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Dec 5, 2013

the only one hustlin' and bustlin'

earlier this week, i was thinking that i should probably get my christmas tree up because we were already a few days into december. but, i was dragging it out because in my house, it's only my rents and i so if i was gonna do it, i'd be the only one hustlin' and bustlin'. but eventually, i got to it.

on monday or tuesday, i dug all the christmas decor outta storage so i could go about doing my christmas thang. but for some odd reason, i couldn't locate the most important decor—the tree. GASP! i know, right? what craziness is this?! i looked everywhere that it could possibly be and came up with nada, zilch, zip, zero, bubkes. so, my holiday cheer deflated for another day or two.

i sat around, thinking what should i do now? should we just go out and buy another tree? should i get creative and use christmas lights to make a wall tree or... should i make a bookish christmas tree? DING! DING! DING! the lightbulb went off and it couldn't have been more perfect because i absolutely love books and the written word and christmas is one of the best holidays ever so put two and two together and... DING!

all day yesterday, i spent my day making/building my very own and my very first bookish christmas tree. if you follow me on any of my social networks, then you've probably seen my tree by now but let's hear about how i made it, eh?

yesterday morning, i woke up early and went with my mother to one of her doctor's appointment. before we left (if i wasn't up early, i most likely would have missed the tweet, lol), i saw a tweet from @this_is_teen that was a tree made out of books. prior to this tweet, i had already seen some similar looking photos around on facebook but i didn't give much thought to them. after seeing @this_is_teen's tweet and my whole dilemma of not having a tree, inspiration hit and i figured, why the heck not just try to make a bookish tree? what could it possibly hurt, yaknow? so, the whole morning, i was feeling excited and ready to get to work, lol!

as soon as we got back from the clinic, i got straight to it. i came to my room and started randomly pulling books out and off of my shelf. i had no idea how many books i was going to use so the trips made from my room to the living room were numerous.

my bookshelf before project bookish christmas tree began
oh my gosh, people! i had the hardest time building this tree. i went from excited to frustrated to happy to mad to why is it not working?! i think, overall, why it was so hard was because of the height. i wanted it to be at least my height which is about 4'12 but it just wouldn't get there and that's on me because i didn't know how to stack it well enough to get it high enough. i suck. :/

i started, stacked, arranged, stared, re-started, re-stacked, re-arranged, stared some more. when i started to get frustrated, i facebooked the awesome wolphpack, asked for their advice and help then i came back and re-started, re-stacked, re-arranged, try to do some geometry with the angle and height and eventually, i realized my frustration probably had to do a little with the fact that... i missed my nap time. ;p i was going at this tree for about three hours (remember, i suck? lol) and i seriously just needed to step back so i could see the figure better so...

i stepped out to the back and helped my mother around the yard because...

for really reals. it's gotten so terribly cold here in just two weeks, it seems like. anyway, i went to help my mother cover her plants so they don't die from the frost and ice and all that. shortly after, my sister came over and with her help, i was finally able to finish my tree! i'm so stoked and thrilled about it! i love it so very much!

in these first three pictures, i was barely getting a feel for how to stack and how to stack up, lol. in the first photo, you can tell that i had already closed up the hole. that kept happening a whole bunch of times so that definitely added to my frustration because after the hole closed up, i didn't know how to stack up and make it look nice all at once.

so once the hole closed and the tree wasn't at the height that i wanted, i would take stacks and stacks of books off and re-start and re-stack and re-arrange. that happened... i don't know how many times but it was for sure, a lot!

in these next three pictures, you can tell that the height has increased a bit and i started to mess with what to do after i reached the center. no matter what i did, it just didn't look right and the figure and shape of the tree started to look all out of whack to me so... MOMO SMASH was getting closer and closer to the surface! ;p

after my sister came over and helped calm MOMO SMASH down, she helped me with the top point and like magic, it all came together!

VOILA! in these three pictures, i started decorating it with the lights and ornaments. after posting my pictures everywhere, a lot of people asked me how many books i used and how long it took me. i didn't count how many books i used but based off what books were left, i wanna say about 2-300. but i almost don't wanna say that either because it's crazy that this mini christmas tree—oh yeah, as for height, it's not as tall as me; it comes up to my chest a bit, almost my neck so maybe it's about 4'6-4'8, something like that—took up that many books.

as for how long? i don't even know. i do know that it took me most of my day but that's because i worked on it, stopped for a bit, stared at it, went online, came back to work on it, went and helped my mother, came back and worked on it, and yeah... but if i was to work on it straight, maybe 1-3 hours, tops. oooh, random fact: inside the tree contains two pillows. i stuffed my brave and batman pillows, lol, inside to prevent any of the books from caving in.

after admiring my masterpiece, i came back to my room and found this:

that's the mess that was left from me taking and removing books from my shelf all day long, lol. those are all the books that i didn't end up using. my room was a mess last night that i was almost going to just crash in the living room with my awesome creation! instead, i put all my books on the floor and gave my pillow head. ;p

this morning, i couldn't avoid the mess any longer so i got to cleaning it up and i shelved all the books, once again.

after i shelved all the books, there was still those left. it's funny cause as i was shelving, i pulled out the duster... thingy, and got to cleaning all the shelves and ew, dust bunnies... so gross! anyway, i eventually found a spot for those that didn't actually get shelved and now, here's the end result for my bookshelf:

my bookshelf after project bookish christmas tree ended
yesterday was a long day but i would do it all over again. i am so proud of myself! i love my tree and i'll probably keep it up until my birthday next year or something, lol! here's two more shots of the final piece of it all!

eep, what do you think? do you spot any of your favorite books in there? if i could, i would have taken a photo from the back but... well, it's a tight squeeze between the tree and the wall, lol! anyway, let me know what you think!

happy holidays!


  1. this is a FANTASTIC tree.

  2. Oh my goodness, that's so cool! Love the idea and it looks awesome.

  3. WOW! That is incredible! I love this so much!


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