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Mar 16, 2011

Momo's 17th Birthday Bash: Day 9

Ahah! Okay, the huge Twilight fan that I am just had to post this picture! It's sooo awesome! :) No Twilight bashing! *___*

Today I want to know a few random things about you...and me in return! :)

First off, what's your current music obsession?
- I usually just go through what's in my ipod. But current obsessions would have to be Natasha Bedingfield's A Little Too Much, and anything by Satellite! I suggest you check out all of their songs! Some of them for example are, Turning On My Own, Saving Us Tonight, Silhouette, and Say the Words!

Also, how's the weather where you are?
- The weather where I am right now is insane! The weather forecast says that it's supposed to rain but as I go throughout my day, it gets hotter and hotter. Towards the evening it begins to get chilly and colder and clouds roll in like it's almost going to rain! Aye! Weather where I am - crazy, indecisive! ;)

And lastly, name 1-3 things you are absolutely looking forward to this year! (3 events -MAXimum!)
- Three events that I am looking forward to the most this year that I'm aware of are 1.) The Script's tour in May! Woot woot! 2.) The Hot Boys with Wings tour coming up in early June with Lisa Desrochers, Leah Clifford, and Courtney Allison Moulton! And 3.) THE MAINE's tour in June! AAAAH! I'm sooo excited for these events! CanNOT wait!

BTW, this is one heckuva guest post! SO awesome!

Speaking the Language of Flowers

By Amy Brecount White

Most people think of giving flowers for romance or for moms on Mother’s Day.  But giving flowers to a good friend is a wonderful gift.  The language of flowers is amazingly rich, particularly if you include herbs in your bouquet.

In my novel, Forget-Her-Nots, my main character Laurel has the gift of flower magic.  Whenever she makes someone a bouquet of flowers and herbs, whatever those plants mean in the language of flowers comes true.  For example, if she gives someone rosemary that will make her remember something important.  If she gives someone snowdrops (which are blooming now!), that will make him feel hopeful.

In the Victorian period, these small, symbolic bouquets were called “tussie-mussies.”  It’s a funny name, but they’re a wonderful gift to give a friend for a birthday, to express sorry, or to boost someone’s confidence.  If things didn’t go according to plan, you could even ask for forgiveness with flowers.  (White tulips are for forgiveness.)  They’re simple to make, and you can often find wonderful fresh flowers and herbs at your local grocery store, including tulips, sweet basil, oregano, and roses.  Florists are also willing to work with you if you explain what you’re doing and why you want only one of several flowers.

Here’s how to make one: 

First, find a language of flowers list.  (There’s one on my website, www.amybrecountwhite.com, and in the back of my novel.)  Choose the flowers and herbs that best express what you want to say and that you can find at the store or in your own garden.  You’ll want six or seven different flowers and herbs.  Arrange them together and tie them up with a rubber band or with floral tape.  I always add a doily or a ribbon at the end, because it really sets off the flowers.  Here’s a shot of a tussie-mussie I made at a presentation last fall.

Be sure to include a card that “translates” your messages in the language.  For example this tussie-mussie includes fern, which means fascination.  You could say something like, “I always find you fascinating” or “Looking forward to fascinating times ahead with you!” 

Recent studies at Rutgers University have demonstrated that receiving flowers can boost your mood for days.  I love seeing the happiness on other people’s faces when I give them flowers, too.  It’s a win-win situation. ;-)

So look around this spring and think about how you can add a few more flowers or blooming herbs to your life.  And to the lives of those you love.

White bellflowers (gratitude) for having me, Momo!!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thank you Amy for taking the time to write up such an interesting and awesome post! Now that we understand the language of flowers, here's your chance to win a copy of Forget-Her-Nots!

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Good luck and happy reading!


  1. Happy Birthday everyday! :-)

    1. Really into Darren Criss, at the moment. Did you see his rendition of Misery? Just...

    2. Bi-polar weather here. Mostly windy, then rainy, then really, really hot.

    3a. Finding a good home for Taste.
    3b. Finishing the writing of Reaper.
    3c. Going to Ireland...hopefully. :-)

  2. IRELAND! OMG! I totally want to go there one day! That was triggered after I watched the movie P.S. I LOVE YOU! I saw all the green and I fell in love! :)


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