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May 9, 2011

Book Blog Tour: Character Interview - Alex from Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Today, in honor of Daimon's release (the prequel to Half-Blood), I have here with us Alexandria Andros! Stick around until the end because you'll get the chance to win an awesome swag pack!

Hi Alex! Welcome to BOB! Thanks so much for taking time out of your oh-so busy schedule to chit-chat with me for a few minutes!

So first off, how are you today? :)
Alex looks around, yawning. "Tired, but alive. So I guess, I'm doing okay? You?
-I'm doing great this morning!

How has life differed for you since being at The Covenant? How different was it being away from The Covenant?
"Growing up. the Covenant was all I knew. I never thought I'd leave it, but yeah, I also never thought my mother would flip out and pull my happy butt off the Covenant either." She stands, stretches and sits back down. "Being back is different. The place looks the same to me. And there still is one damn set of staircases anywhere here. But it's different. I was pretty awesome before? Now. I don't think so."

Could you explain how it was with your first encounter with a daimon? Man, are those things creepy scary or what?!
Alex folds her arms. "You know, I never saw one until that day in Miami. And yeah, daimons are creepy. They're like creepy mc-creepsters. And I didn't even know they talked until then. Gods, you really don't want them to talk. They never shut up. But yeah, seeing one made me feel all hot and cold at once. And sick to my stomach. I guess I couldn't believe I was seeing what I was." She brushes her hair back as she stares down at her other hand. "I guess I didn't want to believe what I was seeing. Anyway, next question?"

To you, what's normal anymore? Being a half-blood, I would think that being at The Covenant is the norm, but is being around humans a whole different experience? A little different?
She tucks her hair back and lets out a little sigh. "Normal for me is being back here, around my kind. No offense, you being mortal and all, but I never fit in with you guys. I really did try, but I always ended up breaking someone's face by the end of the day." She shrugs. "Whatever."

Could you describe a day in the life of Alexandria Andros?
"Up at the butt crack of dawn, coming up with a dozen ways to maim Aiden, but not his face--he can keep his face. After training, I hang out with Caleb. Gods, I've missed Caleb. He just gets me and doesn't put up with my crap. Other than that, I'm not allowed to do anything else. My uncle and Aiden act like I'm going to burn down the Covenant when they're not looking. I'm pretty much on lock down."

How's the training at The Covenant?
"Aiden is trying to kill me." She pauses, sees my adoring expression and rolls her eyes. "Yeah, I know you've seen Aiden earlier. He's hot and he has this way of talking to you, but he's knocked me on my back a billion times and not in that fun way you're thinking. He's going to break my back, actually. And he told me I have spaghetti arms and that I needed to spend more time in a gym. What guy tells a girl that?"
-NOO?! Just slap him! I mean, how ruuuuude!

Aether, so how much of that is in your blood anyway? I mean, is there a way to calculate the amount that you have...since you're a half-blood and all?
Alex laughs. "I guess there would be a way to calculate it, but who would? The pure-bloods are full of aether, which allows them to control the elements to do all kinds of neat things. Like compulsions." She suddenly scowls. "Which they are not supposed to do, but whatever. We halfs don't have a lot of aether in us. It's watered down by the human blood. Oddly enough, the difference in aether amounts is what allows us to see through the dark elemental magic the daimons use to hide what they truly look like. An old Instructors once said that we halfs are the donkeys of the pure-blood world, or something like that. We exist on different wave lengths. Nice, huh? I'm compared to a jackass, literally."
-I was thinking something like...50%. You know, half and all that! ;)

And lastly, just out of curiousity, do you always carry something that's titanium with you? If so, what?
"Well, I wish I did beforehand. Lesson learned on that one. But half-bloods can't carry titanium until they're trained. We normally wouldn't be exposed to the risk until then anyways. And most pure-bloods are well protected by halfs so they don't carry, but yeah, once we're trained we get this nifty blades that stab and stuff. Much better than a garden spade."

Thank you so much Alex for being here and chatting with me for a bit! I know, you totally need to get back to training and all that good stuff! But don't be a stranger! Hope to see you stop by BOB again soon!
Alex pops out of her seat. "Well, you're pretty cool for a mortal! Oh, I'll make sure I'll tell Aiden you were drooling all over him, too. He gets all bent out of shape over those things. It'll be fun! Bye!"

