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Nov 15, 2011

The Hunger Games Movie Trailer

Aaah, I have no words. I freakin' love this trailer. It's the bomb diggity; I just saw it like two minutes ago and asdfjl;kjsdfjlk;kjdfkljakljdkjakjdklj! JUST. WATCH.

O__O Right? Right?! RIGHT! I know. I could watch it for days. I love this trailer. Hard. As you know, I just finished The Hunger Games like...last week, and omfg, I'm sooOooOoOooOooOOoo excited! AAAHHHH!


  1. LMAO! I see just about every blog in my dashboard posting the trailer. Obviously I have skipped past them because I've seen the trailer already... but I had to stop at yours.. purely because you said the Bomb Diggity.

  2. I haven't seen this trailer yet THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT!!!! Everything you said about it, I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! OMGGGG!!!!! IT looks GREAT! And it would appear that they're doing a GREAT job of following the book. Some of those conversations are coming right from the book, or what I remember as being in the book anyway. I hope it's as great as I want it to be!!


  3. hehe I love your reaction.
    This film is going to be EPIC!!!

  4. SQUEEE!!!!! Isn't it amazing? Oh my gosh I am DYING for it to be March. Anyone have a time machine I could borrow? :)

  5. I am super excited! Characters are perfect! Makes me want to reread it because I finished the trilogy a few months ago


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