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Aug 12, 2011

Sign-ups for Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton Blog Tour


So...remember this POST where I discussed my near death experience? Okay, probably not; go back and read it.

Are you back? I betcha didn't even read it! LOL, or you did. Anyway, the post just basically explains how I won my copy of Wings of the Wicked! After I won the book, I didn't receive my copy of it until...oh, probably a month later. The day it came in the mail was one of the most exciting mail days in history over at my house!

That night I started reading it asap and if sleep didn't get in the way, I would have devoured it all in one sitting but then again, I'm glad I took my time - three days - yeah, that's me, taking my time! ;) And if you follow me on twitter, I was blowing up the #WingsoftheWicked hashtag!

I thoroughly enjoyed every centimeter of Wings - from the dedications page to the acknowledgements and because I love Wings so much, I am willing to pass along my copy on a book blog tour...of some sort!

I'm not planning for this to be anything strict with lots and lots of rules but I am trusting that if you get put on the tour, you'll agree to my 5-6 rules! There are only two things that I require from you after you read the book  - if you get chosen, you'll receive all the details in the email! Wings of the Wicked releases on February 14th, 2012 so I am planning to send out Wings to the first person of the tour during the first week of October, preferably the first, but we'll see how things turn out! I hope that two full months will be enough for the book to make its round to everyone but I won't be expecting the book back until the end of December at the earliest and January at the latest. Oh gosh, I hope that my copy of the ARC won't get too battered in doing this! Ah!

At first, I wasn't planning on making a blog post; I was taking people from twitter so right now I have about eight people and I am considering taking in 5-6 more people. If I do, that means that at the most there will be about 15 people on the tour. I am also only taking people from the US. If you have read Angelfire and you are literally dying to read Wings of the Wicked, fill out the FORM HERE! Oh and I guess you guys should know this: I'm only taking sign-ups today. After today, I will not be accepting anymore entries!

P. S. I am not a tour host, never have been, so I'm kind of just going with it and if I seem scattered brained, I apologize beforehand; I'm just picking up bits and pieces here and there from what I've seen on other blog tours.

Good luck and happy reading!


  1. awesome, Thank you. I really enjoyed Angelfire and have been looking forward to Wings of the Wicked.

  2. I LOVE YOU MOMO! Dude I am just imagining what your parents would have thought when you got that book and freaked out and I think it would look something like mine do when I get books!

    Thank you so much momo.

  3. I just read your POST and I loved it! I enjoyed reading your "near death experience". It was amusing, and I must say that I like how your write on your blog. Awesome blog!

  4. @Cindy Awh, thank you SO very much! That really means a lot to me!

    If you couldn't tell, I use sarcasm...VERY heavily, lol! My sisters call me dramatic but hey, it makes stuff funner - is that even a word? Oh well, more fun. Whatever!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! <3

  5. So here I am stalking your page..I mean following your page :) Your near death experience was quite the adventure! Almost sounds like my 24+ hour Zach-fest.

    I absolutely adored Angelfire and cannot wait until February. <3 Ellie and Will -- Completely Team Will.

    Was certainly awesome to "meet" you during the #TeamKilt craziness!

  6. I loved Angelfire to death! This one will blow my stockings off. I just know it.

    Stop by for some China photos ;)

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    Steampunkery & Book Reviews


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