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Jul 27, 2011

The YA Crush Tournament: Patch versus Ash

In exactly one week from today, our favorite bad boy/fallen angel, Patch Cipriano will be competing for his life in round three of the YA Crush Tournament hosted by The YA Sisterhood!  Like I said in the sidebar to your right, → → → → → → → → → → → →
each round will only get harder and harder.  Patch will be up against Ash, the Ice Prince, from Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series.  Oh my gosh, breathe Momo!

Will he be able to get through this round?!  I don't know, you tell me!  This match will take place on Wednesday, August 3rd until 8AM, central time and end on Thursday, August 4th at 8AM, central time!  A good, solid 24 hours to vote and spread the word!  Tell anyone and everyone to vote; on the day of voting, send the link to everyone you know on all social networks: email, facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger, wordpress, etc.  ANY thing that you can think of!

This is the big match because if Patch gets passed this round, he will be in the winner's circle.  Ah!  I already know that Jace will be there, waiting for him so I think it is pretty clear who will take that round, no? ;)  BUT that does not mean Patch will not put up a fight; you can most definitely count on it!

Yet again, if you don't know who either of these fine fictional men are, well then VOTE FOR PATCH because you heard it from me! ;)


P. S.  If you're on twitter, you can find me at BooksoverBoys and when you tweet, use the hashtag → #PatchArmy! :) Show Patch some good lovin'!

P. S. S.  Also, if you have a blog, grab a Patch button to the right and put it on your sidebar to help further promote Patch!  If you grab a button, may you please add underneath the button: VOTE FOR PATCH on 8/3/11 | Patch versus Ash!

Thank you SO much Patch devotees and BOB readers!

↑ I heart every single one of you THIS much. ↑

Jul 26, 2011

Book Review: Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

Amy & Roger's Epic DetourTitle: Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
Author: Morgan Matson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing (May 4th 2010)
Genre: Young Adult/ Chick Lit
Series: NA
Pages: Hardcover - 344 | Paperback - 352
Source: Purchased from the store

Find Morgan Matson online: Twitter | Website

Amy Curry thinks her life sucks. Her mom decides to move from California to Connecticut to start anew—just in time for Amy's senior year. Her dad recently died in a car accident. So Amy embarks on a road trip to escape from it all, driving cross-country from the home she's always known toward her new life. Joining Amy on the road trip is Roger, the son of Amy's mother's old friend. Amy hasn’t seen him in years, and she is less than thrilled to be driving across the country with a guy she barely knows. So she's surprised to find that she is developing a crush on him. At the same time, she’s coming to terms with her father’s death and how to put her own life back together after the accident. Told in traditional narrative as well as scraps from the road—diner napkins, motel receipts, postcards—this is the story of one girl's journey to find herself. 
My $0.02

AH!  That’s how I’m feeling right now.  That feel good feeling is swirling within me.  This book just made me sigh all over the place, heck I’m doing that now.  It’s one of those books where after you finish it and someone asks you, “So…how was it?”  You don’t really know how to answer so your reply kind of goes like this: “It was…*sigh* so cute! I love it!”  But that doesn’t really do your feelings or the book, for that matter, any justice.  Yeah.  So me.

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour is the perfect book for a summer read.  Morgan Matson does such an amazing job at capturing the essence of a road trip; the maps, the roads, the scenery, the gas stops, the playlists, everything.  I enjoyed this book a lot because it was so…fun, just overall.  All those moments with Amy and Roger were so realistic.  For example, that first night in Yosemite and what Roger said to Amy; it just goes to show that girls are more in touch with their feelings and emotions which is why we over-analyze everything.  Like that Yosemite scene. ;)

This book was a lot about moving on and living life, not just existing.  I also enjoyed the images in the book—those were super cool and yeah, like I mentioned above, the vibe of a road trip really came across.  There were certain parts of the book that I enjoyed very much; like when Amy and Roger stopped for some NuWay and the following scenes after that—page 173 or so (Yes, I remembered it)!  After I turned the last page I really just wanted to get in a car and drive.  Just go without a destination.  But then…it hit me that I don’t drive yet, lol!

It’s really hard to describe how much I heart this book and my gushing…yeah, not very coherent. So the next time you stop by a bookstore, make a mental note and pick up a copy for yourself!

Links to purchase Amy & Roger's Epic Detour: Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble

Jul 25, 2011

The Novel Formerly Known as Hellbent Officially has a Title!

