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Jan 30, 2012

Squishy Bloody Crack for Reapers: Day 8

ANGELFIRE ArtWill was sitting on my bed when I got to my room. He'd discarded his long-sleeved shirt and had on just his jeans and T-shirt. He looked up as I entered, and our eyes met for a moment. I sat down to his right side on the bed and reached up a hand to smooth out his disheveled hair, and my eyes fell to the silver chain around his neck. The chain slipped between my fingers, and I drew the crucifix out the collar of his shirt. My fingers brushed the silver against his chest, the fondness of my memories of it pressing down on my heart, and my gaze moved to his tattoos. My hand slid across his skin to trace the delicate swirls of ink down his neck and arm. The muscle beneath his skin rippled at my touch, and he watched me in silence. My finger followed each intricate link of ink, and as the memory came, the sadness in my heart sank into my stomach. I realized now that this was the old angelic language I'd forgotten long ago, and it was my true name tattooed down his arm. I brushed my fingertips across the script, and he trembled and took a deep breath.

I was going to share the whole page....but the line right after the last sentence was sorta spoilery but man oh man, do I love this scene like crazy or what?! This scene, without a doubt, has got to be my most favorite out of Wings of the Wicked. After everything that happened, the tension and turmoil rolling around within these few pages were crazy so when this scene happened, I fell even more in love with Wings and Courtney - for being such an awesome genius.

Today, we have with us Lucia from iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books. She has written up a very convincing post so don't miss it. I definitely enjoyed it a lot and it's one of my favorites. :)

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Lucia on Angelfire: It's time for my favorite and very swoon-worthy character. Oh, Will. *swoons* He's usually hidden under an I'm-your-guardian-and-therefore-you-are-my-responsibility-and-nothing-more shell, but sometimes, sometimes, his emotions poke out. And O.M.G. Every time that happens, my heart just breaks. Shatters. Into a million little pieces. He's so beautiful. (Picture a thousand little hearts floating around my head like those anime characters. With a lot of glitter.) His complete devotion to Ellie... my heart's breaking again. | Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Hilarious narration, good writing style, and of course, the perfect male hero. Fans of The Mortal Instruments or any angel-related novel would enjoy this one. It's fast-paced, action and romance filled, and also has some dark moments. Great debut from Courtney Allison Moulton. I absolutely cannot wait for Wings of the Wicked and more.

Hi, guys! I'm Lucia from iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books. I'm so excited to be a part of this because I loved Angelfire. Thanks to Momo for doing this! She's an awesome person. Really.


