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Mar 7, 2011

Momo's 17th Birthday Bash: Day 2

I'm officially 17 now.

First of all, today I will be answering a couple of questions that I was asked as a way to get to know myself a little better.

Questions from Cialina:
  1. Do you wish on your candles before you blow them out?
  2. What's one wish you've made before?
  3. What's your favorite flavor of birthday cake?
Answers from Momo:
  1. Do I wish on my candles? I . . . don't, actually. Well, I used to, kind of. But I started to think that it was pointless and I hate it when I'm leaning in to blow out the candles and everyone has their cameras in my face waiting to get that snap shot, so I just close my eyes, let the moment pass, and blow.
  2. Oooh, you don't want to hear the kind of wishes that I used to make when I used to wish upon my candles! LOL ;)
  3. I actually know now that I do have a favorite flavor of birthday cake and it's not really a flavor to get all excited about. I really do just enjoy plain ole' vanilla/white cake! I can eat white cake for days. Okay, maybe not days but you get what I mean!
Thanks Cialina for asking the questions! I had a blast answering them! *__*

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Now onto another awesome author guest post! And for this one you might want to stick around until you get to the end of this post, I'm just sayin'! Today, I have Jennifer McBay Barry here with us today!

On my sixteenth birthday, I got the gift that all sixteen year olds dream of: keys to a new car.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it had belonged to my grandmother for years.  There was some serious sentimental value involved when my parents handed over that car, but I was sixteen and just cared that it would get me wherever I wanted to go without my parents tagging along.  For a teenager, that’s really the dream, isn’t it?

The first day I got to drive my car, I invited my three closest friends to go out after the football game.  Two of us cheered, and another was a football player so by the time we actually got to head out, it was already quite late.  The rain that had been threatening all day was starting to fall, and the roads were getting a little dangerous.  I wasn’t about to give up my first night of freedom with my new (to me) car.  We all loaded up and headed out.  Within fifteen minutes, I was involved in the first car accident of my life. 

I could tell you about the loose gravel on the road, or the sheets of rain pummeling the car; I could try to defend myself and claim that anyone would have wrecked in that spot on that night.  The truth was that I was young and stupid, and I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  Not only did I put myself in danger, I also hurt my three closest friends.  My parents were understanding and thrilled that we were all alive and relatively unscathed.  I could see the disappointment in their eyes, though.  As they walked around the totaled mess that had once been my beloved grandmother’s car, shaking their heads and holding back tears, I felt the first pangs of shame. 

I wish I had learned my lesson that day--that the shame had awakened me to the responsibility of driving a car.  Before I even turned seventeen, I had managed to drive another car into a ditch.  There were no injuries that time, but I have to say that I’m surprised my best friend even wanted to get near me when I was holding a set of keys. The truth is that I didn’t actually get a clue until I was twenty-four.

I know now.  I really do.  The lesson I missed on my sixteenth birthday is all too apparent now.  The keys were not to a car but to adulthood.  At sixteen, we are given the freedom to drive a car--or, in my case, to hurl a ton of metal around mountain roads at a ridiculous speed--but we’re still kids inside.  It’s a test, and too many fail--miserably.  Some catch on before seventeen arrives, and some take a full eight years to realize life is passing them by.  Actually, some never catch on at all.  For that precious year, sixteen years old, you are poised at the threshold of the rest of your life, and you have 365 days to make the most of the delicate balance between childhood and responsibility.  When seventeen arrives, you could do like I did and run your car into a few more walls, or you can grab onto that small piece of maturity and allow it to grow.

When you’re right there living it, sixteen and seventeen don’t seem like any big deal at all.  In fact, you just can’t wait to reach eighteen and finally call yourself an adult.  Fortunately, you can relive those years again and again through the words of authors.  Those tender years are the focus of so many books because, once the time is gone, the importance becomes all too clear.  This is the last time you can be a child and get away with it.  These are the years of football games and pep rallies, of giggly sleepovers and late-night phone calls.  If you’re still sixteen, take advantage of that thin line between adolescence and adulthood, and then you won’t need the books to remind you of what you missed.  You’ll still read them anyway, but with a sense of nostalgia that makes the memories even sweeter.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Now onto an awesome giveaway of a copy of The Kingdom by the one and only, Jennifer McBay Barry!

The Kingdom
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Giveaway Guidelines:
  • Must be 13 years or older to enter
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  • Don't have to be a follower of my blog, but it would be appreciated
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Good luck and happy reading!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday...My Momo will be 15 tomorrow!

  2. Great post! :D Happy birthday again, Momo! <3

  3. loved this post and shes right i read a book now and wish i hadn't spend it doing stupid stuff wish i had been more adventurous but at the same time I"m glad I didn't make some of the mistakes I've read about. At the end of the day it's not like i can change it can i? lol

    as always ♥, Carol


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