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Jan 21, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts (1): Time Frame

Sometimes on twitter, I get what I call word vomit...or something like that. I describe it as this urge to just tweet whatever comes to mind and that's really bad because I should really pause before I post but that never happens. Any who, most of my tweeting happens from my lame-o phone and some days, when I'm laying on my bed after an excruciating day from school, I just lay there and then the floodgates to my brain pour open and I get all tweet explosive and it's...word vomit, lol.

For a while now, I contemplated doing sporadic blog posts where I throw out a question that has me curious as to what and/or how others respond but because the twittah is more instantaneous, I usually throw the question out there. But now I figured, I could start doing blog posts here too. Sometimes, I'll be thinking about random stuff and then the wheels start turning and all of a sudden, I start to get really curious if it's just me that thinks like this or if other people are the same or what.

I'm not sure when, but a few days ago on the twittah, I posted this question, aka this week's

$0.01 for your thoughts is:

My $0.02

This question came to mind because I was thinking about myself. Oh em gee, how vain does that sound, lol. "...I was thinking about myself." Wow Momo, wow. I don't mean it like that. I was just thinking that for me, personally, after I finish an out-of-this-world novel, it takes quite a bit of time for me to gather my mind and everything before I start another book. At the least, it's a week and at the most...I don't even know.

It just had me thinking about the time frame for other people. For myself, I have to always give myself time off after I finish a breathtaking novel because if I don't I feel like I won't give the next book that I read, all of me - all of my attention. My sister and I used to joke about how after she finished The Iron Queen she started another book yet her mind kept fleeing back to Ash and we would have phone conversations where she would tell me that she felt like she was cheating on so-so of the current book she was reading with Ash. I mean, clearly there's something wrong with us because we feel like we're cheating on fictional characters....um yeah that's like a first class ticket to the psych ward. ;)

And I totally get what she means. After I finish a really, really, really good book, it usually takes me a while to get back on the reading track because after I finish that really good book, I'm left in a daze, walking around the house like a zombie and every time I blink, a scene from the book flashes behind my eyelids. When that happens, I can't just jump into another literary world because like my sister said, I will feel like I'm cheating not just on the characters but the world, the story line, the emotions, just...everything that that book had to offer.

I need time to absorb all the amazing-ness from the book, I need time to go back and re-read my most favorite lines and scenes, I need time to go back and just think about how everything worked out, and eventually this time builds into days and days into weeks. This here, is one of the reasons why I am such a slow reader but you know, I read like this before I started blogging, so why change now? Speaking of being a slow reader, I think all of you who graced this post with your beautiful eyes, should head on over to Rachel's blog post about being a slower reader.

So, what's your time frame? After you finish a book, do you pick up your next book an hour later? A day later? A few days later? A week? Two weeks? Have you ever felt like you were cheating on one book character with another? If so, who? :P And for myself, I don't mean a week as if it's always a week before I pick up my next book. Sometimes, if a book wasn't as stunning, I give myself a day before I pick up my next read. Sometimes if I just wasn't feeling a book, I give myself say... three days before my next read. But majority of the time, it's a week before I pick up my next book.

How does it work for you? What's your time frame?


  1. I can usually start reading another book after a day. I need to switch up the genre sometimes though, so at least it's a way different kind of book. How can a follow up a super excellent fantasy with another? I will usually then read a dystopia, or a contemporary or something. Not always though. I like to keep my mind occupied with books, so if I am not reading, it doesn't feel right. If I write a review (or even just a super excited non-review to fix later) right away it tends to help purge my mind too.

  2. For me it's right away. I usually have 2 or 3 books on the go, anyway, so when I'm done with one I'm working on the others.

    For particularly amazing reads that leave my mind spinning with all kinds of emotions and thoughts, I keep a book journal. That way I can write out my feelings and thoughts on that book. It helps me a lot since I usually don't leave myself any time to recover. I guess it would be sort of the same as writing a review but when I started this habit there was no such thing as GoodReads and the like. :)

  3. I have to wait a day or two. If my mind is constantly going back and forth to this amazing book I just read, I won't be putting my best effort into enjoying the next book.

  4. I definitely understand what you mean about walking around zombified after a really eye-opening book! As for timing, for me it's usually somewhere between 12 hours and one week, depending on how provocative the novel is. The only exception is if I'm reading an older series that has sequels already published. Then I'll usually go from one book directly to the next.


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