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May 10, 2011

Facebook and The Maine - Contest!

OK. So, I'm probably late on this because I just found out about it not too long ago but here I am asking a HUGE favor of my readers and followers!

Not one of my best pictures EVER, but I rushed to get it taken, lol!
The Maine is hosting this picture contest on facebook where the image that gets the most likes will win an acoustic set just for them! :)

I am super duper excited about it! The only thing about it is that it might be a little hard to find my picture, lol!

The contest ends tomorrow! EEK, I know! I'm trying not to panic, lol! So, I'm calling in all my uber forces and I'm going to try and get as many likes as possible! PLEASE like it; it would mean EVERYTHING to me! With the looks of it right now, I'm trying to aim for 50, at least. Right now I'm at 12...wah, waah, waaah. LOL ;) HELP ME!

Now, without further ado, here's the link - http://bit.ly/lhgC45! You must have a facebook to like the image! And since it might be a little difficult to find, here's the picture I submitted: → → → → → → → →

1 comment:

  1. Voted for you. Hope it helps.
    You are now at 26.
    Good Luck!


Thanks so much for stopping by Books Over Boys! You're a fun little lollipop triple dipped in awesomesauce. ;p