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Apr 10, 2014

Cover Reveal: Make It Count by Megan Erickson

I'm so thrilled to be one of the many blogs helping out in today's cover reveal! I love the sound of Make It Count and I can't wait to read it this summer! Speaking of summer, the cover is totally fitting for the season! It's light, bright and fun!

Not only do I have the cover to share with all of you but I've also got an awesome excerpt and an interview with the mastermind behind it all, Megan Erickson! So, stick around and roll in the epic! ;p

Without further ado, I present to you the cover for Make It Count!

Title: Make It Count (Bowler University, #1)
Author: Megan Erickson
Publisher: William Morrow Impulse
Expected publication: June 3, 2014
Age group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Kat Caruso wishes her brain had a return policy, or at least a complaint hot-line. The defective organ is constantly distracted, terrible at statistics, and absolutely flooded with inappropriate thoughts about her boyfriend’s gorgeous best friend, Alec…who just so happens to be her brand new math tutor. Who knew nerd was so hot?

Kat usually goes through tutors like she does boyfriends—both always seem to bail when they realize how hopeless she is. It’s safer for her heart to keep everyone at arm’s reach. But Alec is always stepping just a little too close.

Alec Stone should not be fantasizing about Kat. She’s adorable, unbelievably witty, and completely off limits. He’d never stab his best friend in the back…

But when secrets are revealed, the lines of loyalty are blurred. To make it count, Alec must learn messy human emotions can’t be solved like a trigonometry function. And Kat has to trust Alec may be the first guy to want her for who she is, and not in spite of it.
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Praise for Make It Count:

Make It Count was like a breath of fresh air! Very clever and sweet, funny and sexy. You won’t read this without smiling and sighing and swooning-sometimes all at once.”
—Christina Lee, author of the Between Breaths series

“Steamy, poignant, and addicting... you won’t want to put it down!”
—Jen McLaughlin, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Make It Count is a smart, sweet, sexy story that will make you laugh. Kat’s adorable, and the slightly nerdy, but very swoon-worthy, Alec is impossible to resist!”
—Stina Lindenblatt, author of Tell Me When

“Fun, fresh, and romantic, this book kept me enthralled (and swooning hard) while shining a light on important issues often ignored... Nerdy IS the new black, ladies, and Alec Stone is hot! He can tutor me any time.”
—Rachel Harris, author of Seven Day Fiance

Welcome to Books Over Boys, Megan! I’m so thrilled and honored to have you stop by my humble abode today. ;p Let’s start off with some icebreakers, shall we?

Q. What is a song for which you thought you knew the words and later found out that you had them wrong?

Misunderstanding lyrics is such a Classic Megan Syndrome that my husband has made a game out of it. The most recent song was “Timber” by Pitbull. I swore Kesha sang “I’m bailing timber,” and I’m thinking, what the heck is this song about? How does one bail timber? And then I pictured her, like, chopping down a tree with full on crazy makeup and clothing. THEN, I found out it was “I’m yelling timber,” but now the whole song is ruined for me because I picture Kesha as a lumberjack.

Q. When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it?

In December – when I signed my publishing contract from HarperCollins. That was definitely a first!

Q. If you had a “theme song” that played whenever you walked into a room full of people, what would it be?

“Timber” by Pitbull. (KIDDING!) I don’t know if this is a theme song, per say, but all my friends know that “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi is basically my anthem, so I’m gonna go with that.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Megan Erickson?

Q. If you had to describe yourself using three words, they would be…

Loud. Short. Honest.

Q. What’s your most favorite book of all time? Like, ever? ;p

Oh come on! This is hard! I’m going to go with The Thorn Birds, which is maybe a little strange and old, but at the time I read it, it was so epic. And I named my son after a character in the book.

Q. When you’re not writing, you’re ____?

Spending time with my family. I have a pretty awesome husband with romance cover-model-worthy biceps and two crazy kiddos.

Q. What’s one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about you?

In high school, I worked at a pet store, and I’ve been bitten and/or scratched by a large variety of animals—cockatoo, rat, monitor lizard, iguana, python, lovebird (they are NOT so lovey, in my opinion), and even a small piranha. So, who knows what diseases my body harbors? You guys must think I’m really odd now.

*rubs hands together* Now, let’s talk about writing and books, eh?

Q. What about writing captivates you the most?

Creating characters. Hands down, that’s my absolute favorite part of writing and what keeps me captivated to keep doing it.

Q. This summer, you are debuting with your Contemporary New Adult, Make It Count. What’s the story behind the story? How did Kat and Alec come to be?

The story hit me with Kat, the heroine. I thought about this girl who portrayed this fun, carefree, attitude but inside she struggled to feel like she fit in with the smart college crowd. She’s such a fun character, but yet has so much depth.

Q. Let’s rewind time a bit. I read your post on how it happened and it all sounded so surreal and exciting. In the midst of everything, leading up to your phone call with Marisa, what were two of the most exhilarating and terrifying thoughts that kept running through your mind? What were you most excited and terrified about being an author?

I was sick at the time with a horrible sinus infection. I sounded quite man-ish on the phone and my head was killing me. So my thoughts were off the wall. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I mean, it had been such a waiting game but once the ball started rolling, man, that thing was a crushing boulder.

What I was MOST excited about, to be honest, was that someone else believed in me. I have amazing writer friends and they got me through the lows of writing and editing and querying. But yet, I still wanted an agent and an editor to believe in me and my story and Kat’s journey.

