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Jun 28, 2012

Theme Song Thursday (2): WABW & WABN Playlist

Theme Song Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous Jena over at Shortie Says that takes place on Thursdays (obvi, lol!) where you pick a book you've previously read or is currently reading and then pick one song that you think fits that book. Also, post the lyrics, maybe a snippet leading up to the first chorus, explaining why you think that song fits said book like a warm, snuggly glove ;)

Aah, let me just tell you that I am about to go crazy with this week's TST but it's just because I feel so passionately about these books and the songs could not have been more perfect for them! Also, I have a really hard time sticking to the rules of memes and I'm breaking this one here because obvi there's going to be more than one song and book included in this week's TST. But you know, whatever, sue me ;)

As you can see, in the title, it says WABW and WABN which is What A Boy Wants and What A Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn! In these past 2-3 days, I did absolutely nothing but devour the heck out of these two fabulous books that they'll surely be sticking with me for a long while! For this week's TST, I'll be doing a combination of Theme Song Thursday, along with Momo's Playlist, so expect this post to get a little lengthy, haha!

Because I read WABW and WABN so close to each other, I listened to some of the same songs for both of them, although there were one or two songs that were more perfect for one book over the other.

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

Why it's on the playlist: I think this song fits perfectly for both Bastian and Jaden because they're both such jaded boys that they deserve love more than anyone else. And in this particular video, I especially love how Ed stresses the "Give me love" lines towards the end. It's like he's nailing that thought into your brain. Also, I can just imagine B and J...B. and. J. Hah, how funny. Anyway, I can just imagine, B & J expressing this to P & A, lol!

Ed Sheeran - Drunk

Why it's on the playlist: There are some lines in this song that I just love so hard in regards to the books and the relationships. It's like an upbeat sad song, lol! I felt this song for both guys and the turmoil they were in. There were also certain scenes that I felt this song tied into perfectly!

Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me

Why it's on the playlist: This song is strictly just for Jaden. Every single word in this song could not be more Jaden.
Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love
We're falling in love
I feel like the first three lines in the chorus were coming from Pris to Jaden and then the last three feels like Jaden is saying that to Pris. Aah, I love it so much! And now, this song will always bring me right back to Jay and Pris! But seriously, this song is alllllll Jaden. It's so sweet and sad all at once and that's exactly how WABN came across to me!

Every Avenue - Only Place I Call Home

Why it's on the playlist: I listened to this when I read WABW and I liked the way it felt with the book but when I listened to it with WABN, I feel like this one fits WABN more so than WABW. I think this song explains the push and pull of Jaden and Pris's relationship. With how he thinks her parents don't think he's good enough for her to how he doesn't know if he'll stay in NY or not to just realizing how Pris is his home.

Little Big Town - Pontoon

*Note: I listen to country and alternative a lot but normally, country doesn't make it onto my book playlists just because...country has a different feel than alternative. Anyway, this song and the next song will probably feel off a little but whatever, do what you will with it, I think they fit...in a way.

Why it's on the playlist: This song is so light and happy and I feel like this song fits perfectly for the scene in WABW when they go down to the ocean and Bastian is splashing Aspen everywhere. Also, I think it's also perfect for WABN when they go rafting. As you can see, both these scenes involve water and...because I love this song so much and it's summer, I just had to listen to it while I read, lol!

Usher ft. Young Jeezy - Make Love in this Club

Why it's on the playlist: Okay, I hardly ever listen to hip-hop but for some reason, here's this song. I think it fits both book like a warm, snuggly glove because at the beginning of both books, Bastian and Jay try so hard to not feel anything for the girls so they go out and party and try to pick up other girls and well, when they do that, this song is playing and well...I think, it's fitting, haha!

