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Sep 11, 2012

Book Review: Silver by Talia Vance

Silver (Bandia, #1)Title: Silver
Author: Talia Vance
Publisher: Flux
Release Date: September 8th, 2012

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"As I step into the room, a silver flash blurs my vision. Before I can take a breath, the world falls away."

Brianna has always felt invisible. People stare right past her, including the one boy she can't resist, Blake Williams. But everything changes at a house party when Brianna's charm bracelet slips off and time stands still. In that one frozen, silver moment, Blake not only sees her, he recognizes something deep inside her that she's been hiding even from herself.

Discovering she is descended from Danu, the legendary Bandia of Celtic myth, Brianna finds herself questioning the truth of who she is. And when she accidentally binds her soul to Blake, their mutual attraction becomes undeniable.

But Blake has his own secret, one that could prove deadly for them both.

Bound together by forbidden magic, Brianna and Blake find themselves at the heart of an ancient feud that threatens to destroy their lives and their love.

My $0.02

Silver was a debut that I’ve been wanting to read since a long while now so when I got asked to take part in the tour, I absolutely couldn’t hold back my excitement!  As soon as I started reading it, I was filled with an onslaught of crazy butterflies in my tummy because when you read the synopsis, you know crazy stuff’s going to go down and sure enough, from the get-go, that crazy stuff goes down asap so I was thrilled to take off so soon when reading Silver.  Not only that but I really enjoyed reading Vance’s writing; it was witty, fun, and so like that of a teenager.  In other words, Brianna and her friends talked just like how I would and I especially love when I run across books with narrative like that because it makes me able to relate to the characters that much more.

Right when you open up Silver, you find Brianna at this party with her two friends.  Before you know it, Blake Williams is introduced and I gotta say, he’s not…he wasn’t what I was expecting.  He was a part of the “popular” crowd, if you may, and he seemed to fill the jock role almost, kinda, sorta.  That was my first impression of him but as the book unfolds, there’s more to him than meets the eye.  As events occur, somewhere along the line, Brianna and Blake bound themselves together without being aware of it and soon enough, it’s like the Montagues and Capulets are out to play, once more!  Their history goes way back and when they’re around each other they just can’t resist being together, no matter how hard they tried to fight it.  Silver also has a great supporting cast of characters, quite a few actually, and some of them are in that opening chapter at the party…you just don’t know until a little while later.  One of my favorites was Austin.  I guess it was because Brianna hits it off with him and you can’t help but lean towards him a little because he’s always there for her…when Blake was resisting.

Silver is a great tale of Celtic mythology that was intriguing and definitely adds a new twist to the YA genre.  Vance weaved a great story that instantly grabs your attention so when you tell yourself, “I’ll just read the first few chapters before I go to bed,” beware because you’ll certainly be pulling an all-nighter to finish that baby!

Links to purchase Silver: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository


  1. I'm really excited about this one, it looks like it's going to be AWESOME. Great review, I'm extra excited for it now!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  2. I have been wanting to read this one for a while. It sounds really awesome and after reading your review, I am totally convinced that I will love it!!

  3. This sounds like an amazing book!! I received a copy for review but haven't gotten to it yet because of exams. I can't wait to get started on this one. Looks like I'll be staying up late Friday night!!


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