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Feb 5, 2014

what does your crack read like?

a few weeks ago, i had monica murphy by the blog for an interview. in the interview, i had asked her:
q. as i started reading savor, i realized that the first book, crave, had that sister/best friend thing going on. in torn, it had that haters-to-lovers thing going on and in savor it had that forbidden/opposites attracts thing working. which of the three is your favorite to read about?

um…all of them? truthfully, i love love the forbidden, i work for him/she works for me boss/assistant storyline. those stories are my crack.

click here to read the full interview.
ever since then, i haven't been able to get the question outta my head. hence, the prompt for this post.

as the question came and left, i kept pondering my response and eventually, i realized that my absolute most favorite stories to read about are the ones where they've been friends for forever long and then one day, boom—they're not. i mean, in some stories, it's totes-ma-goats obvious and that's fine because i can go in expecting it but the heroin to my veins are the ones where it's unexpected. the ones where they've been the bestest of friends since the beginning of time, but throughout the entire book, they're not trying to get at each other until something or someone crosses the "friends-only" line.

those types of stories i can't and probably will never get enough of. i just love that the relationship takes a while to build (not that i'm hating on insta-love, not even) and it occurs over a span of time. because there's time for everything to unfold over the course of a few years or maybe even a decade, there's time for the two leads to share the little things with each other that at the end, make up the bigger picture.


one example that, for me, set the bar for every other book is catching jordan by miranda kenneally. i know that to others, it was probably very obvious that jordan and henry were the main romance couple but i so did not see it coming at all. like, ever. to me, that book was the epitome of unexpected. everything that i love about the best-friends-forever-sike type of books was found in catching jordan. seriously, that book is perfection!

although, the best-friends-forever-sike books are my most favorite, i also really have a thing for the best friend/sibling books. the ones where she/he falls for her/his best friend's brother/sister. those are quite the addictive ones, as well! but do you notice how the "best friend" term is also mentioned in these types of scenarios? i don't know, i just have a thing for them, i guess.

the other types of books—haters-to-lovers and forbidden/opposites attract (i think murphy's boss/assistant storyline would fall under this one)—i love as well but just not as much. the haters-to-lovers books i enjoy because normally their chemistry is off the freakin' charts but because they clash so much, most of the book, it's spent with them apart. by the time they do get together, it's the last 10-20% of the book and i'm just like, "whaaaat?!" lol!

as for the forbidden/opposites attract books... i'm a bit conflicted. i feel like there's many variables to this one. it depends on the plot and genre. it could be forbidden like romeo and juliet or christian and anastasia or edward and bella. either way, it's forbidden because technically, it's just... wrong. and maybe that's partially why, normally (twilight is way up there for me), these types of books don't sit so high up there for me. there could be exceptions, though, of course. for example, slammed by colleen hoover is one of my exceptions because 1) layken meets will before she knows that he's her teacher, 2) they're both of age, haha, and 3) the book is brilliant!

there are all sorts of books and we all like different things and there are always exceptions. now that you know what me and monica murphy like to read, i wanna know:

what does your crack read like?

leave a comment or simply take the poll below!

which types of books are your favorite to read about?
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1 comment:

  1. Wow! Definitely some food for thought, here. A wonderful post. While I've given this sort of thing some thought in the past, I don't think I ever REALLY thought about it. The truth is, I think it depends on the book.

    Like, in Catching Jordan I loooove the whole friends forever thing. But at the same time, I enjoy watching characters start from scratch with each other, like in The Mortal Instruments series (the first one that popped into my head).

    One of my favorites would have to be when the characters really do not expect to like each other. In the Bloodlines series, for instance, I'm sure Sydney and Adrian did not anticipate falling in love. It makes it seem more natural, more undeniable.

    And, of course, the forbidden. I know you say they don't sit right with you, but when a forbidden romance is done properly I think it is hands down my favorite. A huge age difference can be gross, but not when an author makes the relationship transcend age. Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy, for example. They are seven years apart but their mindsets don't make the gap obvious. They're on the same page on a lot of things. Then there is the step-siblings thing. When it feels like they're real brother and sister, it creeps me out. But in books like A Midsummer's Nightmare by Kodi Keplinger, when they hook up before becoming related....I like that a lot.

    Basically, all this to say I like smexy kissing scenes and burning chemistry in my romances. The "type" of romance isn't the most important thing, I suppose, but the way the characters fit together.

    Like I said, though: Awesome post! Sorry for my 3 AM babbling.


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