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Jan 12, 2012

Momo's Playlist (1): Missing You

Okay, so I think it's sort of obvious that it's a must for me to listen to music when I read. And I say must because I will not start a book until I have a song to listen to that sort of goes with the book. It doesn't even have to be a playlist of ten songs, 2-4 songs work just fine. I feel like listening to music intensifies everything and when combining that with books and the written word, oh man, my emotions  are, for sure, going to be all over the place. ;)

Momo's Playlist will be a new feature here on Books Over Boys. It's not a meme or anything, just really a place for me to share my music with anyone that would like to take a listen and/or for anyone who has similar taste as myself. I was thinking and have decided that songs that I feature will not always tie back into books, although most of the time it will.

If any of you stalk follow me on the twittah, you would know that I have started City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Over this past weekend, I was so conflicted on whether to read that or Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I went back and forth between the two for the longest time and....eventually, City of Bones won because life right now is being a little *itch in the derriere and I really needed an escape. I wanted to escape and just jump into a literary world for as long as reading a book would allow. My mind really needed to be elsewhere and I figured that since there were a lot of books out in The Mortal Instruments series, I decided to go with City of Bones.

In the first chapter of City of Bones, Clary, the leading female, and her best friend, Simon, are waiting in line to enter this New York club called Pandemonium. As I laid there on my bed reading the first page of this chapter, this song immediately popped to mind and I thought that it would be perfect for this specific chapter.

Note: Majority of the time, songs I post/share, lyric wise, probably won't have anything to do with what's going on in the book.

Tara - Missing You

I thought this song fit perfectly for the opening of City of Bones because I could just imagine this song blaring from the speakers within Pandemonium as Clary and Simon waited in line to get inside the club.

I did not post the lyrics to this song because this song, specifically, I felt was important for it's beat and the music itself and like I said, the lyrics don't have anything to do with the scene from the book.

I am still reading City of Bones and hopefully I'll finish it up this weekend but if any of you have song suggestions for TMI series, please leave a comment and I will most definitely check it out and who knows, I might end up listening to it when I get to City of Ashes or City of Glass...or any of the other books in the series!

♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫

Note: This image will be at the bottom of every playlist post because I love The Maine more than any other band out there and because this is a music related post...I just had to give a shout-out to them! And yes, every single time. <3

What song are you currently obsessing over, right now, in this very moment?


  1. looove the song Momo!! :) And I'm glad you're doing this! I try to do Music Monday's on my blog. I love Momo's Playlist title. Freaken cute!

  2. I love that song, and I can totally imagine that blaring from the club as they walk in. I can't listen to music when I read unless it's movie scores. ( I listen to the HP ones a lot) I want to sing along and I get distracted too easy lol!! There are a bunch of songs that I could imagine playing at certain times in the book though.

  3. I'm currently loving the new Florence + The Machine album Ceremonials. I'm listening to it a lot while reading The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Particularly love the song If Only For A Night =)

  4. @Jena Haha, yeaaaaaaah...Momo's Playlist. I was going to go with something else but then I thought, "Well...this is really just for me to keep track of everything." So, Momo's Playlist it is.

    @Amy Ooooh, if you have any song
    suggestions for me for TMI, do share! :)

    @Roro Thanks!

    @Laura Oooh, I haven't really listened to their new album yet and thanks for the suggestions for TDoSaB! I'll totally be checking out F+TM when I get around to reading that book!


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