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Mar 8, 2011

Momo's 17th Birthday Bash: Day 3

Today I want to ask my readers some questions to get to know them a little better!
  1. If you could go anywhere in the world before you die, where would you go and why? Also, did something/someone trigger that? (i.g. Did you see a movie take place in a certain location that made you want to visit that place?)
  2. Are you picky about buying books? For example, when you go to the book store and you're picking a book off a shelf - do you check the binding, the front and back cover, the pages, etc. to make sure it's not messed up?
  3. How much do you really want a book to be adapted into a movie - after you finish an awesome, one of a kind book, do you think, "WOW! This would be amazing as a movie!" But then after some thought, you go, "Noo! I'd rather keep this all in my imagination!" Because you don't want to ruin the awesomeness of the book?
• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Today's author guest post is brought to you by the amazing Emma Michaels, author of The Thirteenth Chime! (Wow, did I just sound like a commercial right now? Also, have I ever mentioned that for the longest time, I thought Emma's book was called The Thirteenth CRIME?! When I discovered that it was CHIME rather than CRIME, I felt horrible, dumb, AAH! #MomoFail)

Happy Birthday Momo!
I can remember leaving sixteen behind and finally turning seventeen, so instead of going on about what happened when I was sixteen I will tell you how my life changed when I was seventeen. I know that every year a person turns another year older. It can be bittersweet because we are reminded that we only have so much time and we want to make the most of it. But we should never forget that every year we turn another year older we are on our way to amazing and life-altering beautiful things.
I didn’t have the best teenage years. My life was a bit of a struggle, but so many amazing things happened that year. I finally started to be proud of myself and look at my writing a different way. I had a visit to Washington State that inspired me to start writing full novels, saw the most amazing and breathtaking view from an island in the middle of nowhere, I finally met the man that I love in person (who I am now engaged to!) and I learned a LOT about myself on the way.
Seventeen is a huge turning point and one full of endless possibilities. I hope your upcoming year as a seventeen year old is as life changing as mine was (in a positive way) and brings you inspiration, love, adventure and many wonderful books to read or even write! Now I am living on the island I saw that amazing view from. You never know what the future might hold but Momo, I hope it is an amazing year filled with happiness.


  1. mm cake, that picture has made me crave some cake. mmmmm

    Good questions,
    1) I want to go to Rome and see the Trevi Fountain. I've seen it a few movies and it looks wonderful, I want to through a coin in and make a special wish, I know it sounds cheesy but still. Also want to go to Hawaii and learn to Hula Dance and surf.This is from watching Disney's Lilo & Stitch. Looks great there.
    2) I am so picky about my books, they can't be creased or torn or stained or have uneven pages. I am a total snob when it comes to this.
    3) I very often think it would be cool to see books made into films, but it does sometimes ruin the magic and Imagery of the book, I suppose it depends on how well the film is made.

    Hope your enjoying being 17! make it a good year. :D

  2. Great post!! I stole all your cupcakes. :)

    1. London. Definitely. I've always wanted to, but it was triggered by Anna and the French Kiss. I want a hot British boy of my own. ;) I want to go to Paris too, but I can't speak French...
    2. Heck, yes. My books must be in impeccable condition. D:<
    3. I always love seeing books turned into movies. I just love to see how other people interpreted the book, or how they made it even more dramatic, or the special effects. It's nice to see the action on the screen rather than just in my head. :) I'd probably enjoy the movie as just a movie, too, even if I didn't enjoy it when compared to the book.

  3. Great post.

    1. Anywhere in the world...I think I would want to go to New Orleans cuz a lot of my favorite books take place there so I'd definitely want to go there.

    2. I am picky about buying books. I am impatient so I usually never order books unless I have to or they are cheaper or I am impatient and have to have some sort of the book before the book comes out. Most cases I buy the book in the store.

    3. I really want a lot of the action packed books to made into movies - just because I want to see what the special effects are like, plus if the story is pretty awesome it would be better than some romance/comedy that we know is going to end the same way as everything else.

  4. Aww, what a sweet post! Thank you for sharing, Emma!

    1. I want to visit Paris unbelievably bad because so many amazing authors went there. When I was younger, I believed that if I could just spend time in Paris that I would walk away with such inspiration that I'd never stop writing. Also, Jim Morrison is buried there, and I love me some Doors.

    2. I'm actually not picky about buying books, but now that you mention it...

    3. Ever since The Queen of the Damned hit the big screen, I've been wary of book-to-movie adaptations (though I LOVED Interview with the Vampire). There are some books I'd love to see as movies (Across the Universe) but I don't get too excited about it lol

    Glad you're having such a fun birthday week, Momo!

  5. Interesting questions, Momo! Here's my answers...
    1. I'd love to go to Greece and, nearby, Rome. They're such gorgeous, cultured places, and you can't forget Italian boys ;)
    2. I don't buy books very often, preferring to use my library, so when I want to buy a book, I usually go into the store with something specific in mind. When I'm just browsing and want to get something I see? Usually I just focus on price and the book itself. Though the binding has a hand in the price. (IE: $8 for a hardcover is a good price, but $14 for a softcover is outrageous)
    3. I don't really think about that much, so I can't answer this one. Sorry!

    PS: Stick to chime, Momo! Never go to crime! ;)

  6. 1. I would so love to go to Ireland. I don't think anyone has truly experienced the color green until they've been there.

    2. Totally picky. I hate when books have a broken spine, dented pages, stains, dinged cover, scratches, etc. I know people like to browse at bookstores, but c'mon, they don't have to abuse the books, or lick their fingers before turning pages, or bending down the corners - it's not yours unless you buy it. Geez!

    3. Some books would be totally cool as movies, like Bad Girls Don't Die or Before I Fall. Others I'd be so afraid they would destroy. Fingers are so crossed about TMI series!


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