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Dec 14, 2010

Under the Fairy Dust: 'Tis the Season Giveaway


...of many giveaways! And Kari intends to join in the festive fun with a giveaway of her own!

So what are the prizes? ONE winner will have a choice between THREE prize packs:

Cassandra Clare Prize Pack:
  • A box set of the Mortal Instruments series (books 1-3) click to read Kari's review!
  • A copy of Clockwork Angel
Books Galore Prize Pack
  • Three hardback/paperbacks of your choice
Multimedia Prize Pack

  • A CD of your choice
  • A DVD of your choice
  • A book of your choice

*NOTE: all items "of your choice" must each be under $15 and must be eligible on Amazon.com for free shipping.

-Must be a follower of Kari's blog to enter
-Must spread the word about the contest somewhere (Twitter, blog, etc.)
-No international shipping (must live in/have address in U.S.)

Alright! That covers just about everything! Contest ends December 20th (so the winner can look forward to their prize as a post-Christmas/Hannukah/uh...New Year's! present)

Head on over to Kari's POST to enter! Happy reading!

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