Isn't Alex so kick-ass?! She's awesome, really! Alrighty so now for the giveaway! All you have to do is answer this question:
When can half-bloods carry titanium?
(Answer can be found in the interview)
Giveaway Guidelines:
  • Must be 13 years of age or older to enter 
  • Leave your response in the comments section below
  • Leave your email or some way to contact you if you're the winner
  • Giveaway ends at 11:59PM PST on May 20th
  • EXTRA ENTRY for tweeting (Include @BooksOverBoys so I can track them)
Daimon blog tour schedule:
Tuesday May 10th - Books Comeplete Me
Wednesday May 11th - Flippin Fabulous - A Reader's Record
Thursday May 12th - Writing Jewels
Friday May 13th - Preternaturalprimer


OK. Now as if this was not enough information already, I just want to inform all of you to join us on Thursday, May 12th at 6:30PM EST at Read. Chat. Love in a chat with Jennifer L. Armentrout; there will be a Q&A, sneak peaks, and prizes to be won!

See all of you there! And once again, thank you for reading and devouring this whole post! ;)


  1. After they're trained.


  2. Half-bloods can't carry titanium until they're trained.

    Really looking forward to this series. Great interview!



  3. Half bloods can't carry titanimun untill they're trained C:


  4. Awesome interview momo!!!

    Half-bloods can't carry titanium until they're trained.

    Alex, you rock!! And Aiden=swoon


  5. Half-bloods can carry titanium when they are trained!

    I read Daimon and thought it was fantastic and I loved this interview with Alex. So clever! Thanks for doing the interview and hosting the giveaway. Hope I win, and absolutely can't wait to read Half-Blood to find out what happens!!

    I also tweeted about the interview and giveaway: http://mobile.twitter.com/jamesterck/status/67615347607482368

    Jamie Kline

  6. Half-bloods can carry titanium after they have been trained.

    Loved the interview, Alex is such a great character! Her comments on Aiden are interesting, so I can't wait to see what will happen in Half-Blood!

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  7. ANSWER:Half-bloods can't carry titanium until they're trained :)

    Hiba Ahsan
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  8. Half-bloods can carry after they are trained.

    Love Alex- pretty spirited. I read Daimon this weekend and I keep wondering what she really is. I don't believe she is really just a half-blood. There has to be something more.

    Great interview! Thanks.


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    okay my answer: They can carry Titanium once they've been trained.

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    This sounds like a book that needs to reach the top of my TBR pile. can't wait to see what else happens on the tour.


  11. Half- bloods can't carry titanium until they're trained.

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  14. LOL Alex is awesome. I'm jealous you got to hang with her for an afternoon ;)

    And to answer the question, after they're trained.

    And also, Aiden.

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    You can carry titanium when you're trained! Haha, I remember the garden spade. :) Reminds me of Tasey from Pandemonium.

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    I forgot! In answer to the question, they can only carry titanium after they're trained.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I <3 swag.


  17. Hah, Alex is so awesome and funny. How are there no comments? I totally replied to this...I thought.
    LOVED THE INTERVIEW, you rock Momo. Aidan=<3<3
    Aidan minions!!! :D

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    Thank you for the international giveaway!
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    Half-bloods can carry titanium after being trained. If they don't want that garden spade….I'll take it. ^^

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    Answer: Half-bloods can carry titanium when they have trained.
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    Great interview. I'm looking forward to reading Half-Blood and learning more about Aiden..yumm


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    Thanks so much for the giveaway! Alex has to be one of my favourite female characters of all time (her sarcasm never fails to make me laugh!), and I LOVED Half-Blood and Daimon! :)


  32. Interesting characters.. I really choose become a Half-Blood.. hahahaha

    well, the Half-Blood can carry titanium when they're trained.

    thanks for Giveaway and making it internationally

    GFC: frinda florentine
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    Cool interview!!

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  35. Half-bloods can't carry titanium until they're trained.

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/MT0089/status/68331246903767041

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  36. Half-bloods can carry titanium when they have been already trained.

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    I love Giveaways!



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    The answer is that they can carry titanium only after they've been trained.

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