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Apr 13, 2011

RE: Why Do You Like to Read?

I love to read because it’s my escape from reality. When I get lost in a book, for that short amount of time, I’m someone else, somewhere else, where the boundaries of my imagination never end. Life gets harsh at times and when it does, I reach for a book. Books to me are portals to another world where anything and everything is possible.
My passion for reading comes from the enjoyment and happiness I experience when reading. The emotions that whirl within myself, the pain, the excitement, the anger – all of that being put into words, described in vivid details makes me enjoy the written word that much more.
The love relationships – the push, the pull, the chase, and everything else intensifies when it’s put into words. The struggles that the main character endures all make it seem really real, except that in books, you get the feel that everything will turn out all right, whereas in reality no one knows what the outcome will be.
What captivates me the most about reading is the capability of being whisked away and for those few short hours where I'm flipping through the pages, I'm gone to the world. :)
Like someone had said, "what captivates me the most about reading is that it’s everything I am and everything I’ll never be."
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Lately, my laptop has been VERY slow. And I mean, incredibly slow. Slower than slow. I have been meaning to post some reviews, actually quite a few. But when I come to type them up my laptop wigs out on me and then I can't. It took me about two hours to get this post done, true story! Anyway, please bear with me. I'll just have to be super patient and eventually get them typed up. I'll schedule some posts while I'm at it also. I have a few announcements and such, but to elaborate on them I'll need my laptop to be up and working real good! So! I guess that means I have to get my laptop looked at! :) Need to take it to the doctor, lol!
I hope all of you are doing well! Getting lots of reading in and such! Catch me on twitter...if you can! ;)


  1. Thanks for this post. As an avid reader and writer, I love to hear about others' passion for it. I also love your C.S. Lewis quote. Tugs at my heart. So true.


  2. So true :) That´s why I love reading to :P

    And good luck with your computer.. Hope it get well soon. :)


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