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Jun 21, 2012

Theme Song Thursday (1): Ross Copperman - Holding On And Letting Go

Theme Song Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous Jena over at Shortie Says that takes place on Thursdays (obvi, lol!) where you pick a book you've previously read or is currently reading and then pick one song that you think fits that book. Also, post the lyrics, maybe a snippet leading up to the first chorus, explaining why you think that song fits said book like a warm, snuggly glove. ;)

I think this is a super cool and oh-so-very-me type of meme because I absolutely cannot read a book without listening to music. I find songs to go with books in one of three ways:
  1. After reading the synopsis, I try to get a feel for the book that way and then I go in search for a song that seems to fit the book.
    - This way occurs the least out of the three just because it doesn't go over so well.
  2. If the author is on the twittah, I usually send them a tweet asking if they have a book playlist for said book.
    - Sometimes I feel weird asking the authors because I feel intrusive but I prefer this way the most because I don't like coming up with my own playlist for the book because if the author has a playlist, the songs made it on there because maybe the songs were inspiration for certain scenes in the book, therefore, I want that song playing when I read. But then again, after checking out some of the songs that the author picked, I might not feel them as much so then I go onto option three.
  3. I start reading the book with a song that I picked based off the synopsis and after I get a little further into the book, maybe like five chapters or so, I start to look for songs that I've heard of already that might fit perfectly for the book, either lyrically or musically.
    - Even though I prefer option two, option number three is the one that occurs the most.
I know, I probably sound crazy getting this analytical about listening to music while I read but that's just the way it is for me. One reason why I listen to music when I read is because I have tinnitus, which is a ringing or similar sensation of sound in the ears...when it's completely silent. At first, I thought everyone heard that weird zinging noise in their ears when it was completely silent, but I guess not. Anyway, that's not the main reason why I listen to music when I read. Music enhances my reading experience like 1354631378968 times more. It just makes my reading experience and the book that much more memorable. And when I say book playlist, I don't necessarily mean a list full of twenty to thirty songs; maybe five at the most: a song for the sad scenes, action scenes, happy scenes, etc. At the most, I listen to two songs and then I switch back and forth between the two but normally, I just stick to one that seems to capture the whole book, overall. Okay, enough of my senseless babbling.

Because it's the summer time, I'm constantly on the lookout for summer reads. Second Chance Summer seems to be the perfect book to start it off so this week's Theme Song Thursday features Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. I've read Matson's Amy and Roger's Epic Detour and immediately fell in love so I couldn't wait to fall back into Matson's captivating story telling and her writing always sweeps me away.

Second Chance Summer
Taylor Edwards’ family might not be the closest-knit—everyone is a little too busy and overscheduled—but for the most part, they get along just fine. Then Taylor’s dad gets devastating news, and her parents decide that the family will spend one last summer all together at their old lake house in the Pocono Mountains.

Crammed into a place much smaller and more rustic than they are used to, they begin to get to know each other again. And Taylor discovers that the people she thought she had left behind haven’t actually gone anywhere. Her former best friend is still around, as is her first boyfriend…and he’s much cuter at seventeen than he was at twelve.

As the summer progresses and the Edwards become more of a family, they’re more aware than ever that they’re battling a ticking clock. Sometimes, though, there is just enough time to get a second chance—with family, with friends, and with love.
Before I started the book, I ran across Matson's playlist as part of SCS's blog tour. I checked out the songs and there were a few that I liked that stuck with me but the one that I'll be sharing with all of you is one that I've heard of from the CW's The Vampire Diaries (that show is the best source for new music, just...fyi).

Ross Copperman - Holding One And Letting Go

Is anybody out there?
Is anybody listening?
Does anybody really know if its the end of the beginning?
The quiet rush of one breath
Is all we're waiting for
Sometimes the one we're taking
Changes every one before..

It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't
It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed
Some prayers find an answer
Some prayers never know
We're holding on and letting go

Sometimes we're holding angels
And we never even know
Don't know if we'll make it,
But we know,
We just can't let it show

It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't
It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed
Some prayers find an answer
Some prayers never know
We're holding on and letting go
Yeah, letting go

Another thing about me and music and books is that I have a hard time explaining why, for me, certain songs click to certain books. It might be a little bit easier to understand if you've read the book but anyway this song is always on repeat when I open up SCS. At the beginning of the summer, Taylor discovers that her whole family will be going back up to their old lake house to spend their summer there instead of back home where they've been spending it for the last five years. Returning back to the lake house brings up some things from Taylor's past that she's been running from, something that she's been known to do. I'm barely about one hundred pages in, but so far, Matson has already drawn tears from my eyes.

I can already tell that SCS will be a tear-jerker and very bittersweet...as in what's going to unfold. Anyway, Holding On And Letting Go seems to be the perfect song for Second Chance Summer. Just the title itself seems to be perfect, too perfect, for what's going on in Taylor's life and for what's going to come. I can't wait to continue reading and immerse myself back at Lake Phoenix!

Are you a book/music person?! What are you currently reading at the moment? Any song in particular that just seems to have been made for that book? If you don't listen to music when you read, what song(s) do you think would be perfect for the current book you're reading!? Do share, let me know it all!



    1) I've never heard this song before, but I'm IN LOVE WITH IT.

    2) ..... I cannot stress enough with how much I connect with this line from your post "Another thing about me and music and books is that I have a hard time explaining why, for me, certain songs click to certain books."

    That is SO SO SO true for me. Sometimes the songs I click with books, have nothing to do with that book. But maybe I was listening to it while reading and the song just stuck in my head for that book. Or the feeling the both emote connect for me. But I feel the SAME WAY <3

    3) Thank you so much for putting a post together Momo <333

  2. I freaking ADORE this song! I totally get how the song and book go together. *sigh* I want to read this book even more now! Wonderful wonderful, picks Momo!

    And I totes agree that TVD has the best music, everrr.


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