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Nov 1, 2013

#BOBblogoversary Day 20: Jasinda Wilder + Giveaway

Welcome to day twenty of my two-month long celebration event for Books Over Boys' three year anniversary! ;p If you would like to check out the first month, you can do so by clicking the link that says "click here for all things blogoversary related" underneath the B.O.B. Turns 3 tab located in my right sidebar.

Even though the official day for my blogoversary has come to pass, I'm still celebrating because the weeks following my very first blog post are still worthy of celebration, yaknow? Well, I think so, anyway. Or, I just want a reason to celebrate, so here we are!

First, happy November 1st! I can't believe 2013 is nearly over, that's... where did all the previous ten months go?! Before we know it, Christmas and New Year will be over in a flash and then we'll all be looking at 2014. Aack, total insanity!

Anyway, for today's feature, I've got the fabulous New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jasinda Wilder, here to celebrate my three years! Earlier this year, the New Adult epidemic hit and that lead me to Wilder and Falling Into You. I just checked Goodreads and it tells me that I read Wilder's FIY back in March. I can't believe it because it feels like it wasn't even that long ago.

Because Wilder wrote a New Adult, I've been a fan since. So, it's an honor to have her here today, celebrating my blogoversary with me!

A day in the life of Jasinda Wilder, New York Times Bestselling Author, full-time from-home writer, and parent of 5 children.

3:32am. Struggle out of bed, woken by the mewling of the 2 year old, who wants juice and lost his binky underneath the bed. Go spelunking for the binky, explain that he can have juice in the morning, and head back to bed, stepping on a stuffed elephant and six Duplos.

4:46am. Struggle out of bed, woken by the 1 year old, who lost his blanket, is upside down and backward in the crib, and lost his binky. Hunt for said binky in the tangled, hungry mass of blankets. Can’t find it. Give up and go down into the kitchen for a backup binky. No backup binkies to be found. Wrestle open a new package, wash new binky. Give it to baby, who has been crying the whole time, and is about to wake the 2y.o. Get him binkied, blanketed, and sleeping. Leave bedroom, stepping on the binky he’d somehow tossed from his crib, out of the bedroom, and into the hallway.

6:17am. Struggle out of bed, woken by 2 year old, who is at the top of the short set of stairs leading to my room, wanting to “snuggle”. Get toddler and self settled, drift off to sleep…and the other one starts whimpering. He wants to snuggle too. And now there are two babies and two adults in one King sized bed.

7:30am. Woken by a knee to the kidneys and chants for juice, juice, juice. And waffles. And oatmeal. Apparently the 2yo is hungry. Decide it’s not worth staying in bed and take the kids downstairs. Make coffee while toasting Eggo waffles and making oatmeal. At the same time. Because BOSS.

Over the next hour, the rest of the family wakes up, and the chaos begins.

9:30am. Casual Manny arrives. This is our lifesaver and personal hero, our 21 year old male nanny, or Manny. He rescues me from clinging children and entertains them with juggling, ventriloquism, and acrobatic maneuvers, such as a triple Salchow (I had to Google how to spell that, because for my entire life I thought it was “sow cow”. Who knew?). He also does this one man band thing with a drum, a kazoo, and a knee-cymbal, while changing diapers and helping with potty training.

Casual Manny needs a raise, I think.

9:32: Take fourth cup of coffee into office, where I go into apoplectic shock at the little red number over my Mail.App icon: 782. SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO EMAILS (and I cleared them out to zero before bed). 483 Facebook notifications. 234 Tweets to go through.

10:48: Finally have the emails sorted. Tweets will happen…later. FB is always. MUST START WRITING.

While the above time lapse occurred, the other half of Team Wilder Publishing and I have been discussing our latest book, working out scenes, identifying character traits and motivations, ete. We plot some ideas, work out the climax, and make each other laugh. If you work with your husband/wife, you have to make each other laugh. It’s the only way it will ever work long term.

