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Mar 1, 2014

Author Interview: Leighton Del Mia

Title: Hero (Hero, #1)
Author: Leighton Del Mia
Publisher: Self
Release date: February 26, 2014

Calvin Parish
They call me Hero.
I defend.
I protect.
I ask for nothing in return, and that makes me good.
Doesn’t it?

That which makes me the ultimate predator also feeds dark impulses I’ve learned to control—until I bring her too close. For years I’ve watched her from afar, but what started out as duty has become obsession.

Cataline Ford
I work hard.
I play by the rules.
I’m content.
My scars are quiet and invisible, and that keeps me hidden.
Doesn’t it?

One fateful walk home, I’m taken by someone I didn’t know I should fear. Captive and afraid, nobody will tell me why I’m confined to this hauntingly beautiful mansion. I’m given everything; I have nothing. He takes what he needs from me, and for that I hate him. But I might have loved him once.

And just because you’re reading this doesn’t mean I survive him.

Hero is a dual POV, standalone erotic novel.
Warning: meant for a mature audience due to dark themes including non-or dubious-consent.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Title: Keep Me (Hero, #1.5)
Author: Leighton Del Mia
Publisher: Self
Release date: February 27, 2014

“I will disappoint you. I will hurt you. If I could be different, I would. But I don’t think I can.”

Declarations and sacrifices have been made. After three years, a better life is finally on the horizon. But when the past leaves marks that are both painful and permanent, is there ever such a thing as starting over? Can memories be replaced or forgotten—and should they be?

Note: Keep Me is a follow-up novella for Hero readers who want a glimpse of life after breakfast. It is only intended to be enjoyed after Hero and is not a standalone. It is entirely optional and not essential to the original plot.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Welcome to Books Over Boys, Leighton! I’m so thrilled and excited to have you stop by my blog today. ;p Let’s start off with some icebreakers, shall we?

Q. What is a song for which you thought you knew the words and later found out that you had them wrong?

There’s this R. Kelly song from the ‘90’s & the chorus is, “My body’s callin’ for you” but I always sing it as “ice cold for you.”

Q. When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it?

The other day I got to hold the paperback versions of Hero and Keep Me in my hands for the first time… it felt wonderful.

Q. If you could mix three animals together, which ones would you choose to make the ultimate animal?

The body of a tiger with mixed with a shark and an eagle so it could prowl land, wind, and water.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Leighton Del Mia?

Q. If you had to describe yourself using three words, they would be…

Determined, critical, and inventive

Q. What’s your most favorite book of all time? Like, ever? ;p

It varies, but I love American Psycho

Q. When you’re not writing, you’re ____?

Marketing, reading or at the movies

Q. What’s one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about you?

Books/movies touted as “sci-fi” or “paranormal” have always been a turnoff for me.

*rubs hands together* Now, let’s talk about writing and books, eh?

Q. What about writing captivates you the most?

It can be so emotional and if the author feels it, the readers will too. For better or worse, I feel it all, and I do the best I can to put it into words.

Q. You are debuting with your Erotic standalone, Hero, which is dual POV. Tell me more about that. How was the writing process? What did you enjoy about it? Whose voices came easier to you: Calvin or Cataline or both? Also, why did you choose to write Hero in dual POV?

The writing process was strange. There’s a good chunk of the book I don’t remember writing—it’s like I went to another world or level of consciousness. When I read it back for the first time, there were smaller scenes where I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. It was almost surreal.

I loved writing Calvin. He is such a complex character who struggles daily with who he is—and he doesn’t even realize it. He lives in a black-and-white world, but he is so many different shades of grey. I found him easier to write than Cataline.

Q. What are you most excited about for Hero’s release? How would you describe it in one sentence?

I’m excited to find readers out there who are like me—who’ve been looking for this type of book and who can connect with the unusual writing style. I don’t just mean dark or erotic books. I mean those who get the depth of it. When it snaps into place for them, selfishly, that’s the most amazing feeling for me. Sorry, I broke the one-sentence rule!

Q. For those who are unfamiliar with Cataline, how would you introduce her? What’s Calvin’s favorite thing about her?

Cataline is strong. Sometimes strength comes out in funny ways. That may not be the most obvious adjective for her, and she certainly has her weak moments, but like most women, she has an inner strength that sustains her.

What is Calvin’s favorite thing about her? I think I will let the readers decide that for themselves.

Q. What are five of your favorite things about Calvin? What’s one of Cataline’s favorite lines from him?

Simply put, Calvin is good and bad. I love the duality of him. The other four things would just be body parts!

I love when Calvin tells Cataline, in an intimate moment, “Keep talking, Sparrow.” You’d have to read the scene to understand, but it’s like he’s finally allowing himself to accept who she really is to him.

Q. What do you think is the hardest part of writing? What was the easiest part of writing Hero?

The hardest part of writing is letting other people read it. There have been moments where I wanted to say, “Okay, I wrote it, now it’s going on the shelf where it can remain pure.”

The easiest part—certain scenes flowed out of me. I would get in this weird headspace, listening to music, and next thing I knew, I had a scene that barely needed tweaking.

Q. Hero is a standalone. What can we expect next from you this year? Are there any current works in progress that you can shed a little light on?

There is a novella releasing the same day—Keep Me—it was a surprise for those who’ve been following Hero. I wasn’t ready to let go of these characters, but Hero ended just how I wanted. So I decided to keep writing and see how it played out. After that, I definitely have a plan but it’s in the very early stages. If, after reading both books, you have a guess of what that plan is, you’d probably be right.

Thank you the most for being here today, Leighton! It’s been such a blast and I’m definitely looking forward to reading Hero!

About the author:

Leighton Del Mia lives behind large sunglasses and under massive headphones. She can usually be found behind and under these things at any Starbucks on the West Coast, which is where she writes twisty books between sips of black coffee.

Connect with Leighton Del Mia: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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