If you don't know anything about me, the one thing you should know is that I am the biggest fan of the Personal Demons trilogy by the one and only, Lisa Desrochers.  I gush, I squee, I swoon, I flat line, I pass out, and I hyperventilate all the time when I talk about the books, the guys, the plot, the....everything.  One of the best series ever.  Today, I have the biggest honor of revealing the title to The Novel Formerly Known as Hellbent!

Excuse me while I go and freak the freak out! *runs to the room next door* I look a bit like this:

or something like this:

or something like this:

and this is me now:

*returns to the room*

Whew, can you feel my excitement for revealing this to all of you?  Are you excited for this?  Are you ready for this?  Well, first:

I really feel like I'm babbling on and on in this post and you probably didn't even read all of this.  Right when you opened this post you probably just scrolled down until you discovered the title.  So....I will post it now.

The third and final book

in the Personal Demons trilogy

by Lisa Desrochers is:
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

So, what do you think?!  Personal Demons, Original Sin and Last Rite.  I think it fits perfectly with the whole series and it certainly has a vibe like the end, doesn't it?  Or is that just me?  Let me know what you think about the title, the books, the series overall, in the comments!  I would lurve to hear them!

A fun little tidbit for you all:  Lisa Desrochers's critique partner, Andrea Cremer, gets the credit for coming up with this awesome title!

And now I leave you all with the Last Rite tagline:
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

What happens when you can't outrun Hellor trust the ones you love?

More about the author:

I scribe YA novels. PERSONAL DEMONS is in stores now, and the sequel, ORIGINAL SIN is due out on July 5, 2011. My omnipotent uberagent is Suzie Townsend at FinePrint Literary Management.
When I'm not writing, I'm torturing some poor unsuspecting patient, lecturing in some less-than-exotic city...or blogging...or maybe just sleeping, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool.

Find Lisa Desrochers online: Twitter | Blog | Website | Facebook

Purchase Personal Demons: Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble
Purchase Original Sin: Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble

Jul 24, 2011

Original Sin Week - Winner of signed copies of both Personal Demons and Original Sin!


I haz a winner!  I haz a winner!  The winner of the signed copies of Personal Demons and Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers is...

Kelsey O.

Congratulations!  She has already been contacted and responded!  You shall be receiving your books shortly!  Thanks SO much to everyone who joined me in my Original Sin Week celebration!  And a huge thank you to Lisa Desrochers for providing me with all the interviews; I had such a blast!

Jul 22, 2011

The YA Crush Tournament: Patch versus Peeta

Ah, everybody, today is the day! If you have a computer of any sort, please go to this

LINK ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ←

and vote for Patch! If you don't know who the character is, well vote for him because ya heard it from me! ;)

He is up against Peeta from The Hunger Games; the voting will end tomorrow at 10AM, central time. It is one vote per computer but if you have iphones, laptops, multiple computers, etc. → use all of them to vote for Patch. Voting takes less than two minutes once you get to the link! Spread the word and the link!

Thank you SO much and one last thing, PATCH'S ARMY FTW! :)

Jul 21, 2011

The YA Crush Tournament

PhotobucketAt the beginning of July, the YA Crush Tournament initially began and immediately it became a big hit with bloggers throughout the...web (yes, I almost said world). In short, it's a tournament where the top 25 most crush-worthy male characters of the Young Adult world come together and battle it out via votes from the fans. I wasn't aware of the nominations so I didn't take part in that but because of my amazing blogger friend, Jaime, I ran across some of her tweets the night that the top 25 male characters were posted. At first, I wasn't planning on participating but when I took a look at the top 25, I thought well, hey this could be fun and now here I am. Note: This night was July 2nd.

Six days later, on Wednesday, July 6th, the first match began: Nash versus Hale and St. Clair versus Puck. Because there are so many crush-worthy male characters, every two days two separate matches took place. Each match day lasts about 40 hours; enough time to vote and campaign for more votes. Within the first four days of the tournament, all the fans came and voted to support their most favorite crush-worthy male and in doing so, we crashed a few of the voting systems. Note: Round one → vote as many times as you'd like. Now because the voting sites couldn’t and didn’t understand our unconditional love for our boys, in round two, it became one vote per computer.

