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Sep 25, 2013

Cover Reveal + Giveaway: One & Only by Viv Daniels

Title: One & Only
Author: Viv Daniels
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: November 2013
Cover designer: Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations

One night they can’t forget…

Tess McMann keeps her head down, working hard and avoiding her prominent father’s real family. The summer after she graduates high school, she meets distractingly cute Dylan Kingsley at a prestigious summer program. But though they fall in love that summer, Tess only spends a single night with Dylan before he heads to college in her hometown, while Tess escapes the secrets that have ruled her life.

One love they can’t ignore…

Two years later, a scholarship brings her home to Canton, and she and Dylan realize their story is only beginning. But how can they have a future when Tess has sworn never to be like her mother, and Dylan’s girlfriend, Hannah, is the sister who doesn’t know Tess exists?

…And only one chance to get things right.

About the author:

Viv Daniels writes love stories for the young and young at heart. Like many of her characters, she met her husband in college, and knows all the ins and outs of navigating that kind of relationship — from how to date when you’re both flat broke to how to fit two people in narrow dorm room bed. Her favorite new adult authors include Tammara Weber, J. Lynn, and Cora Carmack. Viv can usually be found on her Facebook page or Twitter feed, chatting with readers about her favorite New Adult fiction, or sharing pictures of cute boys. She lives outside of Washington D.C. with her family.

Connect with Viv Daniels: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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  1. Thank you so much for helping me reveal my new cover!

  2. Isn't that Diana Peterfreund in the picture?

    1. Yes, it is! Viv Daniels is her pen name for her adult books!

    2. Yes, that's me (Diana). I'm doing a pen name for my romance novels because romance is one of those genres where people expect a happy ending, so I don't want romance readers who discover those books to go read a Diana Peterfreund book and then get disappointed or angry when things don't always end happily. It's basically my way of saying that Viv is a promise of genre, but Diana isn't.


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