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Nov 14, 2012

Book Trailer: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I am a ginormous fan of Stephenie Meyer. I love the Twilight Saga to death and I am so utterly crushed that it's all coming to an end this weekend but look at what we get to look forward to after the saga ends: The Host.

Halfway through the Twilight Saga, I realized that Stephenie Meyer became one of those authors that was a must-read: any and all books that she released, I had to read no matter what. I'm not sure when The Host came out but I just remember thinking that since I loved her Twilight Saga like crazy, that I should give The Host a try and boy, was I glad I did or what?!

It's definitely very different from vampires and werewolves and baby vamps and all that awesome but it was amazing and good different in such a refreshing way. I know that it's quite a thick book but when you get pulled in, the pages fly by with four thousand propellers at its back. It's so engrossing and the world building left me MIND. BLOWN. Stephenie Meyer is a mad genius and if you haven't already, you should absolutely give The Host a read.

I seriously cannot wait to see this movie on the big screen because it's just one of those that would be really amazing all up INYOFACE. ;)

Yesterday, I ran across the official book trailer over at Sophistikatied Reviews and I was, like I mentioned above, MIND. BLOWN. There was a teaser trailer that I saw a few times but I didn't see this one yet so I was thrilled and thoroughly excited. It is so awesome and epic and amazing and so, so, so cool! It definitely took my excitement and raised it to the nth power... or however all that math jazz goes. Needless to say, it totally made me that much more excited and it just reminded me how much of a wait we still have to endure!

Teaser Trailer
This is the trailer that I've seen a few times. The one I haven't seen is... ↓

Official Trailer

Goodness, I can just watch this trailer over and over and over and over and 4877864354X over again! It's... no words. I *squee* cannot wait!

What did you guys think? Are you guys effing stoked like I am? Aah, let me know! Oooh wait, before you go: Team Jared or Team Ian?!


  1. Awesome trailer! I like it much better than the teaser. Hopefully it'll end up as good as the book.
    Ninja Girl

  2. I loved this book and I am really looking forward to the movie!! It's been so long since I read it that I might have to re-read before the movie.

  3. I'm Really looking forward to this movie, love the book;)

  4. I

    I cannot wait!! This is TOO much!! I love Stephenie's work sooooooooo much!!!!

  5. I never read this book and I am not sure if I'd be into but the preview of the movie looked awesome!

    I just started following you and hope you can come by my blog and maybe follow back as well? I am doing my first book cover reveal next week and hope you can maybe stop by and check it out!



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