Round two just started on Monday, July 18th where Four was pitted up against Hale and Tod against Archer. Yesterday was the start of the third and fourth matches of round two: Jace versus Jules and Michael versus Tucker; they both end at midnight today. Now tomorrow is the BIG DAY. If you didn’t or couldn’t tell, I am the advocate for Patch Cipriano from Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush saga. Starting tomorrow morning, at 8AM CST, Patch’s match will begin. He is up against Peeta from Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games. Same thing for every match—it will last 40 hours long, so that means polls close at midnight on Saturday, July 23rd.

If you are a fan…or not, please stop by The YA Sisterhood and vote for Patch! Until then, spread the word to anyone and everyone who will listen…heck, even if they don’t listen! ;)

I want to thank the fabulous girlies over at The YA Sisterhood for hosting this amazing tournament—the best thing that the blogosphere has seen, the incredible authors for taking the time to do shout-outs for their boys—to gather in voters, and last but not least, thanks to all the advocates for making this such a fun thing for me—all of our crazy tweets on twitter, just everything has been so much fun.

And remember, VOTE PATCH!  

P.S. I guess I forgot the most important part of this whole post, voting takes place here: The YA Sisterhood! Also, before you leave, if you've got a blog of some sort, grab a button:

These three buttons are courtesy of Patrick and the three up at the top right are courtesy of Jena! Thank you two!

Jul 18, 2011

400 Followers Giveaway!


Wow! I cannot believe that I have reached 400 blog followers! That is ginormous! I....have no words for it! I'm just really excited! And I know, towards the end stretch there I became a big bugaboo to some people (probably!) because I had this giveaway planned and then the excitement for it slowly, but surely, started to ebb away...so that's why I was like, "GET ME TO 400 PEOPLE!" LOL

I am super thankful for every single one of you - whether you read my blog daily, or weekly, or monthly, or never - it makes me happy; I heart all of you! Thank you for sticking by BOB and *cheers* here's to another long stretch ahead of us - onto the big 1K, eh? ;)

As the title states above, this is a giveaway post so let's get to the deets and all that goooda stuff!

I'll be giving away an ARC of Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout, an ARC of Bargains and Betrayals by Shannon DeLany, and a copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)    Bargains and Betrayals (13 to Life, #3)    Divergent (Divergent, #1)

There will be three winners for this giveaway:
- 1st place will get the choice of two books listed above
- 2nd place will get the third book
- AND the 3rd place will be international, BUT the prize will be a book of your choice $10 or below from The Book Depository! So check HERE to see if they deliver to where you live!

Here are the hoops and loops and twists and turns that you must suffer through:

• Follow Books Over Boys via GFC
• Must be 13 years or older to enter
• Give away ends at 11:59PM, Pacific time on SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH
• Winners will have 48 hours to respond to my email before new winners will be picked

There will be one extra entry and that is if you spread the word via twitter, facebook, blogger, wordpress, tumblr, etc.

There are TWO different forms - one for my US readers and one for my international readers - SO MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE CORRECT FORM!


Good luck and happy reading!

P. S. Please only enter ONCE - you're either US or INTERNATIONAL.
P. S. S If you win, I would really appreciate it if you reviewed the book(s) on your blog. Thanks!

Jul 16, 2011

Descent of the Angels Reading Challenge: July

I apologize! I know, I have been an extremely awful host at this! And the link keeps going up days, even weeks after the first day of every month, but I am beyond grateful for every single one of you that has stuck by me and continued on with this challenge!

The winner for the month of June has been contacted already and it was:




I have been trying really hard for the past couple of months to get all participants onto the linky so IF YOU ARE A PARTICIPANT, MAY YOU PLEASE HEAD ON OVER HERE AND RE-SUMBIT YOUR INFORMATION! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Now onto this month's prizes and the mister linky.
  • A signed copy of A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford
  • A copy of Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens along with a T-shirt
  • An ARC of Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
  • INT'L winner: any book $10 or under from The Book Depository
Remember to leave the direct link to your review and leave the name/alias you signed up with! Good luck and happy reading! :) Also, if it isn't too much, would you mind leaving a comment after you link your review so I can be sure to check out your review? Thank you!

If you want to sign up, the original post can be found here!

NOTE: I am using a new linky so if your review URL is more than 100 characters, please leave the link to your review in the comments and I'll find a way to link it! I apologize for the inconvenience!

Jul 14, 2011

Book Review: A Touch Mortal

A Touch Mortal (Touch Mortal, #1)Title: A Touch Mortal
Author: Leah Clifford
Publisher: Greenwillow Books (February 22nd 2011)
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Young Adult
Series: Touch Mortal #1
Pages: 432
Source: My sister's Kindle, e-book

Find Leah Clifford online: Twitter | Website | Blog | Facebook

Eden didn't expect Az.

