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Jun 9, 2011

Mass death after completion of #FearTheReaper contest hosted by @CAMoulton!

That is what this post will headline because it seems like the giveaway has come to an end. 

[Angelfirecovercopper.jpg]If you aren't aware of it, on Tuesday, June 7th, the incredible Courtney Allison Moulton revealed the cover to the second installment in her Angelfire series, Wings of the Wicked. She did not only reveal the cover, but she also hosted one of the most awesome, amazing, incredible, epic, gruesome, tiresome, exhausting, and torturous give away in all of blogger history!

The basic details of it was that all you had to do was a leave a comment...or a few. There was no limit to how many you could leave; the more you leave, the higher your possibility of winning.

Me, being the crazy that I am, left a huge amount of comments for CAM and that is an understatement. As of right now, in this very moment, I am not quite sure if the give away is completely over but CAM has been MIA for the...well, since midnight so I'm feeling like it is over, hence my post.

But talking about the details of the give away is not the point of this post. I want to share with all of you, my experience, and overall how much fun it has been. So, being a twitter addict, I have it set up so that I get certain people's tweets on my phone, and of course CAM is one of them. Monday night there were a few tweets floating around that she was going to reveal the cover and an epic give away the following morning. I was prepared.

Come Tuesday morning, I got up at 8AM my time (11AM EST) and prepared for the post to go up; when it finally did, my eyes ran over the give away details uber fast and I got straight to commenting. I commented all day that Tuesday until 11:30PM (2AM EST) when the comments finally reached 5,000. Because we reached the max for comments at such a late time, CAM was already deep in slumber so the second post did not go up until the following morning (Wednesday). That Tuesday night, after I was sure there wouldn't be another post, I finally got to doing some of the things that I had put off, like showering and eating. LOL

By the time I got to bed, it was around midnight. I knew that the second post was going to go up asap, so I went to sleep right away AND I even set my alarm to get up early. My alarm went off at 5:15AM (8:15AM EST) and I stayed up and waited for the second post, which came up around 9-10AM EST. Again, right when it went up, I became a mad commenting machine and went at it.

Wednesday seemed to go by extremely slow in comparison to Tuesday and I guess it was because most of the hype flew out the window after Tuesday had come to an end. But of course we didn't falter, we reached 5,000 comments last night around 9PM (12AM EST). CAM was stunned by our hard work and dedication so she informed us that the give away would end quite sooner than planned. We were SO relieved; I swear when she told us, it was like hearing angels sing from the heavens above, no joke!

So after we reached 10K, CAM opened up a third post and went to bed. The third post most definitely meant pulling an all-nighter. And duh, I had to stay up and comment, I NEED Wings of the Wicked! Eventually, as the night went on, people slowly drifted out and soon enough it was just Kira, Emmy and I left commenting during the wee hours of the night. Kira dipped out for an hour or so to catch some zzZZ but Emmy and I stayed and posted the weirdest, stupidest, and dumbest comments that could ever be found. Trust me, for your own good, I don't think you would want to read them; you might end up feeling more dumb than when you started. Not that I'm saying you're dumb. ;)

When the morning finally came, people came back and by then, commenting just became robotic. Type and publish. Type and publish. Type and publish. There wasn't much thinking to it. Whatever came to the top of my mind went into the comments. AH! Around 7AM or 8AM, I dozed off for about 30 minutes or so *facepalm*, such a fail right there! I was so mad at myself, seriously. I kicked back into full gear and we all raced towards the 5,000 mark - making the end result of the comments 15,000! I swear, that has GOT to be a world record! It should be in that world record book...whatever it's called.

That's how I looked after!
SO *breathes out* didn't that sound like something FUN?! ;) It was a lot of fun to see CAM randomly pop in on the comments; whenever she did, the energy picked up. Also, because we were all so awesome, whenever we reached a milestone of 1,000 comments, CAM would post a little teaser from Wings of the Wicked for  us and those were a REAL treat. I licked and chewed up every single one of them - my anticipation for Wings of the Wicked went from 10 to 1xinfinity! She also named us her little reapers! (NOTE: the badge at the top of my blog to the right! Team Will, reppin'! LOL)

Also, it was surely something to read all of our absurd comments. Honestly, if someone would LOVE to go through and count ALL of my comments for me, I'll definitely give you a treat! We could work something out! ^___^ 

BUT yeah back to the comments. SO many of them cracked me up so bad; I would love to meet all of you guys, all of you crazy little reapers! One day...like on the release day for Hymm to the Fallen *HINT HINT* We should all fly out to CAM's launch party and just hang out. You guys up for it? I think it would be a SPLENDID idea! Genius, really. We should organize. NOW.

