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May 30, 2012

PRE-BEA BUZZ TOUR: Crewel by Gennifer Albin

BEA is almost upon us - in a week (I think, not too familiar with the date[s]) - and if you guys haven't heard, Crewel is a chosen BEA Buzz Book which is like...totally awesome! So, if you're going to be there, definitely keep an eye out for Crewel and make sure you stop by to meet the insanely awesome, Gennifer Albin!

I found out about Crewel some time in December of 2011, I believe, and the second I found out about it, I wanted to read it right then and there because it just sounded uber amazing!

Crewel (The Crewel World, #1)Title: Crewel
Author: Gennifer Albin
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young
Release Date: October 16th, 2012

Crewel (The Crewel World, #1)

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Incapable. Awkward. Artless.

That’s what the other girls whisper behind her back. But sixteen year-old Adelice Lewys has a secret: she wants to fail.

Gifted with the ability to weave time with matter, she’s exactly what the Guild is looking for, and in the world of Arras, being chosen as a Spinster is everything a girl could want. It means privilege, eternal beauty, and being something other than a secretary. It also means the power to embroider the very fabric of life. But if controlling what people eat, where they live and how many children they have is the price of having it all, Adelice isn’t interested.

Not that her feelings matter, because she slipped and wove a moment at testing, and they’re coming for her—tonight.

Now she has one hour to eat her mom’s overcooked pot roast. One hour to listen to her sister’s academy gossip and laugh at her Dad’s stupid jokes. One hour to pretend everything’s okay. And one hour to escape.

Because once you become a Spinster, there’s no turning back.
I've had the honor of reading Crewel and let me tell you it certainly does not disappoint! The thing that hooked me super hard about Crewel was the fact that they could weave time with matter! That idea was so intriguing to me that I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

Crewel is an exhilarating debut that packs just the right amount of all the emotions you’ll be bound to feel: sadness, anger, laughter, anxiety, WTFery, fear, and maybe even a few tears will be shed. During my entire reading experience, I can sum it up into two expressions: nail-biting-omg-I-can’t-read-anymore and omg-what-the-eff-is-going-to-happen-next! There were many times where I just couldn’t believe the world of Crewel and how it functions and other times I couldn’t read fast enough to find out why this happened or how this occurred. Gennifer Albin definitely knows how to world build and she can expressly tell a story; her writing flowed from one word to the next and it was just so natural. I am still utterly captivated by the whole idea of weaving time that Crewel possibly could have wedged its way into the “Dude, this book is awesome and therefore everyone must read it!” shelf! ;)

And because of that, when it releases this fall, everyone has to check it out! I mean, look at that cover—how can you walk past that in the stores without taking a second glance?! The colors just pop and it really conveys the story of the book and the world of Crewel!

Like I had mentioned, Albin brings out all the feels in this one so in my attempt to express to you what some of those feelings are, I'm whipping out my arsenal of .gifs because you guys know I love using those, lol!

"And you are? I ask him pointedly. "Then why tell me? You have no more reason to trust me than they do."
"No, I don't," he says, "but unlike them, I can have you killed."
"And I thought we were finally becoming friends."
Cormac laughs a deep, barking cackle. "You are delightful. I do hope I don't have to kill you."

One of the officers catches my arm as I stumble, and I snap my head down to the spot on the floor. It's nearly black and pools out from a large, stiff bag.
I crumble back against the man behind me.
"No time for that now, sweetheart," he hisses. "You've got a show to put on or we're going to need more of those bags."
I can't tear my eyes from the bag, so he leads me away. I try to tell him there's blood on my feet, but he's already barking more orders at his squad.

"Is that so?" She seems genuinely interested in my opinion, but I know it's just a show. "In that case..."
Her motion is so swift, I don't see it coming. She wields the book like a razor, slashing across the piece and brashly ripping an entire section out. Hundreds of shimmering threads hang off the hook, and she beckons for the burly officer.

• • • • • • • • • •

Crewel Pre-BEA Buzz Giveaway

• US only
• Giveaway offered by Gennifer Albin/Macmillan ends June 03
• Fill out the Rafflecopter forms below

Prizes offered by Gennifer Albin and Macmillan:

Grand Prize: A Macmillan Anniversary Package! Macmillan was kind enough to celebrate the one year anniversary of Crewel’s book deal with us and sent us some sweet swag as a prize, including books and a 50th Anniversary Wrinkle in Time tote and t-shirt!

Prize #2: A signed ARC and bookmark of Crewel

Prizes #3 and #4: Signed Crewel bookmarks and buttons!

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Good luck!

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  1. I just started this last night -- so far it is VERY good!

  2. I am so looking forward to this book!! There are tons of good books coming out in the next few months. I mean look at all the JLA awesomeness, and Girl of Nightmares, This is Not A Test, Alice in Zombieland, Black City. Yeah...I could go on and on!!

  3. Way too msny to name but the one I'm really looking forward to is Auracle!

  4. Crewel, Golden Lilly, Keepers 3, and much more

  5. I'm really looking forward to "Crewel" by Gennifer Albin, "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn, "Uncommon Criminals" (re-release) by Ally Carter, "Hemlock" by Kathleen Peacock, "The Innocents" by Francesca Segal, "The Hunt" by Andrew Fukada, "The Testament of Jessie Lamb", and "Dreamless" by Josephine Angelini.

    Thank you for your generosity, and for this giveaway.

    Name: Hira Hasnain
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. My God, there are so many books I'm looking forward too this year. There's a list devoted to upcoming books on my GoodReads account. A small sampling of some is The Glimpse, Onyx (Lux #2), and Just for Fins. So, so many more though.

    Can't wait to get my hands on Crewel! It sounds really good. Thanks a lot for the fun review (love the gifs!) and the great giveaway.

  7. Any JLA book coming out this year--want.

  8. Once Burned
    Black City
    sooo many more I'm looking foward too. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  9. Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta, Deity and Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor, Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh, UnWholly by Neal Shusterman, Ashen Winter by Mike Mullen...I could go on! lol :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I cant wait to read this book! I also can't wait to read Until I Die, Blood Fever, Chaos Walking (which is out but I havent read yet) and So much more! ;-)

  11. The Golden Lily and Tiger's Destiny are the two that I'm most looking forward to. :) Great giveaway, by the way!

  12. I¿m really looking forward to reading :For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund, Days of blood and starlight by Laini Taylor, The mark of Athena by Rick Riordan, Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick, Frostfiire by Zoe Marriot, bitter blood by Rachel Caine.... I could on and on and on... :)


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