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Dec 10, 2013

Before We Fall Blog Tour: Author Interview + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Before We Fall Blog Tour hosted by InkSlinger PR. It's a huge honor to have a spot on this tour because I am an enormous fan of Courtney Cole's Beautifully Broken series and... it really means a whole bunch to me!

For today's stop, I've got an awesome interview with Courtney Cole, as well as the tour wide giveaway, to share with all of you, so stick around and don't miss a second of any of it! ;p

About the book:

Title: Before We Fall (Beautifully Broken, #3)
Author: Courtney Cole
Publisher: Forever
Release date: December 3, 2013

In the bestselling tradition of J.A. Redmerski and Jessica Sorensen come the next novel in Courtney Cole's New York Times bestselling Beautifully Broken Series...

Sometimes before we fall . . . we fly.

One dark moment was all it took to turn twenty-four-year-old Dominic Kinkaide's world black. On the night of his high school graduation, a single incident changed him forever, and he became a hardened man-famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured inside. Now all he cares about is losing himself in the roles that he plays.

At twenty-three years old, Jacey Vincent doesn't realize how much her father's indifference has affected her. She is proof that sometimes it isn't one specific moment that wrecks a person, but an absence of moments. She tries to find acceptance in the arms of men to fill the void-a plan that has worked just fine for her, until she meets Dominic.

When jaded Dominic and strong-willed Jacey are thrown together, the combination of his secrets and her issues turns their attraction into the perfect storm. It could change their lives for good-if it doesn't tear them both apart . . .
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Welcome to Books Over Boys, Courtney! It’s definitely a huge pleasure to have you here today! In just a few short days, Before We Fall will be published and ready for readers. What are you most nervous about for this book’s release? How would you describe it in one sentence?

I am a little apprehensive… Because I know that Dom is one of those characters that you either love or hate. And even though I know it, I’m nervous about hearing from the readers who hated him. Haha. I love him, so I’ll hate hearing that. ☺

How would I describe the book? Um. Before We Fall is a gritty, dark story about a broken actor who desperately wants to live in the light, but doesn’t know how.

Q. Before We Fall is the last book in the Beautifully Broken series. Was the writing process different from when you wrote If You Stay and If You Leave? Was it harder, easier, or about the same as the first two? Were there any sorts of pressure that you felt with BWF that you didn’t feel with IYS and IYL?

Well, first… it won’t be the last book. It was the last book that I had planned, but I’m going to write Brand’s book, and Sin will at least get his own book, if not his own series. But to answer your questions, the writing process was the same. I felt his story just as strongly as I felt Pax’s or Gabriel’s. Dom is a different character for sure, but he’s just as vibrant and real to me.

I felt a lot of pressure…. Still feeling it, actually. Pax was a bad boy that readers resonated with. Gabriel was a hero that appealed to readers. Dom… is the ultimate bad boy and he’s not very likeable at first… but I couldn’t change him just to make him more likable. I had to be true to his story. I hope that he turned out in a way that most readers will love and relate to.

Q. Dominic Kinkaide seems to be your most complex and complicated character yet. What was the easiest part of developing his character? What was the hardest? If you were to pick one song to envelop him, which song would it be?

The easiest thing was illustrating how sexy he is. The hardest thing was making him relatable to readers. He’s a famous actor, kinky and twisted. Most readers aren’t those things… and to connect with a character, you should be able to relate to him/her in some way. I think I managed it, but it was hard.

You gave me the song months ago--- Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko. It seems to personify Dominic. He really wants Jacey to love him, and he wants to be loved by her… but at the same time, he’s afraid he’ll pull her under and annihilate her.

[BOB: Aaahhh, I absolutely love this song to crazy pieces! If you guys haven't heard it, definitely check it out! It really is the most perfect song for Dom and Jace!]

Q. Jacey Vincent had more of a bad-ass/IDGAF vibe to her that Mila and Madison didn’t quite have. What is your most favorite thing about her? What’s Dom’s most favorite thing about her?

Jacey’s never been afraid of anything. That’s my favorite thing about her. She’s fearless and irreverent at the same time as she’s sensitive and caring. It’s a rare combination.

Dom has a million favorite thing about her, but one of them is her ability to see the good in everyone. It’s why she stuck with him when it seemed bleak. She knew that there was something good and redeeming about him. She could see it.

Q. In BWF, Brand makes a few more appearances that now, he’s become quite a favorite. Even though BWF wraps up the Beautifully Broken series, is there anything about Brand coming our way that you can dish out?

Brand will be getting his own story. Everyone seems to love Brand. And I have to agree. He deserves his own story.

Q. I also hear that Dom’s brother, Sin, will be receiving his own book as well. In BWF, he was definitely one of the other most intriguing characters that immediately drew me. Have you started his story? Or am I still way too early? LOL! If not, what’s one thing about him that compels you the most?

I love Sin’s character. It wasn’t far into BWF that I realized that Sin’s personality was too big to contain in someone else’s book, that he would need his own. Sin. Sigh. He’s so… Sin. I have started his story. And I have a feeling that you’re going to like it, Momo. ☺

[BOB: Yes! That's exactly what it is! His personality was definitely too big to contain in Dom and Jace's book. I felt like there was so much more to him and I'm so thrilled he'll be getting his own book! I can't wait to read all about him!]

And lastly,

Q. If Dom and Jace were about to go on a spontaneous cross-country road trip and they had five minutes to grab all their things, what five items would be at the top of their list?

Ha. This is an interesting one. Five things?

  1. Baby oil. (don’t ask)
  2. Chocolate—because Jacey gets grumpy without it.
  3. Unfortunately, they’ll need their phones. Dom has to be reachable by his manager Tally, or Tally will stroke out and we don’t want that. Lol. Plus, Jacey’s brother Gabe would worry if he can’t reach Jacey for a few days. Even though she’s with Dom now and Gabe doesn’t need to take care of her anymore, old habits die hard.
  4. Jacey would grab her favorite hoodie—which is actually one of Dom’s. She wears it everywhere.
  5. Jacey would also make sure that her playlists are synced so that she can annoy Dom with her kind of music. Haha.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Court! It’s been a blast!

Thank YOU, Momo. You know I love you—it’s always fun to be here.

About the author:

Courtney Cole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives near Lake Michigan with her family. She's always working on her next project... or staring dreamily out her office window. To learn more about her, please visit courtneycolewrites.com

Connect with Courtney Cole: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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