Marianas Trench - Good To You

Why it's on the playlist: I know, I've said this like a billion, jillion, frillion times, but I feel like this song portrays the tug of war of the feelings between both relationships in both books. I feel like this song was so perfect for when Bastian and especially, Jay, couldn't express their feelings or when whatever they said seemed to be the wrong thing. Like, instead of having them say anything, just play this song to the girls, you know? LOL

Marianas Trench - Love Dearest

Why it's on the playlist: I seem to be on more of a Jaden kick than I am Bastian but that's because I just finished WABN and well...he's on my mind more. Anyway, this song is also for Jay and Pris. Especially when they're in the hotel room in...Chicago, I think, and then BOOM - the floodgates open. I feel like at the beginning of this song it expresses how Jay feels and then the song builds and builds, just like how Jay's feelings are, and then BOOM, everything's out and then that quiet resolve at the end. LOVEITCRAY!

One Direction - Same Mistakes

Why it's on the playlist: First of all, AAHHH! IT'S ONE DIRECTION! When I purchased their album, I was so hooked on this song and now I get to tie it back into a book - dream come true, lmao! And did I say I was on more of a Jay kick than Bastian kick? Oops, totally kidding. This song has Sebastian Hawkins written and branded all over it. Bastian thinks he's the pro at hooking up people until it comes back to bite him in the derriere! I think every word describes Bastian's whole predicament with Aspen. How he keeps playing the same game over and over again.
Or else we'll play, play, play all the same old games
And we wait, wait, wait for the end to change
And we take, take, take it for granted that we’ll be the same
But we're making all the same mistakes
I think these lines fit in so well with how Bastian and Jay always say that the four of them, Bastian, Aspen, Jay and Pris, are never supposed to change; everything else in the world can, but the four of them can't. Yet, as both books progress, they all find themselves changing.

Also, there's this part where Bastian and his mom are having a conversation and I was shocked speechless when I was reading and these words came across at the same exact time that they came through my earphone speakers.
...but I was so scared of making the same mistakes I made in the past, that I threw out my future.
OMG, I KNOW RIGHT!? So yeah, this song couldn't have been waaaay more than perfect!

Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know

Why it's on the playlist: As I realized the ending of WABN was coming and it finally hit me that my journey with these four super awesome down-to-earth characters was coming to an end, this song popped into my mind. Lyrically, I don't think it really has anything to do with the books, but it has that deep-sigh-happy-everything-is-good-in-the-world feel that I think it was the perfect choice to end the series with. And it fit so well with that last scene where Pris and Jay and Aspen and Bastian were in that airport and then they group-hugged! Waah, I miss them already! These four friends were so awesome and for these past 2-3 days, they became like...my BFFs, lmao!

As you can probably tell, I became all sorts of invested in these characters and the books that I have a feeling they won't be leaving me for a while. But seriously, you need to read these books! They're filled with hope, angst, happiness, sadness, laughter, and a whole lot more that your emotions won't know how to settle down afterwards!

Well, there you have it! Momo's WABW & WABN Playlist! Check out the songs and let me know which one rocked your boat the most! Have you read the books?! What do you think of my song choices!? Let me know, let me know, let me know!


  1. YES! YES and absolutely FREAKING YESSS! OMG, Momo! You hit all these songs perfectly. Of course you now I love all the Ed Sheeran songs! I think those songs could definitely go both ways, but more so with Jaden, especially for Kiss me :) and then Only Place I Call Home!? Holy shiz, that is soo Jaden and Pris. Make Love in This Club is defiitely B&J's party song. So damn perfect. I'm like blown away. I love this so so so much, you don't even know. And then you go and add Same Mistakes?! ohsweetheavens. It's perfect for Bastian! *sigh* This whole posts makes me feel so nostalgic. I miss Bastian and Jaden already. <33

  2. Marianas Trench is my all time favorite band... Ever.... In the history of the world. So therefore I love this post just for that! This is an awesome meme. I always assign random songs to the books I am reading. I NEED to read these books soon, they just sound amazesauce!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  3. Ed Sheeran - he's a new one for me! I like the songs you chose by him though!! :)

    Every Avenue <33 YESSS I love that song!


    Ooooooh both Marianas Trench songs are awesome <3 I really really like Love Dearest<3

    And I absolutely love Two Door Cinema Club, so I APPROVE<3

    Love the TST <3333 :)

    THAT ONE DIRECTION SONG <3 ...yep need to move this book up on the reading list.


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