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May 18, 2011

Simply Orange Elephants

Haha, for some reason my thoughts all come to me when I'm showering. Maybe it's because I think about my day overall and weird, crazy thoughts jump into my mind whenever they get the chance. Who knows?! LOL :)
How 'bout them elephants? *____*

So, the one thought that had me pondering for a while is: authors, when you publish your first novel whether it be about vampires, werewolves, ninjas, faeries, angels, zombies, robots, Chuck Norris, draki, turtles, mutants, wizards, witches - you get my point, haha, what made you go in that direction? Is it because you are more attracted to that paranormal subject more so than others? ;) Keep in mind, this is about your first novel.

Now, I know that after your first novel is sold and published and out there in the world, you could go into other paranormal stories, but I am curious about the first choice in your novel.

So authors - what gives? :)


  1. Well, I'm not a published author (well, not very published) but when I write I write about what I know, or what comes to me. I've had dreams that have been a complete story (beginning, middle and end) and so it must be in my subconscious or something. But I've never said something like 'I'm going to write about zombies just cause there aren't enough zombie books out there'. No it's just whatever comes to me. And some of my best ideas come to me in the shower too!

  2. My stories are based on whatever comes to me, and then narrowed down to what (I think) are the best of those ideas. It's not that I love zombies more than vamps, or witches more than werewolves--it's just based on the story concept. :)

    BTW, a Chuck Norris novel would roast all other novels on the market, and only the courageous could follow in its footsteps. :D

  3. This is a tough question for me because my first novel, "Dark Matter Heart", is adapted from a screenplay I wrote 6 years ago.

    So I guess the first part of the question is "Why did I write a vampire story in 2005?" And the answer is because A) I love good, well plotted, "teen" movies and shows (like "Drive Me Crazy" and "Veronica Mars") so I wanted to write something in that tumultous world of high school. and B) Why vampire? because at the time that I wrote the screenplay vampires were very underserved in film and I wanted to explore the reality-based coming of age of a vampire in high school.

    Part 2 of the question is "Why six years later did I decide to adapt that screenplay for my first novel?" Primarily, because despite the current vampire saturation in the market these were characters that I really liked, with struggles that I liked and a very tight, fast moving thriller/mystery plot. It's a complete story but it also opens itself up to a number of sequels where I can further explore the characters and their struggles. The second book (that'll be out early next year) is going to be epic. Like Empire Strikes Back compared to Star Wars epic.

    -Nathan Wrann
    Dalton Gang Press


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