book but your summary was AWESOME


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