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Sep 25, 2012

No More Feedburner

So, just a couple of nights ago or maybe last week (I lose count of my days like that) Feedburner burnt out. I'm not too savvy with what that even means or why, but in simpler terms: there's no more Feedburner subscriptions and...I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

And it's confusing me even more because just right now as I began to write up this post, I logged into Feedburner and all my subscriptions were back in place. Like, what the motherfather, Google!? Are you trying to mess with our heads or test our loyalty or whatever it is that you're trying to do? Because uh, you're kinda achieving that goal. It could possibly be just a weird, random glitch but with the rumors flying around, I would recommend doing something about it now before it's really gone for good. But I mean, if it is a glitch, Google, please for the sake of all things cute and soft and furry, get your sh*t together!

It's infuriating because remember that scare earlier this year (I think it was earlier this year; I lose count of my months like that too) when Google Friend Connect was going to close out its services to people who weren't using Blogger? And because of that stupid scare, everyone was turning to Feedburner, email, and RSS (I still have no idea what that means) subscriptions? Well, here we are, just a couple months down the road, dealing with another crazy crisis of losing our following and loyal readers.

Like Rachel had mentioned in her blog post (excellent blog post in regards to this whole Feedburner debacle), Google should at least give us a warning about all of this before they drop us like flies. Quite frankly, it's discouraging and a load of BS. I mean, who knows, tomorrow Google could just shut down all of Blogger because it's a free...outlet, or whatever.

Where do we go from here to try and salvage what's left before we take another hit like this? I read Rachel's post but like I had mentioned above, I have no idea what any of this really even means. She suggests informing all of your subscribers to reenlist and subscribe to your blog via email. For more information on how to do that, read her post.

I followed Rachel's advice and just went with Blogger's standard email subscription widget which I added to my sidebar, located right below my blog button. If you are a B.O.B email subscriber, please enter your email address into the subscription box and re...subscribe. So sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully all of you will still keep reading Books Over Boys.


  1. Weird. I just signed up again and it said I was already a follower and was sent to the sign back in form.

  2. I'm similarly lost. I just installed FeedCat to burn my feeds and to have a new way to subscribe for my readers, but when I then logged into feedburner to export my subscribers' email addresses, everything was fine again. And yet there are rumors about feedburner shutting down in October. I'm confused. Also, doesn't blogger's email subscription thingy also use feedburner? Because mine does... which means that telling people to subscribe by email instead of feedburner's rss doesn't really solve the problem. I'm all confused and at the moment I simply hope that feedburner won't shut down or that Google finally makes some sort of official statement about what the hell is going on!
    I'm going to read those posts you linked to now, maybe I'll see clearer after that *sigh*
    Anyhow, bottom line is I share your annoyance and confusion.

  3. What is Feedburner? I feel really stupid asking this but I don't have a clue what any of this is about! I am so confused with all these different ways to 'follow'.

    1. Aha, I'm not too sure myself but I think it's a way to follow and read blog posts via email. Sorta...but not exactly. But yeah, I agree with you about all these different ways to follow. But I guess there are so many options because not everyone has a Blogger or a Twitter or a Facebook account.


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