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Nov 17, 2011

Lost in Thought (1)

Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!

LOL, how 'bout that gif right there? Gawh, I love those moving pictures; they're so entertaining! Anyway, on Tuesday when I was scheduling my W.O.W post, I decided to make a post about this question that was circulating through twittah this past weekend. Out of curiosity, I had asked twittah this question and you know, because twittah is instantaneous, I got multiple responses back and...it was amusing. I wasn't trying to get anything out of it, like after getting the responses I totally forgot why I had asked in the first place but you know...the things curiosity does to you. And I don't know, sometimes the weirdest questions come to mind and I don't even think of the possible answers - I just start asking and then sometimes afterwards, I feel stoopid but by then, it's like oh well. Like I said, sometimes these questions come to me out of nowhere so...when I came to type up this post, I didn't know what to title it. I just had one word in mind: thoughts. So...being the nerd or dork that I am, I went to http://dictionary.reference.com/ and I typed in thoughts and then I went to the thesaurus and looked for synonyms and lost in thought popped up, so the next time I have a burning question just dying to be asked, it will go in a Lost in Thought post. Haha, I...don't know why I shared that little...whatever with you guys, but now you know.

As most of you probably know, I finished The Hunger Games about a week ago and this is partially where the question sprouted from. Have any of you heard of Matched by Ally Condie? Well, I...hate saying or pointing out when books were DNFs for me because I eventually get back to them. But that was all before I started blogging, now I have tons and tons of books that fall into the DNF category and it sucks because I want to get back to them, I really do, but time doesn't allow it and the days move on and it's like, I'm on an assembly line, moving forward and looking back at all the books I did not finish. Oh gawh, that feeling sucks. Oh shoot, I'm starting to digress. Anyway, both of those books are dystopian novels and you know how those are. Everyone is being controlled, regulated, watched, under a lot of scrutiny, etc. In Matched, I don't quite remember, but there's something about the 100 songs, poems, and books...or something and it got me thinking *Hint: here comes the question*:

If you were living in a world like that of The Hunger Games or Matched, which five books would you choose to keep with you forever? :)

Like, if you were being controlled by the government, but they let you keep five books/series to read over and over again, which would it be?

Also, keep in mind that the government burned every other book in the world but your five choices.

Oh heck no! I can't believe I was even able to Google a picture like this. I'd cry forever if my books were ever in a situation like this. NAH-UH, no way Jose.

I would totally list my five choices now...but I don't want to influence any of you, you know. LOL and if you follow me on twittah, you would already know my choices but I'll post my choices later when I get home from school.

SooOooOoooOoOOOoo people, which five would it beeeeeee? :) Your responses are going to be lots of fun to read.


  1. Just FIVE?? Oh the horror. I would probably have to go with the first five Vampire Academy books because I was lucky enough to meet Richelle Mead and they are signed and I would be devastated to loose those books.

  2. Ahhh Momo, this is nearly impossible! But since I'd be miserable and without books, I'd probably want to read dark, grim series and they'd have to be completed series because, I wouldn't want to have to read a cliffhanger over and over! So sorry books I love that have pending sequels!

    The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, The Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare (just the first three books so that it feels sort of like an ending), The Long Walk by Stephen King, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (because I haven't read it yet and I'm told I must!), The Southern Vampires series by Charlaine Harris (yes it hasn't ended, but there are so many books in that series I wouldn't get bored!)

  3. I could totall pick 5 series' but probs not 5 books...

    Harry Potter series (ofc)
    Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow
    Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
    Infernal Devices by Cassie Clare
    Dark Visions series by LJ Smith

    Yeah...I think I'd be happy to have them 5! Totally could never narrow it down to just 5 books tho =/

    Great post!

    The Cait Files

  4. ooooo SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!!!

    Harry Potter Series, if I HAD to choose one from the series it would probably be prizoner of azkaban, or goblet of fire because it's longer...hmm....idk for sure anymore lol
    twilight because when I read it I feel like I'm home. I know that sounds weird but it makes me happy even though it's not the most FANTASTIC literary achievement in the world.
    The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay if I had to choose one, because it would remind me to be strong and to be the spark the world needs when it needs it (corny but true if the world were that governed by the government as your theoretical situation implies).
    I honestly can't think of any other ones because I feel too bad for leaving out most of them!!
    Great post though!!


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