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Dec 5, 2010

Imagination in Focus BLOGOVERSARY CONTEST!

It's time for Amelia's blogoversary contest! Woo-hoo!
Let's cut right to the chase:
There will be 2 winners.

Winner #1 will get:
- their choice of any book released in 2010 (as long as it's under $15)
- and any book that's been reviewed on Imagination in Focus' site (as long as it's under $15)
Winner #2 will get:
- any book that's been reviewed on Imagination in Focus' site (as long as it's under $15)

Amelia will be using The Book Depository, so this contest will be INTERNATIONAL!

Extra Entries:
These are **optional** but Amelia would love help in spreading the word about this amazing contest! You can tweet the contest info, add it to your sidebar, add her new button, add the contest picturer to your sidebar/post, etc . . .

There are 2 "requirements" for this contest...
1) You must be a follower of Amelia's blog
2) There's a question in the Form that asks what your favorite book of 2010 was (and why).
All you have to do is tell Amelia what 2010 release was your favorite, and something quick about it that was enjoyable. Amelia can't wait to read the responses!

The contest will end at Midnight (Central Time) on December 20.

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