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Jan 4, 2013

Angelfire Read-Along: Week 5 Recap + Trivia Quiz | #ReaditandReap

Guys, we are finally on book two of the Angelfire trilogy for the Angelfire Read-Along. This book did things to me and you can't see me but I'm freaking out with excitement. I really, really, really hope you guys join us as we dive into this one. Sign-ups are officially closed but you know, pick up the book and read-along with us anyway. Or don't read-along with us but just make sure you read the book. Seriously. For me?

I haven't read Shadows in the Silence just yet (although, i really should) so this might change after I do or not but as of right now, Wings of the Wicked is my most favorite in the series. This is most likely because in Wings of the Wicked, Ellie and Will's relationship truly gets tested. There is so much turmoil that comes at you that my heart hated yet loved every single part of it; the push and pull, the ups and downs, the hot and cold. CAM was able to capture all of that so perfectly that I was blown away. But even if there wasn't all of that, there was just something in the way how CAM wrote Ellie and Will. You were so able to feel all of their emotions and what they were going through. I don't know but you really just have to read it to know what I mean. In Wings of the Wicked, everything gets kicked up a notch or two or a freaking billion that I'm nothing but serious when I say, strap your derrière in for the ride! Now onto the good deets and all that.

As a reminder, the chapters that needed to be read for this week were: chapters #1-8 from Wings of the Wicked.

Just a mini note to all of you who really, really, really do not like spoilers: this is book two in the series so it comes with the territory that there will be major plot discussions which will lead to spoilers so you know, to avoid all of that the only way to not be spoiled is to... *gasp* you guessed it, read along with us. If you haven't read book one yet, well hurry up and get to it!

This week's discussion question was: How would you feel if every demonic reaper under Bastian's command was trying to capture you?

Nicole's response:
I think that if I had Ellie's experience with the reapers, it would be sort of surreal. I feel like she's used it and not even the Enshi effects her anymore. But if I was just a normal human, I would be freaking out, hiding in a corner in my room and never ever sleeping!

My response:
I would feel like I couldn't catch a breath. If at every turn, there was someone out for my life, I wouldn't want to go anywhere or do anything but I think that would get tiring at one point and eventually, I'll just want to face all of them, probably. Like, I wouldn't want them to be able to have that hold over me. At first, it would freak the eff out of me that every horrible and evil thing out there was coming at me but eventually, I would grow some balls and take them on.

If you're just catching up with us now, make sure to head on over to Nicole's post and answer the question in the comments to be entered into the monthly giveaway of a pre-order of Shadows in the Silence.

Now onto the trivia quiz. But first, I would like to take a second to apologize to my co-host, Nicole, for being MIA for the last half of Angelfire and even for this first part of Wings of the Wicked. Things have been crazy but I'll try to pick up my end of co-hosting. Thank you for being so awesome, Nicole!

As a reminder, answering or taking part in the weekly quizzes will higher your chances at winning a signed set of the Angelfire trilogy plus really wicked swag.

Also, don't forget, the person with the most or with all questions answered correctly will receive Angelfire swag from Nicole and I.

Without further ado, here's the fifth Angelfire Read-Along Trivia Quiz for chapters #1-8 from Wings of the Wicked! Good luck!

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