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Sep 16, 2012

Book Launch with Talia Vance + Special Guests

Photo courtesy of Nancy from The Ravenous Reader
Yesterday afternoon was Talia Vance's book launch for her debut, Silver. At first, I had no idea it was taking place so close to me because well...the only signing events I attend are in the San Francisco bay area. Anyway, the signing was amazing and all the authors were so sweet and awesome! I haven't been to many book signings so when I do attend, I tend to always have a mini freak-the-freak-out attack just because I'm still in shock that I'm standing less than a foot away from so-and-so author. Also, I was not lying when I said, "In real life, when you first meet me, I'm like...the most shy person ever. You'd think you were talking about two different people," in the about me section of this blog. It just takes me a while to be comfortable...even if we talk on a daily basis, Tara! ;)

I showed up outside The Avid Reader exactly at 3:59 PM, a minute before the launch was going to start. Little did I know, there was no need to worry. Although, I did worry about my seating a bit because I was all the way in the back. But it was all gravy...except when I got out of my seat and stood to take a few pictures because it was really noticeable and a few people kept turning back to look at me, lol!

Katherine Longshore reading from Gilt.
All the authors did a reading from their books and because I was so far in the back, I couldn't really get a good picture of each of them so these next few pictures are courtesy of Nancy from The Ravenous Reader and Tara from Tater's Tall Tails.

Talia Vance reading the first page of Gold, sequel to Silver.
I was so excited for this because well, I just cannot wait for book two! And based off of Talia's short reading of Gold, it just made me want it that much more! *grabby hands*

Katherine, Veronica, and Donna listening to Talia.
Tara got this really cute shot of Talia, who just looked so ecstatic!
Talia and her debut, Silver.
Also another shot that I love!
Donna reading from her novel, Skinny.
Veronica reading from her novel, Under the Never Sky
Talia's super duper awesome Silver-decked-out launch cake!
After the authors read from their novels, a mini Q&A session occurred and then all the people who attended (me, included) got their books signed, chatted with the authors, and ate cake. At the event, I finally met Jaime from Two Chicks On Books. I've known Jaime (and Patricia) since back when I first started blogging and we even live in the same city but I never got the chance to meet Jaime until yesterday. It was super duper awesome and the minute I walked in, she waved at me and then I walked over and was engulfed in one of her hugs--she seriously gives the best hugs ever! It was so nice and awesome to just finally meet. At the signing, I also saw Tara from Tater's Tall Tails who just always makes me smile! Mindy from Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and Nancy from The Ravenous Reader were there but I was too shy to go over and introduce myself, haha! I suck.

And now here are a few of the pictures I got with the authors as well as the goodies!

Me with Talia Vance.
Me with Donna Cooner. (I look like I'm sitting on her lap, but I promise, I'm not.)
Me with Katherine Longshore, Talia Vance, Veronica Rossi, and Donna Cooner.
My book haul, including two of the books my niece purchased.
And what's a signing without some swwwwag!
Like I stated above, I've only been to a few signings since I've started blogging but four things that I've come to observe that happen all the time (to me, anyway) at these events are: 1) I freak out so bad that I never (LIKE, EVAR) know what to say when it's my turn to get my books signed. 2) I always get hot...like sweaty hot cause I'm so darn nervous; my fingers get all clammy and...ew. 3) When the authors are signing my books, because I never know what to say, there's this awkward silence. Sort of. Which makes me feel even more dumb, lol. And 4) After I leave or go home, I realize that the whole "signing my books" process went by faster than it really seemed. Except when the authors are signing my books and I have nothing to say cause then, in that moment, everything seems to move in slow motion. Geez, aren't I weird? Anyway, do these things happen to anyone else? Lol, maybe not...might just be me.

Overall, it was a super awesome blast and I had a whole lot of fun! Hopefully, they come back soon cause I'll definitely be there!


  1. Awww hugs!!!! It's was so nice finally meeting you Momo! And I love that you think I give the best hugs lol you are such a sweetie :D


  2. It was awesome meeting you Momo! I didn't think you seemed shy at all. You were so warm and personable. I loved that you knew exactly what you wanted me to sign in your book. And these pictures are great! It's so fun to see them all in one place.

  3. Momo, it was awesome meeting you! Great write-up!

  4. YOU ARE A DORK!!!!!! but i love ya!!! its great seeing you all the time i wish you would come out more!!! <3 you lady!!!


  5. Aw I'm soo jealous you got to meet all the awesome authors. It seems like it was so much fun with cake yumm!
    Haha trust me, if I ever had the chance to meet an author I'll be the same as you, all your 4 points...so you're not the only one ;)

    That is so cool that all you bloggers can meet at these events! I wish I lived there haha.

  6. Hey Cutie!!
    Next time we are at the same event we will have to chat. Don't be afraid I do not bite :) I truly enjoyed reading your event wrap up. It is so very refreshing to see some one as excited as you are about meeting authors and enjoying their books. I loved it. Hope to see you soon.

  7. Haha! Love this post chick!! I get all nervous and hot too. I relax pretty quick, but that's because where I go, there usually isn't a huge crowd. I am actually a very outgoing person by nature, but meeting authors to me is like meeting celebrities so I do get a bit spazzy!! Lol!!

  8. It looks like you had an amazing time! Definitely loved this post and I would be beyond nervous, too! You're not weird, if I ever go to a book signing, I'll probably feel just the way you described!
    I'm definitely jelly also! I'm glad you had a great time, and got to meet some wonderful authors!

  9. Awsome, Talia! You did it!
    And how nice to have your writing author friends there.


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