Not his saunter down the beach toward her. Not his unbelievable pick-up line. Not the instant, undeniable connection. And not his wings.


So long, happily-ever-after.

Now trapped between life and death, cursed to spread chaos with her every touch, Eden could be the key in the eternal struggle between heaven and hell. All because she gave her heart to one of the Fallen, an angel cast out of heaven.

She may lose everything she ever had. She may be betrayed by those she loves most. But Eden will not be a pawn in anyone else's game. Her heart is her own.

And that's only the beginning of the end.

My $0.02

By now it would have been old news (maybe), but on Monday Leah Clifford hosted her Spoiled Rotten Blogtv Chat where fans of the book came together and discussed everything and anything about A Touch Mortal with the mastermind, Leah herself.  The only thing about the chat was that you needed to have read ATM, you know, so you didn’t get spoiled with all the spoilers and what not.  Because of this chat, I got around to reading ATM, but at first I was very hesitant—actually, I already made up my mind and decided not to read ATM because there were so many mixed reviews on it that I just didn’t feel like it would be something I would be blown away by.  I read ATM in about a day and a half…because I lagged and I had a time frame to beat and all that, lol, so let me say that I will most definitely be re-reading it again when A Touch Morbid, book two, releases.

Within the first few chapters, I was so lost and confused with what was going on—I just didn’t get it.  In the third or fourth chapter, the characters were confessing their love for each other and I had to double check the pages a few times to see how far along I was in the book…not very long.  I felt like the beginning of the book belonged in the middle of the book; it was just all too soon for me.  But—yes, but—as you read and dive deeper into this world that Clifford built, everything that happened at the beginning made perfect sense!  The best thing for me to describe and relate it to is a movie.  You know how when you watch a movie and the beginning is incredibly confusing and you have to rewind (re-read) multiple times to catch what that person did or what this person said and no matter how many times you do it, you still don’t understand what’s happening but as you finish the movie, you go, “OOOOH! *understanding sets in* I get it now, the beginning fits right in place with this part and blah blah blah…”? *breathes out a humongous breath* Yeah.  That’s how ATM was for me, hence me re-reading it!

I thoroughly enjoyed A Touch Mortal; it was so thrilling to ride this roller coaster!  Everything that you find within the pages of ATM will just knock you off your feet!  I was so amazed at the storyline of ATM.  It was another one of those where you find yourself thinking, “Wow, that’s a genius idea right there!”  I have to say, I pictured everything like a movie. (Does that make me totally lame and lacking of an imagination?)  Maybe because it takes place in Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, etc.  Or maybe because the characters were so bad-ass!  Speaking of, all the characters in A Touch Mortal played a part and I found a liking to each and every one of them.  Most of the time I totally forgot that they were just teens; the situations they came across, the people they met, the stuff they did—I had to pause a few times and look up out of my sister’s Kindle and say to myself, “They’re teens right?! Check!” And then continue reading, lol!  All the characters relied on one another and they didn’t just fade away into the back after they were introduced to the plot; they made reappearances once you delved deeper into the story.

My personal favorites of the characters would hands down be Kristen and Luke!  I just felt like they had so much…spunk and attitude and I don’t know; I guess the lines Clifford gave them worked for me.  Not to say that Eden, Az, Gabe, and the whole crew didn’t—it’s just that Kristen and Luke stood out to me.  I also have to say, I didn’t feel like there was one specific guy that I found myself falling heels over head for.  I totally get that Eden is supposed to be with Az but because of the circumstances, I didn’t get to see much of him.  Hopefully that will change in A Touch Morbid!  I did find myself gravitate a teeny tiny bit towards Gabe and even Adam…if anything Adam more so than anyone else!

At the end, so much is revealed and so much comes together that I was gasping and oooh-ing and aaah-ing all at once!  And then the confusion hit a few times as well; I was like, “Wait, pull the brakes! What just happened? Or what did happen? He…who, they, she did what?! Ah, come again!”  I really, really, really love how Leah Clifford came up with this idea of the Touch.  That amazed me.  I……yeah, still amazed.  Overall, I have to say that A Touch Mortal’s storyline and the plot is very complex and there’s so much involved in the story that your neurons will definitely be in more than two places at once!  I can’t wait to see where Clifford will take us in the sequel, but wherever it is, I wanna go!