11:32. Casual Manny brings snacks, and informs us that 1y.o. jumped off the bouncy horse, headfirst. 2 y.o. has watched Delhi Safari through once already and is begging for number 2. If you don’t know this movie, check it out. It’s TERRIBLE. And he loves it. I can quote it, and sing the songs.

11:30am-3:56pm. Team Wilder Publishing writes, answers emails/FB, and is funny.

4:03pm. Casual Manny brings Afternoon Coffee.

5:22pm. Call it quits for the day, which means we go upstairs and let Casual Manny go home. Which means, work happens from iPhone and iPad mini. Wonder what’s for dinner. Scrounge through pantry, fridge, freezer, deep freezer, and realize there’s nothing for dinner. Or, there is, but I don’t have the ingredients for anything that won’t take until 7pm to assemble. Why, hello Little Caesar’s $5 Hot n Ready pizza. My thighs don’t love you, but you sure are tasty. Mom-guilt sets in: I should have made dinner. Should have had something healthy prepped. After hubs picks up pizza, remember we had Dream Dinners pre-assembled meals thawed. Doh! Resolve to do better tomorrow. Healthy dinners. Wheat germ and supplements and exercise. Or at least, not pizza.

6pm-9pm. Family time. Twitter and Facebook and emails on iPhone while playing with kids, watching TV and movies, have snacks and break up fights, solve arguments, kiss boo-boos. Marvel and the wit and intelligence of my children. Laugh as 1yo jumps off of things and generally is a fearless little Disaster Monkey. Put kids to bed, kiss, hug, read stories, find binkies, half cups of juice for bed time. Pick up living room: find toys on the stairs, under dining room table, under couch, behind TV, glued to the wall with mysterious glowing alien substance resembling spit and Gak. Collapse onto couch, exhausted.

9:30pm-midnight. Watch Real Housewives, Sister Wives, and/or So You Think You Can Dance. Or The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Drink a glass or two of wine with Mr. Wilder. Answer emails, Facebook, and Twitter. Text messages with Tara Sivec, in which we are hysterical and witty and courageously awesome.

12:32am. Go to bed. Have brilliant idea for next book around 1am, while I’m about to drift off to sleep. Resolve to remember in the morning, because sleepy, damnit.

3:32am. Struggle out of bed, woken by 2y.o, who…

So I started doing book signings this year. It’s been a lot of fun, and I love it. My first really big signing was with Tara Sivec and a bunch of other authors in Orlando. It all started with Tara, of course. She signed a girl’s tit. I laughed and teased her about it, and that was that. Then she and I and a couple other authors did a signing in Dallas and I signed a girl’s tit. Tara laughed and made fun of me, and that was it. Okay, so long story short, now I sign someone’s boob at almost every single signing I do, or if I don’t, Tara does. It’s this weird thing, because we’re women, and we’re signing women’s boobs. I don’t get it. But it keeps happening.

Erm. Greek Yogurt. Specifically, Chobani brand. I eat at least two cups of Chobani Greek Yogurt every single day. But it has to be specific flavors: Peach, Banana, and Black Cherry. And there has to be granola in it. Two yogurts a day, every day, even when I’m travelling. Is that weird?

Okay, so the whole yoga pants and Uggs thing. Girls, we need to talk. Is that a uniform? Is there some kind of “Cool girls uniform” class? I swear, I’m walking down the street or at the mall, anytime between September and May, every single female between the ages of 13 and 50 are wearing yoga pants and Uggs. It’s kind of ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I like yoga pants. I have a few pairs of yoga pants myself. And Uggs, too. And I’ve even worn them together. But…all the time? I’m pretty sure there are people out there who ONLY wear yoga pants and Uggs. Get a new look. Try the yoga pants with Toms shoes. That’s comfy and sexy too, y’know. Or Uggs with jeans. You don’t even have to give up the individual articles of clothing, if you’re THAT attached to them. But seriously, yoga pants and Uggs, all the damn time. I can’t. I SO can’t.

About the author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. When she’s not writing, she’s probably shopping, baking, or reading.