And then I was terrified that I wouldn’t live up to expectations. But that’s an ongoing fear I try to mute with copious amounts of comfort food and alcohol (Kidding. Sort of).

Q. What kind of writer are you? Do you plot and outline? Do you write as you go? Or are you a little bit of both?

My books/characters always hit me with an opening scene. With Kat, it was sitting in the library, distracted, while a tutor droned on about statistics. So I always write the first chapter, just to get a feel for the characters and their voices. Then I type up a very rough outline. And then I pants my pants off. I often scribble notes to myself on the way, but I rarely stay on track. The characters make their own path.

Q. Make It Count finally has a cover, aahh! It’s that much closer to being a real, legit book. ;p What do you think of the cover? How well do you think it reflects the story within?

The cover is bright and fun and what I hope is a breath of fresh air in the NA category. And I think that fits my book really well. I love the flirty chemistry between the couple on the cover. Kat would totally rock that dress. And there is a good deal of significance about hand-holding in the book. I like that they are holding hands behind Alec’s back, because as you can tell from my blurb, Kat’s boyfriend is Alec’s best friend. (Even so, I want to point out, I do not consider Make It Count a love triangle).

Q. I love book quotes so I think it’s tons of fun to hear what an author’s favorite quotes are from their own book. What are your top three favorite quotes from Make It Count?

1) Kat had this way about her, a semi-flighty quality, as if she constantly wobbled on the edge of a wave and could fall off at any moment. He felt the urge to reach out and steady her, just to keep her stable.

2) The warmth of his touch, the look in his eyes and his voice, his beautiful deep voice saying those words rasped along the raw edges of the hole in her heart. Marked by Alec Stone.

3) It took the shadow of Kat’s absence for him to realize how much he’d grown addicted to her light.

Q. For those who are unfamiliar with Kat, how would you introduce her? What is Alec’s favorite thing about her?

Oh Kat. She’s funny and witty and feisty and I’m so proud of the journey she takes during this book.

While Alec loves Kat’s soft heart, I think his favorite thing about her is that she makes him laugh. She brightens his whole life.

Q. What are five of your favorite things about Alec? What is one of Kat’s favorite lines from him?

1) He’s ambitious. Instead of letting something that happened to him as a kid weigh him down, he uses it to fuel his future.
2) He’s got a pompadour
3) He loves his Mama
4) He treats Kat like she deserves
5) In bed with Kat, he... actually, you just have to read the book for that one. ;)

One of Kat’s favorite lines of Alec’s: “Don’t you feel it? All that negative crap I’d been holding inside is gone because of you. And the good I’m filling it with? That’s you.”

Q. What do you think is the easiest part of writing? What was the hardest part of writing Make It Count?

The easiest part was the banter between Kat and Alec. They pretty much wrote themselves.

The hardest part was the research I had to do to make Kat (who is Brazilian) and her situation as accurate as possible.

Q. Lastly, before you go, can you share a snippet from Make It Count with us?

Kat gathered her books and stuffed them into her plaid Burberry messenger bag, then headed toward the front doors, smoothie from the library snack shop in hand. Head bent, fiddling with the clasp of her bag, she stumbled into a wall of human on the pavement outside.

“Oh, I’m sorry—” Her voice dropped out when she realized the solid flesh belonged to Alec, Max’s best friend.

She’d only met him once or twice before he’d moved in with Max this semester and every time, he cocked his eyebrow with a half frown like he knew something she didn’t. Which he actually did, since he had brainy superpowers. Smarter than a speeding Einstein. Able to leap over C-minus students like her in a single bound.

She didn’t trust people that smart. And she didn’t trust a guy who didn’t ogle her ass or leer at her boobs like every other member of the straight male species on the planet.

Right now, that raised-eyebrow frown pinned her where she stood. His pale green eyes behind thick black frames roamed over her shoulder to the library and then back to her. With his pin-stripe button-down, dark jeans with Converse shoes and hair styled in a short, messy pompadour, he looked like a nerdy Elvis.

His frown morphed into a smile when he spotted the smoothie in her hand, and she definitely didn’t notice his full lips. “You know, you don’t have to venture into the forbidden zone just to get a smoothie.”

Oooh. The jerk. She glanced around surreptitiously, then leaned in and spoke in a low voice. “Just play it cool. Don’t let it slip someone like me snuck in the library.” She gripped his forearm and whispered. “Password today is rosebud.”

His face blanked and he looked at her like he’d never seen her before. Kat debated whether or not that was an improvement over his other look.

But then those intelligent eyes narrowed and a smirk curled his lips. “I know. We nerds get an e-mail every morning.”

See? He always needed the last word. She propped a hand on her hip and leaned in. “Well, sounds like you have a mole. Might want to look into that.”

He opened his mouth but she cut him off. “Just looking out for you guys. Anyway, see ya around!”

Before he could shoot back a snarky comeback, Kat skirted around him and bounded down the stairs. She chalked that up as Kat 1, Alec 0.

Thank you the most for being here today, Megan! It’s been such a blast and I’m so looking forward to reading Make It Count!

So, what does everyone think of the cover? Isn't it light and bright and totes perrrrf for a little summer time reading? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

About the author:

Megan Erickson grew up in a family that averages 5’3” on a good day and started writing to create characters who could reach the top kitchen shelf.

She’s got a couple of tattoos, has a thing for gladiators and has been called a crazy cat lady. After working as a journalist for years, she decided she liked creating her own endings better and switched back to fiction.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids and two cats. And no, she still can’t reach the stupid top shelf.

Connect with Megan Erickson: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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