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Apr 22, 2012

The Launch of #DeityIsland || #HalfBloodLegion

As many of you know, I am a die-hard fan of anything written by Jennifer L. Armentrout so it was an honor when Vivian from Confessions of a Vi3tBabe contacted me and asked if I had wanted to take part in the launch party for the very first official fansite for the Covenant series called Deity Island!

Starting tomorrow, there will be lots of things going on so make sure you stop by the blog, look around, make yourself at home, and....maybe give it a follow to keep up to date with all the new things coming!

Check out this post for all the details and while you're there, grab a blog button and help spread the word!


  1. Thanks for the post Momo! So excited for tomorrow!

  2. So excited about the fansite!! I am following via GFC and email!! I also put the #DeityIsland badge up on my blog under the #HalfBloodLegion one.


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