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Mar 28, 2011

Help Me Out Fellow Bookworms?

So, lately there's been a lot of controversary about blogs, bloggers, authors, etc. so my blog is probably feeling a little neglected. It's not. I'm still here, just...anyway, lately I've been thinking that whenever I think about interviewing an author, I think, how awesome would it be if they could answer this and/or that, but HUGE dilemma - I don't know what to ask without straight out asking questions that could possibly ruin the storyline of the book for others. This is where you come in. I'm going to attach a form at the end of this post where you can submit 5 general questions that you would like to ask or know about authors. :) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 

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  1. I may come back with some questions but I know what you mean! It's always a dilemma for me. Plus I want the questions to be unique. Sometimes it's easier to interview an author I haven't read yet and just go by the description. I'm asking questions more about the author then the story, but I think those interviews sometimes turn out better.

  2. Momo, sometimes character interviews are fine.
    Ask the author. Do their bio first and a synopsis of the book and have them portray the main character in the book.
    For instance-Vampire Diaries it could be Stephan, Damien or Elena, etc...
    Just an idea...

    You'll do fine, little sister! You've got great personality and charisma!

  3. Sorry I can't be of any help, but I'm the same way:)


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