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Aug 28, 2013

#ELCQ Twitter Chat!

First of all, let me just say that I am so humbled and honored to be hosting tonight's #ELCQ chat with the amazing and fabulous, Elizabeth Lee and Caisey Quinn!

It's moments (or... events, I guess) like these that make me go, "What? *points at self* Me? *looks around* What... ? Why... ? SERIOUSLY?!" Like I said, I'm honored, for reals! Lee and Quinn could have asked anyone yet they asked me and it just blows my mind! I couldn't be any happier or thrilled to be their hostess! Thank you, ladies!

Tonight, we're going to be partying and having a blast on Twitter! If you're a fan, not a fan (yet! ;p), just bored and wanna pop in, or... anything like that, join us in tonight's chat!

#ELCQ Chat Details:

Date: Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Time: 7pm PST, 8pm MT, 9pm CST, & 10pm EST

Hashtag: #ELCQ

Join us for an evening of fun and giveaways! We'll be chatting about good books, hot men, and... lots of random things, I'm sure!

Where: Follow the instructions below!

  1. Go to http://tweetgrid.com/party
  2. Fill in the hashtag as #ELCQ
  3. Fill in the hosts
    1. @elwrites
    2. @CaiseyQuinn
    3. @BooksOverBoys
  4. Enter your Twitter handle
  5. Click "Join the party!"

  1. Go to http://tweetchat.com/
  2. Sign in (upper right hand corner) via Twitter
  3. Fill in the hashtag as #ELCQ

Don’t forget to mention the #ELCQ hashtag in your replies!

Now, in other Lee and Quinn news... ;p

Today is the perfect time to get a copy of this gorgeous book! And who knows, if you're a super duper fast reader, you might even finish the book and become a fan by the time the chat begins... in four hours! If you do purchase it, I challenge you! Plus, I believe you can do it!

I hope to see all of your faces at tonight's chat! This is the part where I don't get all whiny and beg for you to attend because I'm not even the slightest bit nervous about hosting. ;p

Like they say, the more the merrier!

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