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Nov 15, 2013

A Little Too Much Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the A Little Too Much Blog Tour hosted by Mundie Moms Blog Tours/Mundie Girl Tours. For today's stop, I've got an awesome excerpt from A Little Too Much and the tour wide giveaway to share with all of you, so don't miss out because exciting stuff is gonna go down. ;p

About the book:

Title: A Little Too Much (A Little Too Far, #2)
Author: Lisa Desrochers
Publisher: William Morrow
Release date: November 12, 2013

In the follow-up to Lisa Desrochers’ explosive New Adult novel A Little Too Far, Alessandro Moretti must face the life he escaped and the girl he loved and left behind.

Twenty-two year old Hilary McIntyre would like nothing more than to forget her past. As a teenager abandoned to the system, she faced some pretty dark times. But now that’s all behind her. Hilary has her life on track, and there’s no way she’ll head back down that road again.

Until Alessandro Moretti—the one person who can make her remember—shows up on her doorstep. He’s even more devastatingly gorgeous than before, and he’s much too close for comfort. Worse, he sees right through the walls she’s built over these last eight years, right into her heart and the secrets she’s guarding.

As Hilary finds herself falling back into love with the man who, as a boy both saved and destroyed her, she must decide. Past or future? Truth or lies?
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Excerpt from A Little Too Much:

I step out of the shower and dry off, then tug Alessandro’s T-shirt over my head. It’s soft and comfortable and smells like fresh laundry. I turn out the light and slip out the door, and find the apartment dark except for the sidelight on the nightstand next to the bed. Alessandro is lying on the couch in a slant of moonlight, bare-chested with a sheet over his lower half, where I see a Calvin Klein waistband peeking out. The sight stalls my feet … and my heart.

I wasn’t imagining the body. He’s lean and sculpted, but not bulky. Those pecs are truly spectacular … and the cut abs. But it’s the arm tucked behind his head that draws my attention and makes my heart thump: the thick vein snaking along his forearm and up his bulging biceps, the lean triceps, the long fingers curled into wavy black hair that’s a little mussed. And damn if I don’t want to crawl onto that couch with him.

But I can’t want him like that. This can’t happen.

I shouldn’t have come here.

He presses those lean arms into the cushions and pulls himself to a sitting position, and, in the dim light, I can see the fire in his eyes. He doesn’t say a word, but I know from that look that he wouldn’t turn me away if I went to him.

I stand here for a few more beats of my racing heart, torn between what I know is right and the pull of that gaze. Finally, I give in to the pull. Despite the hot shower, I’m a little numb as I move toward him. He slides over and makes room for me and I lie next to him. He folds me into those incredible arms, and at the feel of them around me my breath catches on a sigh. I burrow into his side and lay my head on his arm. His lips are soft against my forehead, and I feel his hot breath, a little ragged, as he strokes my hair. But his hands don’t touch any other part of me.

I lay my palm lightly on his chest, and my heart constricts as I feel him tense, his breathing stalling for a beat. But when I don’t move it lower, he relaxes. We lie here for a long time, his breath on my face and the feel of his hard body against mine doing things to the deepest parts of me.

“Good night, Hilary,” he finally whispers.

“’Night,” I whisper back. I work to keep my breathing even as I lie here in Alessandro’s arms, pressed against his perfect, half-naked body, wanting more of him, but knowing I can never have it.

And it’s a really long time before I can sleep.

About the author:

[crop.jpg]Lisa Desrochers lives in central California with her husband and two very busy daughters. There is never a time that she can be found without a book in her hand, and she adores stories that take her to new places, and then take her by surprise.

Look for her New Adult novel, A LITTLE TOO FAR, courtesy of HarperCollins/William Morrow Books, Sept 2013, and the first companion, A LITTLE TOO MUCH, in Nov 2013. Also, in stores is her YA PERSONAL DEMONS trilogy (Macmillan).

Connect with Lisa Desrochers: Blog | Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

Giveaway deets:

Thank you to Lisa, we have an awesome giveaway fans following the tour will want to enter to win! Two winners will get six signed NA or YA books plus swag, and two winners will get a silver butterfly pendant and swag. (4 winners total)

Signed books by Katy Evans, K.A. Tucker, J. Lynn, Cora Carmack, Victoria Scott, Jay Crownover, Sophie Jordan and Lisa, herself.

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  1. This book touched me. I fell in love with Alessandro in ALittle Too Far and was so happy to find out this book followed his story. It did not dissapoint. Alessandro is my new book boyfriend. The love story between him and Hillary pulls you in and touches your soul. What a great read!

  2. I haven't read it yet but I really want to. I am going to try and get it for my nook soon.

  3. I'm trying to win this amazing giveaway..I hope it's international :)

  4. Yes I read A Little Too Far. I want to see more of Trent!


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