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Apr 7, 2014

Cover Reveal: Car Crash Hearts by Kelley York & Rowan Altwood

Title: Car Crash Hearts
Authors: Kelley York & Rowan Altwood
Publisher: Self
Expected publication: June 2014
Age group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When 19-year-old Luc Argent’s body begins to reject his new heart, he knows he doesn't have a lot of time left. Which means he’s pushing everyone away more than he usually does in order to minimize the collateral damage when he finally kicks the bucket.

Then Evelyn comes back to town.

Evelyn left California—and her best friend Luc—three years ago. Since then, she hasn’t gotten so much as an e-mail from him. So when she returns and he shows up at her doorstep with an insane idea for an impromptu road trip, she doesn't know what to think. Running away with a guy is something her mother does. Not her.

But even after all this time she doesn’t known how to tell Luc no. Just like Luc hasn’t learned how to tell Evelyn about his illness and how serious it really is. He has a destination in mind, he has a plan, and it all revolves around him and Evelyn and what little time he has left.

About the authors:

Kelley York was born in central California, where she still resides with her lovely wife, step-daughter, and cats, while fantasizing about moving to England or Ireland. She has a fascination with bells and animals, is a lover of video games, and likes to pretend she’s a decent photographer. Her life goal is to find a real unicorn. Or to at least write about them.

Kelley is a sucker for dark fiction. She loves writing twisted characters, tragic happenings, and bittersweet endings that leave you wondering and crying. Character development takes center stage in her books because the bounds of a person's character and the workings of their mind are limitless.

Connect with Kelley York: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


  1. This looks like a story I will love and hate at the same time ;) Can not wait to read it, must read it when it comes out. Love the cover, beautiful!

  2. Love the cover! I'll bee keeping an eye for this one.


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