​Some of her favorite authors include Nora Roberts, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Liliana Hart and Bella Andre. She loves to travel and some of her favorite vacations spots are Las Vegas, New York City and Toledo, Ohio. You can often find Jasinda drinking sweet red wine with frozen berries and eating a cupcake.

Jasinda is represented by Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency.

Connect with Jasinda Wilder: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Giveaway details:

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  2. There will be one winner per book/series.
  3. You must be 15 years or older.
  4. Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY.
  5. Giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.
  6. Winners will be chosen by Random.org through Rafflecopter.
  7. Winners will have 48 hours after notification to respond.
  8. Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The giveaway is open internationally but the paperbacks and swag packs are for the US ONLY, unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions, please email me at booksoverboys at hotmail. Thank you!

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  1. whoooo day twenty!!! And wow. o___o Can I get a Manny/Man Nanny just to have for myself? He seems really cool

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  5. Best interview I have ever read. Awesome. Reading alot. Best moment this week,son dressed like a rock star for school

  6. This entire post and giveaway is fantastic

  7. Read a few really good new releases this week: Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams & Night Owl by M. Pierce!

  8. How is your day? Great so far!!

    What was the highlight of your week? My son dresses up for Halloween :)

    What's your favorite song at the moment? Party in the USA (I know it's old now, but I love it!)

    Who's your current book boyfriend? Gabe..from Savior and Resolution by Lesley Jones

    E-books or paperbacks? E-books

    Why the preference? Cheaper option and hundreds in one place.

    Stand-alones, series, or companions? Any and All!!

    What was the last book that made you cry? Edge of Never

    Are you excited for Thanksgiving? Who isn't? Ok, maybe vegetarians aren't.

    What are you most thankful for this year? Family and Kindle!!

    What's your favorite thing about November? Love Fall :D

    Thanks for the Giveaway! :)

  9. I can't believe it is November!!! Almost Thanksgiving...which is crazy and a little stressful in my house because I love football and my brother hates it. But since we have dinner in my house I win!

  10. These are really awesome prizes! Thank you for the chance!

  11. My favorite part of November is Thanksgiving of course and the fact that I finally get to go home after being away at school for three months. Also there are so many awesome books coming out in November that I can't wait to get!

  12. love a day in the life of Jasinda.... looks similar to mine... minus the Manny, the writing, and the yogurt.

  13. Thank you for the awesome Giveaway! I would have to say the highlight of my week was the Huge bonfire we had Saturday night...lots of good friends, good food and plenty of adult beverages!

  14. What are you most thankful for this year? Discovering/following book bloggers who helps me decide which book to buy & read. Knowing and loving indie authors for their wonderful books.

  15. The last book that made me cry was Poughkeepsie. Loved it!

  16. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving because I think it is the only day I dedicate to a real meal all year!

  17. Thank you for the amazing giveaway !!
    My favorite thing about this year was my daughters birthday. She turned 5. It is really sad seeing them grow and but, awe inspiring at the same time. : )

  18. So, I just finished reading about your typical day & it started my morning with a chuckle. Well, my 2 boys are grown now but 1 still lives at home while working and finishing up college. I should be enjoying life but I am a workaholic & don't know what a 40 hour work week is. I just underwent neck surgery 6 weeks ago and started working from home after the second week. I hear voices too, the voices of my coworkers in my head & via text messages. It's a good thing I enjoy working! Anyway, I thought I had too much time on my hands with work, running a house, listening to the needs of a 23 year old reliving college through his stories & my boyfriend so I adopted a puppy. Oh wait, did I say A puppy, Noooo, that would have been a cake walk. I picked 2 sister puppies! So now at 7 months old, the girls are full of energy, want mom to play, be at their beckon call and feed them to boot. Life is good...interesting. Times full of turmoil & at times tears but at the end of the day, we all have respect, laughter and unconditional love for each other. So just remember, you are not alone and everyone that told you it will get better lied. It just gets different!

