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Jan 20, 2012

Momo's Playlist (2): Breathe You In

I don't know about anyone else but myself, of course. Omg, that was such a freaking "Duuuuh!" moment. Anywhoooooo, when I listen to songs, I'm overly tuned into the person's voice...especially when it's a guy artist and this song....man, his voice just does something to me. <333 It might not to you...but I'll let cha be the judge of that!

This week's song doesn't have anything to do with a book but who knows, it potentially could. ;)

Thousand Foot Krutch - Breathe You In

Okay, so what I meant about the guy's voice and stuff, go back (because I'm assuming you listened to it once already) and take another listen and when the first two verses come on, oh humananah! It's just sooooOOoooOoooOooo incredibly sexy; his voice is like sex with two legs! ;)

If you couldn't tell where verse one and two starts, verse once starts at 0:20 to 0:39...around there and verse two starts at 1:42 to 1:48 ish. The second verse gives me chills every time. When he says, "I'm going in, so cover me..." Oh gosh, I'm so in love with this song!

So what do you think of the song? Like it? Love it? ;) Haha, and do you sorta get what I mean now about his voice? Oh sweet goodness!

♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫

What song are you currently obsessing over, right now, in this very moment?


  1. I love that song! And yes, his voice is amazingly sexy. Gives me chills.

  2. He does have a great voice. :)

    I don't think I am ever going to stop obsessing over It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. *sigh* That guys knows the words to get to a girls heart.


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