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Aug 30, 2013

Every Shattered Thing Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Every Shattered Thing Blog Tour hosted by InkSlinger PR. For today's stop, I've got an awesome (and really informative) guest post (that I absolutely loved) by the amazing Elora Ramirez to share with you as well as a tour-wide giveaway that is super duper epic so, do not miss out on it!

Without anymore delay, let's get to the epic! ;p

About the book:

Title: Every Shattered Thing
Author: Elora Ramirez
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: August 25, 2013

Stephanie fights reality every day. The voices inside, the ones declaring her worth, deem her broken, used and dirty. She is an object. A toy. Something to be tossed aside when bored.

Who will believe her if she whispers the truth about her wrecking ball of a family?

Eventually, her secret explodes and the person who means the most to her knows just how shattered she is and why she's so afraid.

But rescue is closer than she realizes.

Hidden in plain sight, her horror hasn't been ignored by everyone. Racing against the truth of what she faces, forces are joining together and developing a plan to free her from the hell in her own backyard. And while she’s at her lowest point, she’s hit with the beauty of love at any cost - redemption in the face of ruin. Will it be enough?

*Warning: Contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger audiences*
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Top Five Things Every Man Should Know About Women

  1. We’re people. I know this sounds trite, but it’s true. We can’t be brushed off as flighty or any number of stereotypes because we’re human and every woman is just as complicated of a person as any man. We all have idiosyncrasies, you know?
  2. You can’t label all of us based on your experiences with one. So you had a crazy ex-girlfriend. I get it. My husband had one. This doesn't make every woman crazy.
  3. Hear me on this: the sexiest thing you can do for a woman is to believe in her dreams and push her to achieve them. When my husband looks at me and points me to my office or brushes back my hair and reminds me that I write because these stories need to be told and I’m the one to tell them, I melt. Every damn time.
  4. It’s just as sexy to pursue you’re own dreams and live in what you love. Watching my husband cook? Or listening to him plan a menu for other people? Swoon.
  5. We are emotional creatures. This does not mean we will replace your mother. It also does not mean we can’t be logical. It just means we’re emotional. Perhaps a better word would be nuanced.

About the author:

Elora Ramirez lives in Austin, Texas with her chef-husband. At the age of four, she taught herself how to read and write, cutting her teeth on books like Dr. Seuss and writing anywhere she could find the space—including her Fisher Price kitchen set, the pages of picture books and Highlights Magazine. Since then, she's grown to love the way words feel as they swell within her bones.

Writing holy and broken is her calling, and pushing back the darkness and pursuing beauty through story is her purpose. She loves hip-hop, wishes she lived by the beach and cannot write without copious amounts of coffee, chocolate, and her husband's lavender liqueur.

Connect with Elora Ramirez: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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  1. This sounds amazing! I love that its an emotional read and Stephanie sounds like a strong heroine. Plus, I really want to know her secret! Thanks for sharing, Momo! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  2. I was just told that it was an amazing read.. I would like to give it a try..:)


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