  19. What a cool blog! Thanks for the huge giveaway!!

    How is your day? Today is great its Friday
    What was the highlight of your week? Friday
    What's your favorite song at the moment? Aw Naw by Chris Young OR Catfish Dinner by Luke Bryan
    Who's your current book boyfriend? Anthony Rawlings Consequences series
    E-books or paperbacks? Why the preference? ebooks for now more accessible (and cheaper)
    Stand-alones, series, or companions? Stand alones or series
    What was the last book that made you cry? Blind Obsession
    Are you excited for Thanksgiving? so so
    What are you most thankful for this year? my family's health
    What's your favorite thing about November? Fall weather

  20. I love this time of year the last two months of the year have always been my favorite. The weather changes and starts to get cold. I love the holidays.

  21. right now, im loving my kindle on my iphone, its been a little bit of an obsession though, books at my fingertips all the time...i am a book junky...

  22. Awesome Giveaway :D Fingers crossed :D

  23. Having an Awesome Day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Having an awesome day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I love the weather change in November :)

  26. This is my favorite time of year! Love the weather and the leaves changing, it's so pretty. :) Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  27. This is my favorite time of year! Love the weather and the leaves changing, it's so pretty. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)

  28. Great giveaway! I love the Fall. Evening are the best! i love all books...paperbacks and ebooks.

  29. Love the fall weather and the maybe snow!!

  30. I am most thankful for my family and friends. I lost my father 5 months ago, and I have come to cherish each day I get to spend with my love ones.

  31. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. What are you most thankful for this year?

    I'm most thankful for this year, is passing our local nursing board exam. It was my best accomplishment!

  33. I prefer e-books to paperbacks but will gladly read a paperback if I have it on my shelf

  34. I like either ebooks or hard copies, I just love to read! :) I'm logged into RC as Katherine Ryan

  35. E-books or paperbacks?

    OMG..this was hard... I like ebooks but if paperbacks was most affordable one I definitely have my bookshelves full

  36. I prefer series but occasionally read stand alones. When I start a new series I read all that are available at the time before moving on. And usually I don't start a series until there are at least 2-3 available.

  37. Favorite time of year: Fall. Prefer E-books....but love signed paperbacks.
    Thanks for the give away :)

  38. What was the last book that made you cry?

    The last book that made me cry was Everything for Us by M Leighton. Love Cash and Nash!

  39. How is your day? Well, I overslept but then I slept late too. Not really a good combination -.-

    What was the highlight of your week? Hm. Winning a book from an author <3

    Are you doing #NaNoWriMo? No.

    What's one of your favorite book quotes? This is difficult but the one stuck in my brain is from Tia Louise's One to Hold: "If things were different, I'd tell you I love you right now."

    What's your favorite song at the moment? "Story of My Life" by One Direction <3 Okay, I'm biased because I always lisetn to 1D :)

    Who's your current book boyfriend? Torrin of Stripped/Without You by Brooklyn Skye :)

    E-books or paperbacks? PAPERBACKS! <3 *I love the smell of books*

    What's your favorite book cover of 2013? One to Hold by Tia Louise <3 But then I'm biased with Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines, Jasinda Wilder and M. Leighton =))

    Stand-alones, series, or companions? This really depends. I do prefer Stand-alones but sometimes there will be more to the story so I end up liking series too. But then when the supporting character is fun to read or you want to delve into that other character, I would want to have a companion novel for it.

    What was the last book that made you cry? SIMPLE PERFECTION :'(( I can't accept what happened to the other character :( *gets teary-eyed again*

    Who is your favorite book couple of 2013? Blaire and Rush FINLAY <3

    Are you excited for Thanksgiving? We don't celebrate this here.

    What are you most thankful for this year? There are tons of things to be thankful for but mostly, just being able to wake up each day. :)

    What's your favorite thing about November? It's close to December :)

  40. Are you excited for Thanksgiving?

    I'm on the fence about Thanksgiving this year. I'm excited because of the family time, but dreading it as well because we have no clue what we are going to do this year. My fiance's work schedule is making it hard for us to make any set in concrete plans.

  41. How is/was your day?

    My work day was pretty busy; got a few different design projects out of the way, banners and tickets. Home day has been decent, went out to dinner and now hanging out at home until bedtime.


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