Links to purchase A Touch Mortal: Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble

Jul 13, 2011

Once Upon A Read-a-Thon: Update and Mini Challenges!

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Today is the third and last day in the Once Upon a Read-a-thon! How did you do? Did you reach your goal? For me, sadly I didn't. I only finished A Touch Mortal and I know that we still have a lot of hours left to go but today is also the first day in Patch's match day against Ren...so my day is devoted to voting for him. Everything's been put on pause and pushed to the side! See? What did I say about myself and goals? I feel like once they're said out loud or made public or something, I won't go through with them. I don't know. It might just be me. Even if I my goal was just one book, I probably wouldn't have gotten to that either. I know that the read-a-thon is not to see how many books you can read or how fast you can read, but still, I feel like an epic failure for not going through with my goals. Oh well, I guess.

Read-a-thon Mini Challenge #1
This challenge is hosted by Ashley over at Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.

The challenge: recommend two books to Ashley. The deets from Ashley herself:
The first is any book of your choice. Pick any book you want and tell me and the world why it should be read and loved.

The second is what you would pick as your favorite of the read-a-thon. You can chose to answer this question now, during the third day, or I'll give you one extra day to give that book just waiting to be picked up a chance. :)
So my first book recommendation to Ashley would most definitely have to be The Crescent by Jordan Deen. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who can read! I just can't say enough good stuff about this series! Everything about it is amazing! The plot, the love story - I mean, nothing in this world would last if there wasn't a love story, now would it? ;) The characters are amazing, the twist and the turns, every OMG to WHAT THE F**K! Haha! I still haven't written my review for this book because I still can't find the right words to do this book any justice! It's everything I could ask for in a book AND MORE; the laughter, the anger, the Ohmygawd! What the heck is she thinking? I just want to punch her one time feeling, all those times where your heart clenches - the kind where you actually have to take your wrist and pound your heart a few times to resuscitate it manually - EVERYTHING, I tell you! EVERY. THING. Just read it and then come back and tell me whether or not you liked it! Words can only do so much right? It all lies in the actions!

The Crescent (The Crescent, #1)    Half Moon (The Crescent, #2)
Books in the series, thus far.

The second book that I recommend to Ashley, would of course, have to be A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford! Oh my goodness! I finished this one on Monday and I did not know what kind of ride I was in for! Wow, it is still all so fresh in my mind; if I close my eyes, everything flashes in front of my eyes like a movie! The breeze, the coldness, the sidewalks, the city lights, the cars honking - SIGH. Yet, behind all of this, wicked things are going on! I am astounded by the world that Leah Clifford created! It's so dangerous. Yeah, that's definitely the word I was looking for. Very dangerous and I was just like, "But...but, she's all alone; doing all this and that by herself!" BUT that's exactly why Leah Clifford's debut is so kick-ass! Her characters aren't lacking...in anything; they've all got edge and attitude! I read through ATM so fast, I still can't believe half the things that happened! Ashley, if you heart angels, bad-ass characters, a twisted yet amazing plot - YOU MUST READ A TOUCH MORTAL, like yesterday already! ;)

Books in this series, thus far.

Read-a-thon Mini Challenge #2
This challenge is hosted by Sabrina over at YA Bliss.

The challenge: list your top three love triangles. The details from the one and only, Sabrina:
In my opinion, a well done love triangle should be one where the choice is not clear, where you can't help but being torn yourself between both characters and you are uncertain as to which will end up being 'the one'. So if you were, lets say Team Mr. Obvious from book 1, and he ended up getting the girl and you were stoked about it because you hated Mr. Wrong all along, that is NOT a good love-triangle. That is merely A love-triangle. Got it?
My top three love triangles would most definitely have to be:
  1. Brandon-Lacey-Alex in Jordan Deen's The Crescent series.
  2. Ren-Calla-Shay in Andrea Cremer's Nightshade series.
  3. Jared-Melanie/Wanda-Ian from Stephenie Meyer's The Host series.
The Crescent (The Crescent, #1)    Nightshade (Nightshade, #1)    

Jul 12, 2011

Book Review: Angel Burn

Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy, #1)Title: Angel Burn
Author: L. A. Weatherly
Publisher: Candlewick Press (May 24th 2011)
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Young Adult
Series: Angel Trilogy #1
Pages: 464
Source: Purchased

