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Dec 10, 2012

Angelfire Read-Along Week Two: Chapters #9-17 Discussion Post | #ReaditandReap

Welcome to the second week of the Angelfire Read-Along! How did you guys enjoy those first eight chapters!? Did it just hook you by the jaw and not let go? I sure hope so! This week a whole lot more happens to Ellie as she starts to discover who she is and more characters are introduced so strap down that seat belt because the ride is just about to get that much crazier!

As a quick reminder, sign-ups for this read-along will be open until December 29th. If you're thinking about joining us for the second half of this read-along where we'll be diving into Wings of the Wicked, just make sure your name appears on the linky list before 12/29! Now, let's get this second week started!

The chapters you need to read for this week are #9-17.

Within these nine chapters, you slowly, but surely get to see more and more into Will's life. When Ellie first meets him, he seems very aloof and closed-off but as you delve deeper into these chapters, you see glimpses where he does things unexpectedly that makes you just wanna know more about him. After reading Wings of the Wicked, you realize that there's so much history to the story that is Ellie + Will = Wellie that when you come back to read Angelfire, you understand so much better why Will is the way he is. I bet he was so overwhelmed with all these feels when he saw Ellie after all those centuries that he just almost couldn't take it, haha!

Fun facts from CAM's Angelfire notes:

A reaper may have been born and/or raised in a certain geographical area, but that doesn't make him or her a part of the ethnic or cultural group of the humans of that area. For example, Will was born and raised in Scotland, but that doesn't make him Scottish. He's not human, he's a reaper. He may speak the language and had the accent until he lost it over the centuries, but the reapers never fully assimilate into human society. Another example: Bastian and Cadan were born during the time of the Crusades and the early Holy Roman Empire in Germany (the first language they learned was an East Germanic dialect), but they aren't German. They are reapers and they have their own culture.

Isn't that neat? And who is this Cadan CAM speaks of? Oh boy, wait until you guys meet him--the shippers will start to divide! ;) Alrighty, now let's get to this week's discussion question! As you start to read, keep this question in mind and come back and answer it in the comments below to be entered in the monthly giveaway of a pre-order of Shadows in the Silence.

Ellie doesn't believe in "absolute evil or absolute good." Do you agree with her? Why do you think no one is simply one or the other?

Head over to Nicole's blog on Friday to see me and Nicole's responses to this question. The trivia quiz for chapters #9-17 will also be posted on Nicole's blog this Friday so make sure you don't miss it! The more quizzes you partake in, the higher your chances are at winning a signed set of the Angelfire trilogy plus really cool swag!

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Reminder: answer the question in this post's comments to be entered in the giveaway.

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Happy reading! Ooo wait, one more thing! I'm really curious to hear/see/read your thoughts as you read (whether you're reading it for the first time or the second; it's an experience either way) so if you're on twitter, tweet your reactions at me (@BooksOverBoys) and/or use the hashtags: #ReaditandReap and/or #AFreadalong. It's so fun to see what other people think as they're reading! If you're not on twitter, make a blog post of your thoughts and reactions and observations and leave a comment below with your link and I'll definitely stop by!

Okay, now... happy reading! EEP.


  1. I agree with Ellie! No person is perfect, or imperfect, and everyone is human.

  2. I agree. People do bad things for a reason. No one is absolutely good, and no one is totally evil. You can do something bad, but for a good reason. It doesn't immediately make you a bad person.

  3. I do belive in Ellie cause no one is absolute good or evil. I just think everyone is just who they are which is being human.


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