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Jan 23, 2013

All the Broken Pieces Blog Tour: Review + Interview


Welcome to my stop on the All the Broken Pieces blog tour hosted by Entangled Teen. For today's stop, I've got an awesome interview with author, Cindi Madsen, as well as my review plus a giveaway so don't you dare miss any of it! ;)

All the Broken PiecesTitle: All the Broken Pieces
Author: Cindi Madsen
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release date: December 11, 2012

What if your life wasn’t your own?

Liv comes out of a coma with no memory of her past and two distinct, warring voices inside her head. Nothing, not even her reflection, seems familiar. As she stumbles through her junior year, the voices get louder, insisting she please the popular group while simultaneously despising them. But when Liv starts hanging around with Spencer, whose own mysterious past also has him on the fringe, life feels complete for the first time in, well, as long as she can remember.

Liv knows the details of the car accident that put her in the coma, but as the voices invade her dreams, and her dreams start feeling like memories, she and Spencer seek out answers. Yet the deeper they dig, the less things make sense. Can Liv rebuild the pieces of her broken past, when it means questioning not just who she is, but what she is?
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Author Interview w/Cindi Madsen:

What about writing captivates you the most?
I love creating two characters, throwing a bunch of problems at them, and watch how they solve those problems and still manage to fall in love.

What is a typical writing day like for you?
After I’ve gotten my oldest two kids to school, do all those annoying chores I have to do, and my brain starts semi-functioning (about ten-ish) I sit down and write until lunch. Then I take a break for food, play with my 4 year old for a bit, and then do another hour or two. I usually hit my word count goal around then. If I’m really motivated or have a scene I just have to get down, I’ll do another hour or two at night, after my kids are in bed.

What’s one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about you?
I’m a farm girl who still loves the farm, but also loves to dress up and put on my stiletto’s.

For those who are unfamiliar with Liv, how would you introduce her?
Liv’s a girl who’s been in a bad car wreck and wakes up from a coma with no memory of her past. As soon as she wakes up, she’s got two opposing voices in her head and an overwhelming sense of wrongness, so she’s dealing with a lot as she tries to have a real life that includes going to high school.

What was the hardest part of writing All the Broken Pieces?
With a mystery, pretty much any detail you change changes everything. So it was balancing the mystery, the romance, and making sure all the details came together at the end.

How much research went into All the Broken Pieces?
I did a lot of research on comas, memory loss, how the brain works, and different diseases, including schizophrenia some groundbreaking treatments for Huntington’s disease.

What are your top 3 tips for aspiring authors?
  1. Write, write, write.
  2. Read, read, read
  3. Get a critique group

My Review:

All the Broken Pieces was definitely one heck of a ride that had me going and going and going until I was gone. It was definitely unique and it really had my wheels turning. There was so much mystery and intrigue that I really had no idea what to think or conclude; I had all these crazy theories to explain the voices inside Liv’s head to why her parents were so elusive every time she asked them something about her past… or even anything that was a little bit personal. I really enjoyed how Cindi Madsen executed the plot of the story and the way it all came about—I mean, I would have never (in a million years) ever guessed the how and why factors; I was literally dumbfounded, shocked, and to be honest, a little (or… a lot) creeped out when everything came to light.

Read my full review here.

About the Author:

Cindi Madsen sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.

Find Cindi Madsen online: Blog | Facebook | Website | Twitter

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  1. Awesome interview!! This book rocked. I am so amazed all the writing she can get done with 3 kids. I can't wait to read more of her books.


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