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Dec 13, 2013

your feels are splattered

if it hasn't been obvious, books over boys hasn't posted a review in forever only because lately, i feel the weight of a thousand pounds on my shoulders when i think about writing one. so, today's post is a... well, i don't know but i just finished one of the best books of all time and i need a place to unravel all my thoughts and feels... so, prepare for squeals and squees and run-on sentences and incoherent thoughts and all that. ;p

(i guess it makes it a bit easier when things aren't labeled.)

i heard about this book back when it was cover-less and have been dying to read it ever since. two days ago, i started what's left of me by the wonderful, amanda maxlyn, because i knew that in two days' time—today—that it was going to be released. i wasn't quite sure what to expect except heartache and... i got the best kind possible with WLOM.

i am so completely blown away by maxlyn's debut! i am one that tends to gravitate towards books that are deep, dark, and very heartbreaking... and you're probably thinking i'm way weird but i mean, i just love books that totally and completely rip me to shreds and are somehow able to piece me back together by the very end. WLOM was such an amazing and heartfelt story and i can't thank maxlyn enough for writing it because it was perfection and i LOVE it to the stars and ten times around the earth and back. times a million.

i don't think i have ever cried so hard for a book. literally, the last 15-20% of the book had me a sobbing, ugly crying mess. the kind where my snot and tears almost made my kindle collateral damage. ;p

aundrea and parker's story will stay with me forever and it definitely won't be easily forgotten. it was so special and amazing and real and honest and... so many things. and parker?! fuck! i love him and he was seriously one of the best leading male characters that i've read about in a long time. i love how light and charismatic he was and i love... i can't! it was... sigh, i'm prattling now...

amanda maxlyn is amazing and what's left of me was one of the best books i've read this year, no joke. it's available as of today so please make sure to check it out, i mean, just read the synopsis, at the least and then decide if you want to read it! i wasn't that great at explaining or expressing what this books means to me or how amazingly special it is but do know that it is definitely, without a doubt, a book that i love like mad!

now, you all know i can't read without music so here's the number one song that was on constant repeat while i was reading.

mayday parade - terrible things

this song couldn't be more perfect for the overall feel of WLOM! i also love how this song was composed—the simple piano and vocals and how it crescendos at the bridge and how it all comes together really reflected my own feels and emotions while i was reading. it all builds and builds until the floodgates burst open and your feels are splattered everywhere around you. and hello! the lyrics... aaahhh!

WLOM tore me the f up... in the best way possible so pretty please, check it out and get it today!

story of my life right this very moment.


  1. Okay so I just went to check this book out and I'm going to try to find it and read it asap. I know the feeling you have right now, and it's amazing that words and pages can make us feel so much. Anyway, great post. I know how hard it is to review something you really love. I also love the books that are deep and hurt so I have huge expectations for this one now. :)

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex


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