Find L.A. Weatherly online: Twitter | Website

Willow knows she’s different from other girls, and not just because she loves tinkering with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into the future and know people’s dreams and hopes, their sorrows and regrets, just by touching them. She has no idea where this power comes from. But the assassin, Alex, does. Gorgeous, mysterious Alex knows more about Willow than Willow herself. He knows that her powers link to dark and dangerous forces, and that he’s one of the few humans left who can fight them. When Alex finds himself falling in love with his sworn enemy, he discovers that nothing is as it seems, least of all good and evil. In the first book in an action-packed, romantic trilogy, L..A. Weatherly sends readers on a thrill-ride of a road trip - and depicts the human race at the brink of a future as catastrophic as it is deceptively beautiful.

They’re out for your soul . . . and they don’t have heaven in mind.
My $0.02
ZOMG, I just finished Angel Burn three minutes ago and it is fanfreakingtastic!  Wow!  L.A. Weatherly establishes such a refreshing, new, and different twist to angel mythology—nothing like I’ve ever read before!  Quite frankly, the angels in this series scare the beejeezus out of me!  Such a different take on angels; to convey them in this way…was brilliant!
My sister read Angel Burn faster than you could say, “WHAT?! In one day?!” LOL, and after she finished it, she raved about it and praised it for days!  She told me that I had to read it immediately!  So because of her high praise, I was uber excited to start reading it!  By the fourth chapter, I was anxiously turning the pages; stunned at the world that Weatherly established!
In Angel Burn, the characteristics that I discovered about the angels were so unlike any I’ve ever read.  These angels feed off humans to survive; sucking the life force out of the humans and the consequence of that is cancer, diseases, illnesses, etc.  This process is known as angel burn, hence the title of the book.  The plot of Angel Burn made perfect sense!  Also, the storyline is very unique and superb!  I found myself thinking, “Wow, how does one come up with a storyline like this?!” You must read it to understand what I’m saying.
The MC in Angel Burn is Willow Fields.  She has such a realistic personality.  Willow isn’t a tough heroine; she isn’t kick-ass, and she doesn’t have one of those quirky and witty attitudes.  BUT, she has such a big heart and I love how she isn’t such a girlie-girlie!  I had said that she wasn’t tough…not tough like I’m going to kick your butt tough, but she is tough in her own way and very strong-willed. From the first chapter, her world is turned upside down and I found myself wondering what was going to happen to her just like she was.
Alex Kylar—the Angel Killer, the assassin.  NOTE: Be ready to add him to your Fictional Boyfriends list as well!  He’s just your normal, typical teenager—minus the fact that he is the very best at what he does, which is hunt down and kill angels!  Woot, talk about hotness right there!  This is my little squeal moment.  Ok, so he has this tattoo on his arm (can’t remember if it’s his left arm or right arm) of the letters AK.  I don’t know about you, but tats on a guy are major points of hotness for me!  He hunts down angels and kills them before they get the chance to feed off humans.  He has a past that haunts him every day and because of that past, he is very guarded and careful about whom he comes to love.
And that leads me to Alex and Willow’s relationship.  Oh my goodness!  I especially love how Weatherly builds their relationship; all the time they spend together becomes memories.  I also loved how they were both unsure of how the other person felt about them.  It wasn’t just straight up, I love him and I know he loves me.  I’ve got to say, my most favorite chapter was the very last chapter.  I don’t know, maybe because I finished it at three in the morning…or maybe it’s because I am sleep deprived.  But all the emotions between those two lovebirds hit me real hard in that last chapter and I felt every word and every emotion; every stare between them two, all of it was incredibly strong.

One more person that my heart just goes out to is Willow’s mom.  I love Willow just that much more; the way she cares and worries for her mom just touches my heart!  There’s not much that we see of her mom, but the way that Weatherly expresses Willow’s concerns and her feelings for her mom were just too real for me.  My most favorite scene that had anything to do with Willow and her mom occurred on page…well, I don’t remember exactly but the relief that flooded Willow leaked out of the pages of the book and reached me!  I felt my breath leave me and I was filled with happiness; just the same as Willow!
As I was reading Angel Burn, towards the end, I was so positive that it was going to end with a happy note and I really don’t know why I was thinking like that, seeing that Angel Burn is the first in its trilogy.  Because boy was I wrong!  It’s like one of those movies you see and you just know that there’s going to be a part two.  Yeah, that’s absolutely the case with Angel Burn.  A war of some sort is brewing and it’s going to be huge in Angel Fire, the sequel.  I am so excited to read the sequel and I cannot wait for it.
Angel Burn in one word—breathtaking.