Now, readers you guys are probably wondering why I keep saying "WE" and you guys are probably curious of who WE is so below, I will link back to the AWESOME little reapers (who have a twitter) that endured all of this with me.

- Kailia
- Emmy
- Alexis
- Rachelle (aka Wulf)
- Kira
- Chen
- Anaiz
- Mandi

and of course, the woman behind ALL of this, the one and only

- Courtney Allison Moulton

There are a few more but I'm not sure what their twitters are. If you were there and would like to be added to the list, drop a comment below.

Overall, I am beyond tired for anything anymore. I just want to give everything up BUT I won't! I want to win Wings of the Wicked; I always will! :) I had SO much fun and I am in a lot of pain for it, but I would do it all over again...ONLY because I know I survived it! Bwahaha! And for those of you, who STILL haven't seen the cover, here it is in all of it's awesome glory:

AMAZING isn't it?! Now check out the book trailer:

WICKED awesome!

Here are the links back to post 1, 2, and 3...if you wanted.

- Post One - 5K
- Part Two - 5K
- Part Three - 5K


I am still blown away! I will catch all of you on twitter!

XOXO, Momo


SO. After I had published this post yesterday evening, I felt like it was time for me to take another nap, so I did. I probably slept for two hours or so because I remember going to sleep around 5PM (8PM EST) and waking up around 7:30PM (10:30PM EST). Like I said, I get certain people's tweets on my phone or whoever mentions me, I get their tweet. I was sleeping, all comfortable and everything. When I rolled and turned around, I came to and immediately I reached for my phone. I had oh I don't know, like A MILLION text messages. I was instantly wide awake. Some of the little reapers had mentioned me and told me that there was a fourth post that had went up and to hurry up and go comment! OF COURSE, I ran out of bed without a second thought to it and rushed to get on the computer and start commenting away! I commented with everyone else for about two more hours and finally, FINALLY I tell you, the give away e n d e d.
Courtney Allison Moulton
I have to say, I am super proud of us reapers; we reached THREE THOUSAND comments in the time frame of the fourth post going up to the give away ending. I think that beats our record of the 15,000 mark from earlier. In TWO hours, we reached 3K comments. That...that is amazing! But yeah, the little reapers already know that. DUH, we are epically awesome! ;)  

So when it finally reached midnight on the east coast, CAM stuck around and gave us the three teasers she owed us, lol and yes the winners were chosen! You will probably never understand the pain that I was suffering through when she was picking the winners. Actually, all of the little reapers who were there in that moment probably felt the same way. My muscles were more tense than any moment in my life, my body was shaking so bad. I couldn't relax, heck I don't even know if I am relaxed right now. LOL

Eventually, after 10 lifetimes of sitting there, waiting for the winners to be posted, CAM finally told us who they were. I was SO scared to look at the winners. My heart would have dropped BUT...oh, just look at it for yourself.

It's a little hard to read, but it says first place is Chen, second place is Momo, and third place is Kira!

AAAHHHHH! TOTALLY awesome! I'm still not over it! I don't think I will ever be! So, Chen, Kira and I won! :) Woot woot! I really feel like celebrating; I think I will. For myself. Wicked.

Also, wicked...it will totally mean something else to me now. Maybe that's the new word that should mean the same thing as dedication. ;)

I CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT wait to hold this 500+ pages of WICKED awesomeness in my hands! AAAHHHHH!

Please excuse me as I resume running around the house screaming like a little kid.
*runs back, out of breath*

OH, here's...*pants* the link for the fourth post...if anyone of you want *pants* to check out our awesomeness:

- Post Four - 3,417 comments

*resumes running around the house, screaming like a madman!*


My friend, Brielle counted up all my comments for me and I had a whooping total of: 2,814 comments! WOOT WOOT! Wow, I gotta say, I kick ass! ;) LOL, okay, I'm done gloating now.


  1. Crazy, crazy children. Do you mind posting the teasers? ;)

  2. Dude, I just have to say. It's so weird seeing our names next to each other in another blogging...place besides CAM's! LOL, or is it just me?

  3. If only I could've stayed up! I fell asleep so easily last night!

  4. @Lucia I could post the teasers...well the last three that I have.

    Would it violate...anything?

  5. I had so much fun with you guys! I really wish I could have pulled that all nighter! It was great to meet all you crazy reapers. :D

    Mandi/Myranda @ My{reads}da

  6. I completely adore you. You have no idea.

  7. That was super fun!

  8. Haha! I love that you used my title! This has been extremely fun, although it has also been utterly nerve-wracking and detrimental to our health!

  9. That was fun, Momo! (Even though I was offline for most of it, I spent every moment I was online commenting!) Congrats!


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