#1: Ellie is hilarious.
I cried out and my chair slipped out from under me. The racket echoed through the classroom as my butt hit the floor and the chair crashed.
Everyone around me was silent, too shocked to laugh, but I didn't dare look up. My entire body flushed with heat.
Oh God, oh God... Both my hands covered my face as I sat on the floor, absolutely mortified.
"Holy crap, Ellie, are you okay?" asked my table partner.
I looked up to see his face peering down at me. "The chair... it slipped."
#2: She's also really smart.
[Ellie] "I thought you were going to punch that guy."
"If he touched you, I would've."
I blinked in surprise. "Well, he didn't."
He huffed. "Good."
I tried not to laugh. Landon had been my friend since the sixth grade, but he was a boy, and boys made no sense to me.
#3: She could seriously be my best friend.
After my mom had organized the purchase and we were ready to head home, I hopped into the driver's seat of my birthday present. The interior was wrapped in smooth, cool leather and I let myself sink into it.
Mom dipped her head to smile at me through the driver's-side window.
"I'm going to name him Marshmallow," I announced.
My mom raised an eyebrow. "Marshmallow?"
"Yes, and he loves it."
#4: One word: badass. (Wait, is that one word, or two? Or a hyphenated one?)
I grabbed one of my swords and charged. The reaper saw me coming and threw her paw into my face, snapping my head to the side. I ground my teeth bitterly, reeled my arm back, and pounded my fist into her jaw as hard as I could. Instead of just breaking again, her jaw flung free from her skull and skidded across the pavement in a spray of blood.
Another reaper came out of nowhere. It sprang from the shadows at my left, its fangs a flash of white in the dark, but Will swept his own sword through the air between us, stopping my breath. His giant blade sliced through the reaper's neck, sending its head spiraling high over me as it hardened to stone. The head and body hit the pavement and smashed into a thousand stony pieces.
I spun back around as the first reaper reared onto her hind legs, swinging her head in a rage, and I slammed my sword through her ribcage. As the fiery blade struck her heart, she crumpled to all fours. She wheezed and gagged just before her shuddering body erupted into flames and she was gone forever.
#5: This book has those "awwww" sad moments.
The pink music box my dad had given me when I was seven sat between a pair of scented candles and a birthday card my grandmother had sent me earlier in the week. I got up, walked to my dresser, and lifted the top of the music box. The little plastic ballerina inside unfolded and stood. I lifted the box and turned the key on the bottom. Delicate music began to play, and the ballerina turned slowly. I watched her dance for a few moments, wondering how my life had gotten this way, how my dad had turned into such a hateful person. I loved that music box, now mostly because it reminded me of the wonderful father the man downstairs used to be. I'd have given anything to turn back the clock on the last ten years of my life- and that wasn't something someone my age should have to feel.
#6: Nerds.
"Nathaniel is in charge of the rare books here," Will explained.
"Correct," Nathaniel added. "I can basically bring in any books I want and keep them here. I have a few volumes documenting reapers throughout history. I'm also a collector of antiquities, and that's how I make my money, since I only volunteer here. I like old things, probably because I am very old myself. You'd be surprised how lucrative it is to buy a few ugly paintings and sell them to billionaires a hundred years later. Tens of millions of dollars for an original Picasso are nothing to sneeze at."
#7: Kick-butt nerds.
Nathaniel grabbed it, spun around, pumped the shotgun once, and blasted Ivar square in the chest, knocking her back a few steps.
#8: Will.
I nodded and took a deep breath. "You'd better take off. I don't think it would be a good idea to walk back with ripped-up clothes and you with me. It might look bad."
"Good thinking," he said. "I'll be close."
"Thanks, Will."
He touched my shoulder. "You still look beautiful in your dress."
When I turned to face him, he was gone. Again.
#9: More Will.
Will sat in a chair against the wall with an acoustic guitar in his hands. I studied the way his hands moved quickly, fluid and precise like ripples on water, the muscles in his arms tight and defined. The way his head bobbed and his foot tapped the floor with the beat captivated me. I recognized the song, though I couldn't quite place it. But the name of the song didn't really matter. I was entranced. It was kind of sexy watching him play. Sexy and beautiful, like every other aspect of him.
#10: Oh, Will...
He dropped his hand to mine, his body so close to mine I could hardly stand it. "If we're separated-if I lose you-I'll find you," he breathed, his cheek touching mine gently, lighting tiny fireworks on my skin.
And there you have it! Reasons why I love Angelfire. I hoped you enjoyed all those excerpts... especially the Will ones... Oh, sigh.

Do you not have enough of this book? (I'm not that surprised, frankly.) Check out my review on Angelfire. Wings of the Wicked will be out January 31st! Squee!

Happy Reading!

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I thought this was appropriate to share today because if you still haven't picked up Angelfire, Lucia graciously listed a few reasons as to why you definitely should. Also, because Wings of the Wicked's book birthday is tomorrow, baby! So, if all my celebrating and whatnot got you stoked to read Wings of the Wicked, definitely pick up Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked tomorrow! I dare you to! ;)

Before I close out this post, I have one more quote to share with you that I stumbled upon on Lucia's review of Angelfire.

ANGELFIRE ArtWill held up his hand. "I've changed my mind. I'll take a root bear float."
She flashed a quick smile and fluttered away.
"A root bear float?" I asked. "What are you, five?"
"They're my favorite."
"A root bear float?" I repeated. "You're six hundred years old and a root beer float is your favorite food?"
He shrugged. "You wanted me to be normal and order something, so I did."
"That is still weird."
"They're delicious."

Oh Will, you're....I LOVE YOU. <333

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Ahh, we're down to seconds, minutes, and hours! Holy mutha freak! Get excited people! REAL excited!

More about the author:

Courtney Allison Moulton lives in Michigan, where she is a photographer and spends all her free time riding and showing horses. She has always loved reading about ancient mythologies, studying dead languages, and telling scary, romantic stories. ANGELFIRE is her debut novel.

Find Courtney Allison Moulton Online: Website | Twitter | Blog | Facebook

Purchase Angelfire: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository
Pre-order Wings of the Wicked: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository


  1. PERFECT JUST PERFECT!! Adored this post Lucia and Momo!!

  2. Yaaaaaay!!! So exciteeeeeed! Holy poop. This means I have to order WoW from Amazon NOW! I mean, it won't arrive tomorrow, but I just feel like I have to because all of your energy is rubbing off onto me, Momo!! (You're probably wondering why I didn't preorder it like, five years ago. I'm such a lazy, procrastinator-butt. XD)

    Thanks for including the root beer float bit. I didn't put it in the post because it was already in my review, but definitely worth sharing! <3

    Thanks, Erika! It was difficult, choosing out the most perfect Will excerpts. ;)


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