Links to purchase Angel Burn: Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble

Jul 11, 2011

Once Upon A Read-a-Thon!

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Woot woot! I think everyone has been waiting for this read-a-thon because I sure have! It's a lot of motivation for me to get some much needed reading in...especially during the summer time! There are lots of people on twitter that are so pumped for it and seeing all their tweets make me just as excited! For some reason though, I could never really follow through with my goals for read-a-thons and I don't know if I'll even be able to get any reading in because the first four days of this week are going to be insane!

Let me tell you what's going on. Tomorrow, on Monday, Leah Clifford will be hosting her Spoiled Rotten Blogtv Chat where everyone can chat and discuss A Touch Mortal. I haven't even finished it yet, so you already know what book is at the top of my pile for this read-a-thon.

On Tuesday it will be the second day of the read-a-thon, so by the looks of it, that will probably be my only day to get any reading in! Bright and early on Wednesday morning, it will be Patch and Ren's match day where they will battle it all out! ;) Wednesday into Thursday. SO. I need all of you to grab a button, up at the top there and represent Patch and spread the word!

Ha, and here I was thinking that I was going to get rid of this routine of pulling all-nighters. Doesn't look like that will be the case now, does it?

OK, I'm done babbling! The read-a-thon is being hosted by Angela at Reading Angel, Lori at Pure Imagination, and Candace at Candace's Book Blog! If you want to sign up and participate, click on the button up at the top and it will take you to where you need to go!

Now onto the books that I plan to read for this read-a-thon:

A Touch Mortal (Touch Mortal, #1)Eden didn't expect Az.

Not his saunter down the beach toward her. Not his unbelievable pick-up line. Not the instant, undeniable connection. And not his wings.


So long, happily-ever-after.

Now trapped between life and death, cursed to spread chaos with her every touch, Eden could be the key in the eternal struggle between heaven and hell. All because she gave her heart to one of the Fallen, an angel cast out of heaven.

She may lose everything she ever had. She may be betrayed by those she loves most. But Eden will not be a pawn in anyone else's game. Her heart is her own.

And that's only the beginning of the end. 

Carrier of the Mark (Carrier, #1)
  A move to Ireland is about to introduce Megan to her destiny, her real destiny, can she embrace it and will she survive it? 

A tragedy in Megan’s past set her on a predetermined course. A chain of events has been set in motion that brings Megan to Kinsale, a small town in the south of Ireland where her destiny awaits her. Her life starts to fall into place as she makes new friends and settles into her new school. However, the reclusive and distant Adam DeRĂ­s calls to her body and soul.  

She finds herself increasingly drawn to Adam and his strange family. Adam knows a secret from her past and he and his family hold the key to her future. A future that binds her to Adam and his world, a world of power, mystery and ancient orders. A world that unbeknownst to her, she very much belongs in.

EdenEve knew the stories of the Fall, of a time before she wandered into the colony of Eden, unable to recall anything but her name. She's seen the aftermath of the technology that infused human DNA with cybernetic matter, able to grow new organs and limbs, how it evolved out of control. The machine took over and the soul vanished. A world quickly losing its humanity isn't just a story to her though. At eighteen, this world is Eve's reality.

In their Fallen world, love feels like a selfish luxury, but not understanding what it is makes it difficult to choose between West, who makes her feel alive but keeps too many secrets, and Avian, who has always been there for her, but is seven years her senior.

The technology wants to spread and it won't stop until there is no new flesh to assimilate. With only two percent of the human population left, mankind is on the brink of extinction. While fighting to keep Eden alive, Eve will discover that being human is about what you will do for those you love, not what your insides may be made of. And even if it gets you killed, love is always what separates them from the Fallen

Those are the three books that I hope to finish. I have a huge stack of books sitting right there, glaring at me, waiting to be read, but if I set a huge goal for me, I won't get any reading done, lol! True story.

So if you are on twitter, you can find my updates and all that good stuff here: Momo's Twitter and if you tweet, use the hashtag: #OUreadathon so everyone participating can follow along!

Alrighty then, good luck to everyone and most of all, happy reading!

P.S. I still have about two hours or so before the read-a-thon officially begins for me, but Angela told me that lots of people are starting at the same time as the east coast peeps, so...feel free to do the same! And now I am out for reals!